Ubuntu Software Center adds Braid


Braid is the newest addition to the Ubuntu Software Center. Braid is a really cool puzzle game where the player manipulates the flow of time to solve puzzles. Every puzzle in the game is unique. The puzzles give your mind a workout. The player is able to alter reality in the form of manipulation of time which is ingenious. Braid has received numerous accolades and is available on a number of platforms and installable from the Ubuntu Software Center directly.

Take a look at the Braid website and watch the trailer below! Then use this link to install it on your system and do provide a review once you’ve played it a bit!

Keep watching…more to come!


  1. cbleslie

    I am really pleased with the profit sharing split that you’re providing the developers, in comparison to other platforms like Steam. A great advantage, and enticement for a lot of well deserved Indy crowd developers. The Port of Braid I feel turned out really well.

  2. Zubozrout

    Ubuntu Software Center is a nice app, but deserve to be redesigned. It should offer more for developers, as Android Market or Apple App Store does. e.g. the top bar on the main screen, advertising some new and popular applications (not only commercial).
    If that or something similar will be included soon, developers may be more interested in Ubuntu, even though it is not the only thing required to increase the popularity.

  3. iguest

    I’d love to purchase via the Software Center but it doesn’t seem available for Lucid 10.04 – ‘Could not find package braid.’ when trying to install via the link above (apturl).

    Kind regards,

    Iestyn Guest

    1. John Pugh

      You are correct. Braid is only available for Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04. These versions are the only ones to support the paid marketplace function of the Ubuntu Software Center.

  4. Daniel Jonsson

    Great! Braid is really an awesome indie game!

  5. ike

    Zubozrout : That’s a horrible idea. When ubuntu starts having commercials in it, I will change distro. The strength of linux is not trying to be like apple or android, but being itself. If I want ads, I’ll install steam.

    Also the decision to remove synaptic was odd. Synaptic is powerful, especially for a programmer. Sure, I can install it myself, but what are they trying to tell us? Ubuntu users are simpletons?

    1. John Pugh

      Removed? If anything Synaptic will simply not be installed as a default application, but it would not be removed. Tough decisions to keep the policy of a single 700mb CD

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