Don’t miss the inaugural Ubuntu Cloud Summit


Kicking off this May, the Ubuntu Cloud Summit is a one day event for both technology and business people interested in what cloud computing can do for their organisations.

Hosted by Canonical and Redmonk we’ll be looking at how open-source is playing a critical role in the move to cloud computing. Delegates will also hear how enterprises have made the most of the move to the cloud using open source. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate ensuring you have all the information you need to deploy an open cloud.

The day will include a keynote from Mark Shuttleworth and others, plus a panel discussion chaired by Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk, before closing with cocktails and canapes.

The Ubuntu Cloud Summit takes place on Tuesday 8th May, at the The Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland.

The event is sure to be popular, so don’t miss your chance to be there.

To find out more, go to

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Souma

    You really don’t see the piucrte here do you? The Gnome dev’s are just waiting Canonical (not ubuntu) to step up and deliver, like smaller and younger companies have done. Instead of getting a real answer from Mark or Jono, they get this, “oh but we do other things so we are actually good gnome contributors” -nonsense. That was not the case. The Gnome people have all the right to question Canonical’s motives and actions towards their project .@ Sense, This is the kind of response I was waiting from the Ubuntu super community!

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