Dell Extends Ubuntu Retail into India

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Back in October 2011 we launched a joint initiative with Dell in China to sell machines pre-loaded with Ubuntu through their retail stores. The stores featured Ubuntu on a wide range of Dell computers, carried Ubuntu branded marketing collateral in-store, had trained staff positioning the benefits and advantages of Ubuntu to consumers and were supported by a retail team of Ubuntu merchandisers, set up to support those stores.

Ambitiously kicking off with a goal of 220 stores, the response has been phenomenal – and we’re delighted to confirm that we’ll be expanding the number of stores in China to 350 and beyond over the next few months. Also, look out for great new point-of-sale materials locally designed and produced by the Dell China team.

Behind the scenes we’re also working on a number of cool initiatives in China – improving ways of bringing Ubuntu to you.

Today, we announced that we are now extending this exciting programme into, and across India. To help support the growth and demand in India the program will start with a widescale roll out to 850 stores across India. As well as consumers and students, the stores will target and service the growing number of SMB and corporate customers using Ubuntu across India.

Over the next few months we will extend the retail programme further into new markets, with the goal of providing greater choice of devices pre-loaded with the latest versions of Ubuntu and vastly improved quality of advice from staff in resellers.

As always, we’re delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions.


  1. Robert Varga

    Now, next step: more importantly Europe and US!! And with other manufacturers too like Acer, HP

  2. Gonzalo

    Just great!
    We need Linux machines in the market “yesterday”.
    Each day more, Linux is the option for serious, high quality and free operating system… even more now than the other (expensive) systems are going down for quality, security and usability issues.
    Go, Ubuntu, go!!!

  3. Mitesh Shah

    Thank you Dell & Ubuntu for making this deal and selling Ubuntu Laptops across the India. I hope this time dell ships latest Ubuntu OS on their laptops 😉

  4. Kaustubh P

    Namaste Ubuntu 🙂

  5. Hoi

    This is just awesome. One thing I would love to see in Ubuntu preinstalled laptops is coreboot (already used in Chromebooks) though. There are so much possibilities for laptops that do not have to care about having Windows stickers.

  6. Mahesh

    Many Indian linux users wasted their money on laptops with windows license and then formatted the machine to install Ubuntu. I think more ubuntu laptops from dell will simply help them save money which were wasted earlier and ultimately get what they want at much cheaper cost.

  7. Leo

    Thank you, Mark, for he good news. Over 99% of people buy computers with the OS installed, and will never touch it.

    I hope the ability to run Ubuntu on android phones as a hybrid will help reach the masses, as well.

    Hope we can see another “plugin” for Chromebooks, where Ubuntu adds an extra dimension.

    It’s all good.

    — Leo

  8. Kevin Lynch

    Just a shame they pulled the plug on their UK sales and made those Ubuntu PCs and laptops damn near impossible to find when they did sell them here.

    I’m done with Dell. They don’t sell anything I want. I just bought two Zotac machines. Other than the UEFI being a bit picky during the install. They work great.

  9. shankara

    Thank you very much. I was waiting for it. It also forces third party hardware vendors(like printers, scanners etc..) to give driver for linux.
    I wish all the best.

  10. Jef Spaleta

    I was in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago and popped into some retail stores which were selling Dell hardware. I didn’t see any Ubuntu pre-installed Dell hardware for sale.

    Now I could have of course gone to the wrong stores, as I had a very difficult time finding a list of stores which sold Ubuntu, and my Shanghai hosts had not seen Ubuntu for sale in a retail setting either. Are there stores in Shanghai participating in the push in China? Any chance you could provide a list of specific store locations in China?


  11. Sameer Mohamed Thahir

    Finally GNU/Linux is reaching out to masses, something what the community was praying for. Its a great news to all the Free Software supporters and companies(promoting Free Software). Now we need to put our weight behind this and focus our energy on bringing this to the nook and corner of India. Manaveeyam Technologies ( congratulates Dell and ubuntu on this initiative.

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