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  • Blog: New, shiny, condensed and hugely effective: The new Ubuntu Certified Professional course

    The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently (April 1st) updated its LPIC1 objectives significantly to come in line with advancements made over the past four years. This provides Canonical with the opportunity to readdress the Ubuntu Certified Professional (UCP) certification.¬†As such, new UCP certification objectives have been finalised and the two courses, Ubuntu Professional courses […]

  • Blog: Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market

    Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market Brandon Le Blanc from Microsoft posted an interesting post about Netbooks and Linux last week. While we agreed with his comments about customers wanting choice and looking for outstanding hardware options, we disagree with much of his analysis and unsurprisingly the overall ‘spin’ of the post. While FLOSS software […]