Ubuntu for Android success at Mobile World Congress

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The Ubuntu booth at Mobile World Congress has been a resounding success. In the first two days of the show alone, over 4,000 delegates visited the stand to see the first live views of Ubuntu for Android.

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive among hardware manufacturers and operators, and indeed among hundreds of individuals and enterprises who can’t wait to get their hands on a new smartphone running Ubuntu for Android.

The race is on; who will become the first manufacturer to launch one of the most talked about products at the show – the real killer-app from Barcelona 2012.


  1. Andrew Ampers Taylor

    Galaxy S3 in June/July and HTC have announced three using the Tegra 3 chip.

  2. Anders

    Way to go, Ubuntu!

  3. André Gregor-Herrmann

    After N9 has declared to be dead by Elop for simply giving benefits for WP7, there is a new hope for me getting my first Smartphone .

    I didn’t get myself a Smartphone yet, due there haven’t been the right system which fits my claims like having access to free software *and* availability in Germany without hurdles. With Ubuntu for Android it looks like it will provide even more for me than I expected 🙂

    So I really can’t wait holding such a device in my hands! Hope this will be available by many manufacturers and carriers soon!



  4. Priyo

    I still don’t understand about the system ubuntu for android. It means that ubuntu replaces the Android OS on tablet or just compatibility while tablet connected with ubuntu desktop. So, where is the innovation? Please, tell us visually! Thank you.

  5. Luc Charest

    The product I was looking for a long time! Great to be mobile at this point.

  6. Luc Charest

    The product I was looking for since a long time! Great to be mobile as that.

  7. Brian Fields

    You should talk with ASUS about making this work with their Padfone and you will have tackled Ubuntu Phone/Tablet/Laptop in one strike!!!!!

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