Vodacom Success !

Canonical launched Ubuntu at retail with Vodacom in October, and the Vodacom Webbook – embedded with Ubuntu – is currently available to buy in over 1,200 stores in South Africa. The product has been selling well and over the coming weeks is expected to be one of the ‘must have’ Christmas gifts for this year.

What makes it so appealing ? Ubuntu runs seamlessly on the Webbook and it works brilliantly with a range of printers, cameras, MP3 players and other peripherals. Ubuntu brings a fresh emphasis on usability that millions of existing users around the world already enjoy.

Ubuntu boots up in seconds, delivering a bundle of applications right out of the box. It’s ready to go, reliable, and security is rock-solid. It’s as effective for business as for pleasure. With LibreOffice, you can create professional documents that are fully compatible with Microsoft Office (TM). Social networking through Twitter and Facebook is easily accessible too, with the ability to effortlessly share pictures, play music and edit video.

You can buy the Vodacom Webbook here.


  1. Yeah

    Great news! More sales -> more users -> more feedback -> larger team -> stability and growth. Long live Ubuntu!

  2. Franco

    Simplemente, fantastico!

  3. Jef Spaleta

    What version of Ubuntu is preloaded on that? Is that 11.04?

    I ask because the website advertises as 24 month warranty. How do you provide adequate warranty coverage for the OS unless the system comes pre-installed with an LTS release of Ubuntu?


  4. Andy Thornton

    Congratulations! – really good to see more ubuntu systems out there 🙂

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