Google Chrome OS and Canonical


Congratulations to Google on the open sourcing of Google Chrome OS

When Chrome OS was announced in June we saw this as a positive development, bringing choice to the consumer. We considered how open source development is as much about co-operation as it is about competition. Google have made it clear that they are keen to develop Chrome OS openly and we have had the pleasure of hosting a number of the Google team at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas over the last few days where we have been able to see that openness in action.

In the interest of transparency, we should declare that Canonical is contributing engineering to Google under contract.  In our discussions, Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson made it clear that they want , wherever feasible,  to build on existing components and tools from the open source community without unnecessary re-invention.   This clear focus should benefit a wide variety of existing projects and we welcome it.

On the consumer side, people will ask about the positioning of Chrome OS and Ubuntu. While the two operating systems share some core components, Google Chrome OS will provide a very different experience to Ubuntu.  Ubuntu will continue to be a general purpose OS running both web and native applications such as OpenOffice and will not require specialised hardware.

So 2010 looks set to be a very exciting year. In addition to delivering Ubuntu experiences with both existing and new OEM partners, we will be working with Google on Chrome OS based devices.

Chris Kenyon  VP of OEM Services, Canonical


  1. wesleyhg

    UhUU! 😀

  2. wendell

    Good–and good to see that you’re working with the Googleplex. I was wondering how Ubuntu would fit in a post-Chrome world, because, as the announcement Thursday showed, Google can really, really suck up all the publicity oxygen.

    Now, exactly what does that “specialized hardware” reference MEAN?

  3. ibbill

    I have a problem with helping google when they wont enable the chrome browser along with picasa and google chat with video for ubuntu users to use.

    Just my thoughts.


  4. Mirsal Ennaime

    Nice to hear that.

    One thing though, I find your use of the word “consumers” a bit insulting.
    We are human beings, not “consumers” !

  5. d4yw41k3r

    So Canonical is preparing to migrate all users from Firefox to Google Chrome. Baaaaad guys!

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