Ubuntu Cloud Day in India – April 4th, Bangalore


Ubuntu Cloud Day is Canonical’s first Cloud event in Bangalore. With keynote speeches from various members of the Canonical team and a more focussed technical delivery, the event is aimed at engineers and developers with a professional interest in using Ubuntu Cloud as a developer tool, along with those with a keen interest in developing innovative applications for the Ubuntu user base.

The event is sponsored by Intel and the agenda includes presentations on working with Ubuntu Cloud, JuJu, Cloud infrastructure, as well as presentations from Intel and other partners. The sessions will also cover the intricacies of building your own Cloud infrastructure with Ubuntu, managing Cloud workloads on your own servers and sending identical workloads to the public Cloud when you need extra capacity.

The location for Ubuntu Cloud Day is the Grand Ballroom at the Chancery Pavilion Hotel, 135 Residency Road, Bangalore.

There is a fee to participate, of INR 999.00. Registrations are restricted, so secure your place at http://www.ubuntucloudday.in

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


  1. Srinivas Gowda

    This one’s gona be huge. I didnt have a chance to join UDD held at Leela palace last year, but this time I registered plenty of time before the event, LUCKY ME!!

  2. Srinivas Gowda
  3. Animesh Meher

    Just Missed the Event , I was informed a few days in advance . But had a tight schedule . Would love to attend future events.

  4. Animesh Meher

    Got Informered a few days in advance but had a tight schedule. This was one of the rare ubuntu submit in india. How i would have loved to attend.
    Next time ill Make myself available .

    @John Bernard, Please give a rundown on the event. Would love to know how the event went in India.

  5. Neha

    So, the genesis of this dissuscion was actually far more related to claims made about collaboration between Canonical and GNOME. Aaron just injected himself into the dissuscion by raising a KDE / FreeDesktop.org angle. However, because it has been raised (and so vigorously supported by Mark in his latest post), it looks like I will have to deal with it as well.

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