Ubuntu 12.04 LTS certified on HP ProLiant servers: computing for the hyperscale era

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Today, Canonical and HP announced that Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS is to be certified and supported by HP on its Proliant Systems:


This is a huge announcement for us at Canonical. It’s also testament that HP sees real business benefits in offering certified and supported Proliant systems with Ubuntu Server. Arguably, however, the most significant aspect of the announcement is the implication that the next generation of computing requires a different model.

Big data and cloud computing are at the forefront of a move towards hyperscale distributed systems. To meet these new challenges, today’s IT departments need a proven developer-led technology that’s free from licensing restrictions.

Ubuntu Server is that technology. That’s why it is now the platform of choice for Openstack clouds and the only commercially-supported Linux distribution to be increasing its share of the online infrastructure market. Even on Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu Server reigns supreme – thanks to its technological and commercial advantages over other platforms.

HP has been working with Canonical for several years now and in that time, it has grown to understand where we sit in the IT ecosystem. The resulting announcement of support for Ubuntu on Proliant (alongside other Linux platforms) is a signal to organisations of all kinds that the IT landscape is changing.

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    After reading the whole exmtlreey long comment, all I could find was* first 1/2 of the comment : Conspiracy theory about Canonical and how Ubuntu/Canonical is not helping the wider audience just because they don’t call themselves GNU/Linux* second 1/2 of the comment: All your comments were strawman comments. I did not say anything. I am innocent. You are taking words out of context.

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