Matt Zimmerman leaving Canonical

I joined Canonical in June of 2004 as a member of the founding team, before we even had a name for the company. In June 2011, after just over seven years as Ubuntu CTO, I will be leaving Canonical in search of new challenges.

It has been my privilege to have played a part in creating Ubuntu and Canonical. It has been a pleasure to work with so many talented, dedicated and fun people over the years. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together: bringing free software to people, places and organizations which have derived so much benefit from it.

The Ubuntu engineering organization, which we call Platform, is a highly capable and motivated team, the best I’ve ever worked with in my career. Building and leading this team has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I have every confidence in their ability to support Canonical’s mission in the years to come, and I’m excited to see how they will surprise me in the future.

Seven years on, the time is right for me to move on from this role, where I enjoy so much support from my colleagues, and take a risk on something new. I will take with me many fond memories, from all-night global hacking sessions driving toward a ship date, to casual singing and playing music at our many face-to-face events. I intend to remain involved in the Ubuntu community, retaining my elected position on the governing Technical Board, and perhaps to make the occasional technical contribution as a volunteer.

I will be spending the next week in Budapest at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, where I look forward to celebrating with friends and colleagues, and beginning the transition to this new role in the project. I wish the best for all of my Canonical friends in the future!



  1. zap

    Is this related with the release of Ubuntu 11.04 and the move to Unity ?

  2. Brenda Wallace

    Looking forward to seeing what good things you do next.

  3. Ampers Taylor

    We’ve never met but as you have been the CTO, I have thoroughly approved of everything the technical team has done with Ubuntu.

    Best of luck with whatever you do next and as soon as you get your feet under the table there, I will always be grateful for your continued work on the tecnnical side of Ubuntu.


  4. Fitoschido

    Good luck!

  5. Chauncellor

    Thank you for all you’ve done. Best of luck wherever you end up.

  6. Kiran Jonnalagadda

    Here’s wishing you the best with your next endeavour, Matt. Ubuntu has shaped up into a tremendous distribution on your watch.


  7. Pedro Bessa

    The mistery! I want to know! What are you going to do now? Are you going to join Google? Apple? Twitter? Did you turn evil? Are you going to join a big proprietary company? Did you turn enlightened? Are you going to make a micropayments startup? What’s next?

  8. Anonymous

    Scott leaves and now a few months later you have, is there something bad happening inside Canonical that is driving out the founders?

  9. shawn

    Thank you for your excellent work!

  10. Bill Filler

    I wish you the best Matt! You will be missed.

  11. Richard Kleeman

    Best wishes for the future Matt. I and many other really appreciate your contribution at Ubuntu. Millions have benefited.

  12. Michael

    Thank you – and good luck.

  13. Samuel Orr

    Good luck Matt! I hope that you can face your new challenges well!

  14. novatillasku

    Good Luck and thanks for all 😉

  15. yushun shi

    Thanks for your contributions for Ubuntu , i come from china and i support Ubuntu!

  16. ashka

    We all knows that you’re leaving because of unishit. Good choice.

  17. Karl Fogel

    Best of luck, Matt!

  18. Matthew Ruane

    I am sure you are excited to see what you will be working on next, and where Ubuntu will go as an operating system. Thank you for all of your contributions to Canonical and the Ubuntu OS and community!

  19. flint

    Thanks Matt…

  20. Sipho Mkhwanazi

    I wish you all the best in all your future ventures.

    Thank you for contributing in the development of the Operating System I love so passionately.

    My ultimate dream is to work for Canonical one day and be involved in this exciting revolution.

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