Five Golden Rules for a Successful Ubuntu Desktop Migration

So, you like the idea of deploying an Ubuntu desktop to all or some of your users. You like the way Ubuntu’s light-client model can give  your older desktop machines a new lease of life. You like the fact that Ubuntu is secure, portable, and easy to manage. Best of all, you like that it costs nothing to license, and comes with a host of enterprise-grade apps that cost nothing to license either.

Now it’s time to see how it works for you in the real world. To help you plan your migration, we’ve compiled our five golden rules for success. These are things we’ve learned from the hundreds of Ubuntu desktop migrations we’ve conducted for clients around the world – from the French National Police Force to the Supreme Court of India.


Download today and discover how to:

  • Plan effectively for maximum effect
  • Target the users ripe for migration
  • Identify the apps that save you money and hassle
  • Create the right management flows
  • Pilot your project to get it just right


  1. Marius Nestor uses Ubuntu on serveral desktop machines, for about 3 years now. Thank you Canonical!

  2. Andrew Ampers Taylor

    If the apps are also on Windows and the Mac, introduce them to your users before you change opsys.

  3. Andrea Colangelo

    Really interesting doc. Is ebook source available somewhere? It would be cool to translate this document in other languages.

  4. J. McCain

    Hello Canonical / Ubuntu Team, THANK YOU for all your efforts towards establishing Ubuntu – I hope it will stay forever!! And I wish, that sometime in the future, the “open souce force” will take over on the IT World and then even may jump over to other Worlds to start the same spirit – ending up in people aprecciate sharing to each other !

    Have a nice weekend :o)

    PS: One Idea I always had, how about somekind of platform to reward “Konverters”? Like I have deployed X Ubuntuinstallations on friends/families/companies Desktops – now there could be a Portal, which shows just that (maybe by “votes” of those peolpe you “converted” or something similar) – I don´t know, how to do it, nor if it is a good idea, but I liked that thought :o)))

  5. Phil R

    This is a really helpful collection of advice, thank you for putting it together. However, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed to see that this ebook itself was apparently made in InDesign, not Scribus.

  6. Duccio Mangiavacchi

    Hi, first of all, thank you for your work with Ubuntu Server, Destop, Cloud Enterprise, i use and like it. Really interesting of Ubuntu Cloud Enterprise. I use Ubuntu Server in my Home Network, Non-profit Company,and more Small Company.
    I’m very happy to install and test it!

  7. Andy Latham

    Great Ubuntu Migration guide. Hats off to the Canonical design team for their stunning design work on this and otehr Ubuntu publications – great work – love the design!
    Further to J. McCain’s comment above
    Maybe Canonical could consider a website where businesses can show they have moved their business to Ubuntu. ” My Business is powered by Ubuntu ” Similar to the Gone Google campaign page. see link for reference.

    I think it would help demonstrate the spread of Ubuntu for business use and encourage other businesses to consider.

  8. pnvn


  9. Ace Rimmer

    Very informative brochure. I’ve got Ubuntu Studio 10.04 on my laptop and have all the other official LTS iso’s installed on Virtual Box for demo purposes.

    I do have to question one point. The brochure recommends Xara LX as an Open Source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. A quick check of shows that the site hasn’t been updated since 2008. Moreover, quoting the Xara forums “Xtreme for Linux forum Archived.

    Sadly the lack of Linux developer support for the XaraLX program has made it time to archive this forum.

    It will remain online for those that wish to search for information that has previously been posted, but will no longer be open for additional posts.

    For anyone that would like to discuss XaraLX and possibly find willing developers contact Geminiguy (Paul) at his site:

    Last edited by Soquili; 23 April 2009 at 03:34 PM. ”

    It seems to me that Inkscape would be the more viable alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

  10. Michael G. Vlachos


    This guide is very helpfull. It is a great work. What I would like to do is takover a project in a public organization replacing all windows desktops with ubuntu. I would like to find out more information about support of such a project.


  11. Bradley Marks

    Hi There

    Thanks for this awesome product and the very well put together white paper/brochure. I have sent it to all the decision makers in my company. I only have one problem, we have huge call centres that could benefit from ubuntu, but we also have avaya/nortel softphones running on these desktops. They only have windows images :-(. I am trying with wine, but it is a work in progress. I can only hope the “big bosses” love saving money as much as they love making it.

  12. Abhilash

    Hi. I would greatly appreciate your efforts if you could provide details on how to install the ubuntu business remix alongside other OS. Its very important that you give the very minute details.

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