Upcoming 10.04 LTS webinars for ISVs

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The April release of the next LTS version of Ubuntu on server and desktop is certainly generating a lot of excitement internally, in our customer base and amongst our existing partners as the VAR Guy reflects.

Long-term support (LTS) releases, particularly on server have become the deployment platform for our users. Take a look at this result from our recent server survey (soon to be published in full – watch this space)

LTS usage outstrips all other releases on server

LTS usage outstrips all other releases on server

Which makes it all the more important that the ISV community at large is aware of the great opportunity that LTS offers. The user base of Ubuntu has dramatically increased since the last LTS release. Analyst figures are finally beginning to reflect the real impact that Ubuntu Server has had on the market. And we can all see the reach of the desktop product.

To that we announced a short series of webinars specifically for ISVs to make them aware of the business opportunity on 10.04 LTS and why they should be porting their apps for what is an easy and low cost way to extend their market.

Join us on the 24th or 25th of March to see information on the market opportunity, learn how easy it is to become a partner and how ot make your company and application part of the 10.04 story

March 24th, 9AMPT, 5pm GMT

Register for Desktop Webinar

Download data sheet on the opportunity for desktop ISVs

March 25th 9AM PT, 5pm GMT

Register for Server Webinar

Dowload data sheet on the opportunity for ISVs

See you there

Gerry Carr

Platform Marketing, Canonical

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  1. Conrad Knauer

    “LTS usage outstrips all other releases on server”

    Actually, according to the graph, “Any LTS version” was used by 902 while version 9.10 (not a LTS release) alone was used by 951.

    However it is obvious from the graph that the LTS releases are VERY popular, which is what you’re trying to tell us 🙂

    The regular releases decrease in popularity by roughly a factor of two (compared to version 9.10, version 9.04 has about half the users, while 8.10 has roughly half of that) which would mean that if 8.04 LTS and 6.06 LTS weren’t LTS releases, they would have about 100 and 7 users, respectively. That they actually have 856 and 103 users, respectively (so roughly on the order of 9x what we would expect for a regular release) really stands out.

    An interesting question then, given how popular the LTS releases for servers are, is ‘why are so many using the regular releases?’

    Is it because they want new features that are only available in the latest version? Is it because they are testing systems in preparation for standardizing on the latest LTS when it becomes available? Do most users start with the most recent release and upgrade until they get to a LTS one and then stop?

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