Introducing the Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix, by Canonical

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix based on Ubuntu 11.10 is now available for corporate and government institutions evaluating Ubuntu as a desktop solution. The combination of Ubuntu’s ease of use, outstanding free software applications, certified commercial apps, and Canonical’s management solution makes for a compelling enterprise desktop scenario that saves time and money while keeping users productive. Just yesterday IT Pro published this independent assessment confirming just that.

In the past year, many businesses have adopted Ubuntu as a desktop. With the approach of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and its five years of support on server and desktop, even more are evaluating the potential benefits of an easily deployed and managed, virus-resistant platform that is widely trusted and available pre-installed from leading PC brands like Dell and Lenovo.

This remix simplifies the process of customising Ubuntu for corporate needs. Most businesses deploying Ubuntu on corporate desktops perform a similar set of tasks; removing consumer-focused applications like games, and installing corporate-focused software such as thin client apps. The Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is a simple base image with the most common corporate changes pre-configured. It can be deployed into a corporate environment or used as a starting point for further customization.

The Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix contains all the software needed to integrate into your IT infrastructure while removing games, social networking and file sharing applications, development and sysadmin tools, and other software that organizations don’t commonly support. The first release includes VMware View, Adobe Flash Plugin, and OpenJDK 6 Java runtime environment.

If this makes sense for your business you can register to download Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix and start evaluating what Ubuntu and Canonical can do for your organisation.


  1. Marcus Moeller

    Is there a package group available for usage in kickstart?


  2. sean fell

    nice one must give it a try.

  3. sadsam

    Looks like it isusing unity so no good.

  4. Marcus Moeller

    Have re-checked. tasksel –list-tasks does not list the business desktop at the moment (12.04 daily 20120211).

  5. Ubu

    I’m very excited to be able to provide to this end clients and business’s. UbuTech LLC (my new business) thanks you Canonical.

  6. Barry Walker

    Try and get this one to work 11 failed to work on my laptop, no b43 drivers for the wifi card. Getting a ‘no firmware’ is not good enough. And hardwiring to the router the net was waaaaaayyyy tooooo sloooooow.

    10 LTS worked fine with the Broadcom B43 firmware installing from one of the tools. Gnome desktop looks better too, non of this fisher-price look-a-like.

    So my advice as an Ubuntu user since warty warthog. Get the Broadcom B43 chipset support in like on 10, have the option to install a ‘proper’ desktop during install for people who can’t cope with this iPhone look a like.

    Sort out printer support, it’s still crappy with linux, far too much of a faf when people are used to, ‘plug in and play’ on other OS.

  7. die.unity.die

    Why must Unity exist it feels so counter intuitive.

  8. Sook Minh Deek

    Your scroll bar on the windows/gui are impossible to click! I’ve accidentally moved files while trying to scroll down the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    The left screen has this really ugly looking task bar called launcher. Why is is so big and ugly? Why can’t you copy Microsoft’s good idea, albeit few, like the START task bar?

    And who’s dumb idea was it to move the close/minimize/maximize buttons to the top left of each window?! There are some things Microsoft did right, this is one of them. Apple still suck ass. I never liked their eye sore version of minimize/maximize buttons on the top left.

    No support for Cisco Linksys WiFi adapters.

    No fax modem support.

    Enough rant, it’s free afterall. I just have to lower my expectations. Thanks, great product despite above problems.

  9. Rui

    Great news.
    I have been using Ubuntu on the enterprise for the last 9 months.
    Be sure to include cntlm to enable internet access through Microsoft ISA server. Proxy configuration on Ubuntu does not work well with ISA.

  10. Tom Kent

    Does someone have the list of exactly what is added/removed to make this? It would be nice to be able to do a apt-get remove … and apt-get install … to try it out.

  11. James Lewis

    It looks like Global Menu is disabled in this screenshot… surely that is an oversight, or does the business spin not use this feature?

  12. Alfonso

    Nice idea!

    Very similar to our corporative linux (Guadalinex “GECOS”).

    However we also developed a server to manage all those workstations from a web interface. Is there something like that in this Remix?

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