Family Farm game in Ubuntu


We added Family Farm to the Software Center last week and I took a few hours (of non-work time!) to have a look at it. Summary is that it’s a fun simulation game for the whole family where your job is to build up your farm.

You start with a small farm and two workers, who carry out all the tasks on the farm. For each season there’s various things you need to accomplish from looking after the animals, clearing land, planting, fishing and harvesting. At the end of the season you sell all your produce and see if you’ve accomplished the goals that were set at the start.

You also have to keep the workers happy by feeding them and making your farm look pretty – all of which costs money. As you progress through the game the number of workers, size of your farm and number of goals you have to achieve increases.

This trailer is a good overview:

Hammerware have done a great job of making the game easy to pick-up and the stories element quickly draws you into trying to improve the farm! If you’re looking for a fun simulation game, or something that the whole family can enjoy together then check out Family Farm.

Family Farm is available through the Ubuntu Software Center, just follow this link. As the game uses 3D Ubuntu users should check if their video drivers are compatible and test first with the demo. If you buy it please review it for the developers in the Software Center, and leave a comment below I’d love to hear what you thought.


  1. Alexander Wilms


    I’d like to know who should be contacted to get a game into the USC. I asked the Puppygames team whether they could submit their games, but the answer was

    “Hi Alexander,

    we’ve tried but they won’t reply to our emails.

    Cas :)”

    As there doesnt seem to be an official way, what should they do?

    Thanks Alex

  2. Peter

    What is the license? I would love to pay for a good free software game.

  3. masedo

    where i can buy these game im in canada

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