Ubuntu launches at retail in Portugal with ASUS


As of this week, Ubuntu is now on sale in over 100 retail outlets in Portugal.

Preloaded on the new ASUS Eee PC 1215P, Ubuntu is available to buy in over 100 Vobis and Worten stores (part of the Sonae group) across the country http://www.worten.pt/ProductDetail.aspx?pid=04826099&oid=30|31|36905&c=2655842.

The Eee PC has a slim, lightweight, design and up to 9 hours’ battery life making it suitable for work, play or study.

This is another great piece of marketing activity for Canonical, through launching the Ubuntu computing experience into a brand new retail market.


  1. Andrew Ampers Taylor

    It would be useful if this was also sold in the UK, Just checked with Amazon and the ASUS 1215 is only sold with Windows.

  2. Mike

    Well done guys, I hope to see more of you in the future!

  3. Boyan

    It would be nice if you launch such initiatives in Eastern Europe. I really hope that this will be successful.

  4. lmx

    Hi guys, only to tell you , that I will buy my 1215p in the weekend, this is a good idea from canonical, and i felt that this is a gift from canonical to me 😉 .
    I live in Portugal, but this netbook is available in Italy, german, etc, maybe in UK, i dont know…
    I would like to see a mobile phone with a ubuntu mobile version…maybe that models low-end that actually came with android 😉 …from canonical to me this will be another gift to buy 😉 …

    regards and sorry my bad English

  5. Péter Trombitás

    Which version of Ubuntu is installed on these machines? And what kind of DE are they using? I’ve seen in the video something like GNOME Shell, but I’m not sure.

  6. Benjamin Kerensa

    Now if only Ubuntu stores sprouted up in the U.S. or a major manufacturer offering Ubuntu on their laptops would be nice.

  7. Marcos Marado

    It is totally sold out… Can we expect more to come?

  8. carlos palma

    A big THANKS to Asus/Canonical for this little machine. I’m writing these comments on my wife’s new 1215P (I got the last one in the South of Portugal – Algarve). The best 279€ I spent over 2011.

    A few notes:
    Upgrade from Maverick (1215P base) to Natty (Perfect)
    Upgrade from Natty to Oneiric (Perfect)
    Using kernel 3.2-rc7 (PPA) – even better (battery, boot time).

    Amazing little machine … the fact – things are changing.

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