Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM

I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM now for a couple of days and I have to say: It is great! Ubuntu has had a long history of supporting ARM Systems on a Chip (SoC) since 2008, but Ubuntu 11.10 is a significant milestone.

Introducing.. Ubuntu Server on ARM – Technology Preview

Canonical announced back in August that Ubuntu Server 11.10 would include the first ARM version of the product, and here it is. While this is just the first step on an exciting journey, it is worth to celebrate that the voyage has started. I look forward to see what 12.04 LTS brings us on this space!

Playing with Ubuntu on ARM (Toshiba AC100)

It is hard to really grasp the full experience of Ubuntu on ARM when you are playing with a development board. For this reason, we have released a demo image for the Tegra2-based (Nvidia) Toshiba AC100.

Running Unity 2D, it shows off  that Ubuntu on ARM is a great platform for computing, in a very compact design and with a very long battery life. For all these reasons, this is my system of choice to take to UDS-P.

If you have a Toshiba AC100, I encourage you to install Ubuntu 11.10 on it!

TI OMAP4 Panda Board

Powered by the Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor, the Panda Board packs in “a dual-core 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU, a PowerVR SGX540 GPU, a C64x DSP, and 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM“.  Providing an affordable and competitive design tool for the embedded mobile space.

Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM is available in headless and full image for Panda. You can find download links and installation instructions here. You can also find there Ubuntu 11.10 for OMAP3 (Beagle Board).

Freescale IMX53 QuickStart Board

The IMX53 Family is oriented towards automotive solutions. Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM is the first release of Ubuntu to provide support for the IMX53 QuickStart Board. You can find download links and installation instructions here.

Linaro and Ubuntu

Both the TI OMAP4 and Freescale images are based on the Linaro outputs for those SoCs. This has greatly our capacity to support ARM development boards.


  1. Alexandru Cucu

    You know what would be great?
    Ubuntu for RaspberryPi (www.RaspberryPi.org) – “An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25”

  2. panda

    …and on the openpandora 🙂

  3. Veeti Haapsamo

    Another public wish for the support for Raspberry Pi – For the price of a Pandaboard or a Beagleboard you can get a handful of these, and the performance capabilities are similar or even better (Quake III Arena 1920×1080 with 4x antialiasing at 20fps!).

  4. Macil

    In the last line:

    “This has greatly our capacity to support ARM development boards.”

    It has greatly what? Just doing a little editing there for you. Can’t wait to try out 11.10 on my soon-to-be-received pandaboard!

  5. bmullan

    I keep thinking someone will create an Ubuntu image for the original NOOK COLOR tablet.

    Ti OMAP 3621 @ 800Mhz
    GPU Processor POWERVR SGX530
    Graphics Rendering Open GLES1.1, OpenGLES 2.0
    RAM 512MB
    wifi bgn

    There is a HUGE installed based of these tablets and a tablet ready Ubuntu that could be installed easily would move alot of those users onto Ubuntu.

  6. Dick Chan

    Does 11.10 support Adobe Flash Player? I found I can’t install it in Pandaboard ES.

  7. Alistair Leckie

    Please encourage the development of ubuntu for raspberry pi. I truely believe this is the next great step in personal and educational computing in the developing world and the developed world alike.
    This device sold out in seconds, so its popularity is not to be underestimated.
    I think ubuntu is without question the os of choice for the rp charity and users.
    Hopefully ubuntu will be on board with raspberry pi.

  8. Kiko Kimia

    RPi only has 256MB RAM, is Ubuntu even doable?

  9. Max

    Is there any page / resource that discusses the issues with porting Ubuntu to the Raspberry….?

  10. Max

    Ubuntu for Raspberry PI:

    Not going to happen it seems.

    Clear contradiction with the name of the distro
    .. Pity.


  11. lolo

    Is there any laptop/motherboard with SATA, 2 Gb+ DDR2/3, OpenGL|ES 2.0, OpenCL and a Quad-core A15 ARM cpu supporting Ubuntu? That would be fantastic.

  12. ijackyzheng

    Does 11.10 support the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?

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