Ubuntu IVI Remix Next Release

The latest Ubuntu In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Remix is released as of December 2011. This release contains a number of updates and bugfixes from the previous Beta 1 release, as well as a targeted kernel from the Ubuntu kernel tree. It is now fully in sync with the standard Ubuntu desktop and server releases, allowing developers to use the same libraries and tools for development on the desktop and deployment in an IVI system. Disk footprint and boot times continue to be improved, with a footprint of 508MB on target hardware and boot times twice as fast as the Beta 1 release.


  1. Dmitri

    Would it be possible to see links to manufacturers or sellers of certified hardware?

    1. Gerry Carr

      http://www.ubuntu.com/certification should give you waht you need. For IVI though they will come on the market through this year but available when you purchase a car 🙂

  2. karthik

    it is not booting… pls tell me how to boot this in virtual box.. correct me if am wrong this is a GNU distro right ? when i boot am getting just terminal only

  3. Erik Dam

    Hi, tried downloading the Beta 2 from SoftPedia for installation in my Asus AMD Brazos based car PC, but it was not possible to do anything with it – apparently it is only intended for Arm processors – Where can I find an AMD64 version along with specs? Been eagerly awaiting more detailed specs for half a year by now….

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