Official Ubuntu Images Now Available on Windows Azure

We’re announcing today that you can obtain and launch Official Ubuntu Images from Canonical on Windows Azure. Windows Azure is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Microsoft that now includes the ability to manage individual virtual machines so that you can fully customize and control the infrastructure behind your cloud instances. Many developers and IT shops use both Ubuntu and Windows and as workloads migrate to the cloud, the case for making Ubuntu available on Windows Azure became even more compelling.  Canonical and Microsoft worked together to ensure that Ubuntu, the leading operating system for the Cloud is tested, certified and enterprise ready from the start.

During the current Spring Release of Windows Azure, you can launch Ubuntu images directly from the Windows Azure Gallery. The Windows Azure gallery currently contains Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and support is available directly from Canonical. In the Fall Release of Windows Azure you will be able to buy support directly from the Windows Azure Gallery. If you want to deploy Ubuntu on multiple clouds as well as in your data center, our commercial support offering, Ubuntu Advantage provides mission critical support along with capabilities for automating and managing your Ubuntu environment. If you want to create new applications and scale them as you go the hourly support option could be just what you’re looking for. No matter which option you choose you can have the assurance that Canonical stands behind your Ubuntu solution in the cloud.

We’ve made sure that using Ubuntu on Windows Azure is a great experience right now but we’re eager to hear from you what other capabilities would make it even more exciting and useful. You can take Ubuntu for Windows Azure for a spin at


  1. Marteen

    Congrats, very smart move! On the way to 200 Mill. … If you were a stock I’d buy *now*.

  2. Eddie

    Hi, I’m newish to Ubuntu (have it running as a VMware Fusion virtual machine on my 12-core Mac Pro tower). I’ve been wanting to get my feet wet with “the cloud” but have shied away from it. But now I’m very excited because I feel that with Microsoft’s commitment to Azure, there’s some great competition to AWS, and the odds of a monopoly are now much less (also its great to see the Wintel monopoly long gone). With that being said, is there anything analogous to Suse’s Studio IDE for Ubuntu? If so, will Azure be supporting it in the future? Thank you!

  3. Paul

    Very good to know, my favorite OS is growing.

  4. John Smith

    This one does not sounds bad but keep in mind: almost everyone who partnered with MS ended up quite badly. You see, Nokia for example have lots a billion and that’s only begin of the fall I guess.

  5. Sander

    Is the earlier problem with network going down when using syntetic network drivers with high network traffic fixed?

    Seems like there have been some improvments atleast:

  6. octave

    news letter from ununtu. thanks

  7. Djon

    In potential a great move! I like both platforms a lot.

    After testing the combination for a week now I must say it is not really production ready yet. The Ubuntu instance is being rebooted by the Azure platform about every half an hour. This process takes around 10 minutes each time (meaning 10 minutes of down time!).

    So still some work to do!

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