Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 achieves its first public release

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We are delighted to be able to welcome Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition 8.04 to the world as a full developers’ release. It is based on the Ubuntu Desktop Edition, and it is now available for download.  The Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 has been built by the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community that is sponsored by Canonical and in co-operation with Intel Moblin.org community to take advantage of the Intel(R) Atom Processor, the chipset that is underpinning the Mobile Internet Device (MID) category.  Ubuntu MID Edition will always be an Open Source distribution and is freely available.

What’s in Ubuntu MID?

In some cases we took some applications and modified them to fit better on MID screens and to be finger friendly for touch screens. In others we have included Moblin technologies. A notable feature of Ubuntu MID is a specifically-designed MID browser based on Gecko, that has zoom capabilities that optimize the browsing experience for users, critical for a device primarily designed for Web access.  It also contains applications for email, calendaring, document reading,contacts and a media player as part of the default install. All the applications are freely redistributable.

What and where are the MID images?

There are two installable images, and one runnable KVM image.

Probably the easiest way experience Ubuntu MID Edition is through the KVM image. This a great way to become familiar with the product in readiness for the hardware to be released in the near future by a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in most markets.

One for the McCaslin platform targeting a Samsung Q1U. The Q1 was used as a development platform while we were waiting for Menlow hardware to become more widely available.

One is for the Menlow platform (Intel(R) Atom Processor) built for the Intel Crown Beach development station. It should be noted that this is not for direct install on any OEM device. While it can be adapted for Menlow platforms, this requires substantial modifications and is not recommended for end users.  If you flash this to an OEM device it’s likely it would not boot.

Who will use it?

We believe that Ubuntu MID will be used by a range of people and companies.  The most typical case will be purchasers of a MID device who use it as the installed OS with the shipped applications. Users might install additional applications which will be created within the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community and in Moblin.org

Developers may want to hack their favorite application from Ubuntu Desktop Edition onto Ubuntu MID to match screen size and touchscreen requirements so that they and other owners can use it. Developers are encouraged to share and have their work reviewed within the UM&E and Moblin.org communities.

Finally, OEM’s and ODM’s will base their devices upon Ubuntu MID using it as the operating system that gets them to market fastest. These manufacturers  will typically make changes such as adding drivers and applications or modifying the UI to suit their anticipated user needs. These are and will be done in co-operation with Canonical’s custom engineering teams based in Taiwan and Lexington, MA.

Ubuntu MID will start to follow the normal Ubuntu 6 monthly release cycle with the next version at 8.10.  The Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community is small right now but growing and includes individuals and some organizations, and always welcomes new participants and partners. This release marks the start of a way for new users to experience Ubuntu and Open Source software and as the hardware becomes commonplace it will become a very exciting place to get users experiencing applications from our communities.
For more information please see: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/mobile and to learn how to get involved as a developer go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/.

Enjoy the Ubuntu MID!

David Mandala – Project Manager of the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Group


  1. Vadim P.

    Very nice. Now just to wait for an OEM to ship this, and we’re set 🙂

  2. Visitor

    Is this version going support the eeepc 900/701 series? since they arent based on atom?

  3. pHelipe Hamoui

    GREETZ from BRAZIL mate! Great release, we will test today!! http://www.techguru.com.br/Ubuntu-quer-apostar-forte-dispositivos-moveis.htm

  4. Dave

    So when will it fit on a Nokia N810 ?

  5. jhunbogz

    Is this will work with Sony Ericsson W960i Mobile Phone?

  6. avdzm

    I can’t wait to install it on the htc shift

  7. Alex

    will there be any chance for an ipod touch release?

  8. David

    This is fantastic news! MIDs will be a fun and interesting challenge for Ubuntu, and I’m glad to see that Ubuntu is expanding so quickly!

    And it would be great (though unlikely, at least for now) for there to be a release for the iPod Touch!

  9. naresh Punia

    This is fantastic to hear such a great news.

    I would like to know whether we can try this on a desktop PC or not.

  10. chris

    i installed ubuntu went to boot in for the first time however it asks for username and password i was never promted to make one so i cant get in seems like a good platform would really like to give it a try needing some help thanks

  11. Michael Admans

    Terrific news !
    Will it also be able to recognise the Wacom-serial touchscreen
    (using a stylus) as used by most existing tablet PC’s ?

  12. Eric Chan

    Wonderful news!!! Wow… will it available for the O2 Atom?

  13. Akkii jain

    I love mobile internet.
    Through this MID, it will be much comfortable to surf on my cel.
    Is it also available for nokia N91 or N70?
    I need it. Vry eager to use it.

  14. Daniel

    I am curious if this release is compatible with the Atom-based Intel motherboard now available, the D945GCLF ?

  15. kenjiru

    Just make a Vmware image of it!

  16. Jeff

    This is an exciting direction for Ubuntu! If you can get Asus to put a touch screen and Ubuntu MID on the next Eee PC, I promise I will buy one!!

  17. DD.Boy

    Is the MID free?

  18. ajkiller

    I do beleive that ubuntu will be a windows killer, I can play all my old dos games again, i can run some windows programs as well with “wine” its less tech then unix or linux its a great change, and its stands out like mac OS 10,and unlike windows and mac and unix and linux i can run my blueray disks. on my computer, and for all FOR FREE…

  19. leo

    I also would like to know whether we can try this on a desktop PC or not.
    and how can I install it on my PC. thanks a lot

  20. purpose

    Will it ever support ARM so we can use it on the Nokia n810?

  21. Aaran

    What capabilities will MID have for PMP and other mobile, non-cellular devices? I am curious becuase I use a Cowon Q5W which runs WinCE 5 and the media is played on Cowon’s own software shell over WinCE.

    Will it have music and full length video playing abilities? How about networking and bluetooth?

  22. Hugh

    Just bought this Dell AMD 64…had Vista, it crashed….A LOT!! Loaded ubuntu in place of it. I am now the proud owner of a very good
    computer! Thanks all

  23. ets (reply to chris)

    try reinstalling, or log in as root (i think password is ubuntu)
    if you need any more help plz go to my website and enter on the empty forums!

    chris Says:

    July 3rd, 2008 at 11:42 pm
    i installed ubuntu went to boot in for the first time however it asks for username and password i was never promted to make one so i cant get in seems like a good platform would really like to give it a try needing some help thanks

  24. Roberto Millán

    Can I install this on a PSP?
    How about an iPhone?

  25. Tena Lamirand

    video is great but you are going too fast and also you did not mention concerning which you necessity a static ip from your isp to do this

  26. vijesh

    The works in this post is great. wish to know more about its working processes. Thanks for the wonderful post…..

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