Ubuntu Success @ CES 2012

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Canonical and Ubuntu have made their CES debut this week, and already it’s been a
resounding success. Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu One have both been of particular interest to a constant flow of visitors from media to manufacturers, exhibitors and developers.

It is almost the end of day two and there have been over 5,000 visitors to the Ubuntu booth in South Hall 4 (stand 35379). In fact, people have been so impressed, that all the Ubuntu 11.10 CDs and printed Ubuntu TV collateral have run out. We have also given many interviews to the world’s media and have already seen some great coverage, which as many regulars to Ubuntu will appreciate, will help serve to introduce Ubuntu to many new potential users.

Ubuntu rocks!


  1. Kenny Strawn

    Yeah, now we’ve just got to get more users outside of CES on the whole Ubuntu idea. Possibly via YouTube ads we can get the message across… And I mean ads that interrupt YouTube videos, not standalone videos themselves.

  2. Fitoschido

    Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Hans Heintze

    Just out of curiostity how many ubuntu 11.10 CDs were handed out?

  4. Andrew Ampers Taylor

    Why all the surprise?


  5. brandon

    I plan on cruising the south hall tommorrow morning so I’ll definitely stop by. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  6. Frankye

    I Ubuntu has increased the work in 2010-2011 but I must also say that everyone who wanted to date look to the future of the distributions have stopped to consider and finally decided to change the distribution or at least since DE Unity does not believe them, not only for the numerous bugs and in particular the resources used exaggerated, but because of “politics” of a system that does its “free will” the highlight to users of all kinds, is a little how to force choices and do not offer the ability to adopt, on this Unity is not only the problem but other programs such as the Banshee and targeted specific choices. Currently I have lost about 65% of Ubuntu users who have opted for various distributions, the remaining 35% of these at least 20% opted to remove the Unity replacing it with Gnome-shell, someone believing that the 12.04 to give users the ability to choose without too many problems, in fact gnome-shell does not work on other distributions as and touches add unofficial repositories in order to have the most features at the expense of stability that does not seem to be the strong point of Ubuntu with this choice. If the future is like looks to me after watching the 11.10 I have to start seriously worrying about right now, and use other distribution for practical demonstrations, of course, leave the place and I will work with Ubuntu acnhe explain that you can use the gnome-shell as wanting DE base instead of the same Unity Unity but also should be light and stable as well as to absorb fewer resources, currently on machines of 2 GB of RAM on average turns out to be “heavy” and contributes to various delays in the system. Sorry my English is actually translated with google.

  7. Joshua Magunduni

    Congrats Ubuntu indeed Rocks

  8. sebastian

    Mucha suerte chicos y felicitaciones a todo el staff de ubuntu.
    Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina un fuerte abrazo.

  9. Reagan

    With Microsofts departure and Ubuntus debut..Do you see where I’m going with this?

  10. Berto Gatti

    Good! Internet TVs are still a nascent industry so there is a chance Ubuntu can get some market share 🙂

  11. Charly

    I didn’t find any TV which could read my ogg theora movies. Thanks to you, this would change!

  12. Adrian

    We are living in a world of internet: youtube, google, facebook, etc. Who the f** cares about TV? Grandma? Okay It’s nice to have TV, but you know what? My TV is 120 cm and my cable is pushing all the stream faster than any internet connection yet. When I’m on my computer I don’t wanna watch TV shows? What’s for? I’m on my laptop and the TV is ON. It’s multitasking. Ubuntu move on TV it’s nice but I don’t care. Ubuntu it’s great so far. Peace

  13. Adrian


  14. Danniello

    Seriously? All CD and leaflets? How a great success!

    So now you could focus on ONE and more important Ubuntu improvement than talking about products that MAYBE will be in the distant future (like Ubuntu for smartphones and TV). For example maybe you could improve UbuntuAppStore or Gnome/KDE applications compatibility (and then remove Unity;)

  15. anonymes

    Excelente iniciativa felicitaciones!

  16. Shane

    The Ubuntu TV is all the rage at the moment in the UK with Smart TV from LG and Samsung. Though at the moment they are not as interact as everyone would like. I can see Ubuntu TV to be a big hit, just as long as Canonical bond with the right manufacturers and ones that make very nice thin sleek looking TV’s that everyone can afford, but not to cheap so that they go for the more expensive, just because it cost more. Go Go Canonical. Ubuntu TV looks to be a big hit. We are all counting on you to make Ubuntu the one OS everyone is talking about.

  17. carlos

    PAGE UBUNTU be translated in SPANISH and more, because not everyone knows what “DOWNOLAD” means at least put TRANSLATION OF VOLUNTEERS TO DO, I offer

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