Ubuntu Powers HP Public Cloud

Today our CEO Jane Silber announced at the OpenStack Conference in Boston that HP has chosen Ubuntu as one of the initial lead host and guest operating system powering their Public Cloud. HP and Canonical are working closely together during the current private beta to make certain that we provide the most secure, scalable, business-class cloud to companies of all sizes.

We are excited to join with HP in recognizing that open and interoperable cloud infrastructure and services are critical in delivering the next generation of cloud-based services to developers, ISVs and businesses. Both companies share a common commitment to open source and both embrace the OpenStack community. With over 117 member companies the momentum behind OpenStack is truly game changing and promises to position it at the center of the next wave of computing.

This is an important announcement on several fronts – that OpenStack is seen as the platform of choice for building out the largest Public Clouds, and that Ubuntu has what it takes to power OpenStack clouds as a scalable and hardened host OS and responsive and flexible guest OS.

Ubuntu is the reference OS for OpenStack but like in any other open source project we need to earn our keep on a daily basis and having HP select us is a positive reflection of Ubuntu as a Cloud OS.




  1. Anthony

    Bravo guys! I hope this also means a fat stack of cash for you as well because you freakin’ deserve it!

  2. Jef Spaleta

    That looks like a big win. Just like HP’s choice of Ubuntu for the Mi netbook looked like a big win.

    The real question is, is HP going to be committing resources into Ubuntu development long term? It’s one thing to pick gratis Ubuntu deployments as a low TCO option for your infrastructure. It’s quite another to take a portion of the resulting service profit being generated because of Ubuntu and driving that back into Ubuntu development in a sustaining fashion.

    Is HP standing behind Ubuntu to the extent that 1%+ of HP cloud profits will be driven back into the Ubuntu project release process to help sustain the Ubuntu project long term?


  3. Asher Bond

    I think what makes Ubuntu really great for cloud is that there is so much consistency between what exists at the end user level and what exists in the datacenter… and it has super cow powers via apt.

  4. Tacco

    Great Canonical….keep up the good work!

  5. TechLW

    Really nice,
    very cool sharing.

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