Humble Indie Bundle 6 brings six new games to the Ubuntu Software Center

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UPDATE: We’ve just added four more amazing titles to the Humble Indie Bundle 6! If you’ve already picked up a bundle, you’ll find BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb available now if you beat the average. This brings the bundle to ten games strong!

Humble Indie Bundle 6 is upon us – and every single game makes its Ubuntu debut this time around. Humble Bundle veterans will know the drill by now, but if this is your first time, prepare to be amazed. For the next two weeks, you can pay what you want to for the following incredible new titles on Ubuntu:

Torchlight, the critically acclaimed action-RPG

Shatter, the physics-based brick breaker

Space Pirates & Zombies, the top down space combat sim

Rochard, the rugged sci-fi action platformer

Vessel*, the steampunk puzzle platformer

It gets better. If your donation is higher than the average, you’ll be rewarded with a sixth game download: the frantic acrobatic platformer Dustforce! *Please note that the finishing touches for Vessel’s Ubuntu debut are still being completed and should be ready in 24-72 hours.

There’s something extra special about Rochard because it’s the first native game based on the Unity engine to make it into both the Humble Bundle and the Ubuntu Software Center. The team at Unity is dedicated to their mission to democratize gaming, while strengthening their cross-platform gaming platform with the ability to export to Ubuntu.

With the Unity 4.0 release later this year, we can expect a raft of new games on Ubuntu. So it gives us great pleasure to welcome all Unity developers to what is easily the most enthusiastic indie gaming community.

To make life easier for independent game developers, we’ve been working hard to streamline the process of bringing new games to Ubuntu. Canonical has been developing a new service as part of our developer program to automatically package your applications – and that includes Unity games. This means developers can focus on their software, while Canonical takes care of the packaging for Ubuntu.

To learn even more about the games, check out the Humble Bundle site, where you’ll also find information about soundtracks, redemption through both the Ubuntu Software Center and Steam and donations to this bundle’s chosen charities: Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You have two weeks from now to get six brand new games for whatever price you think they’re worth. So lets make this bundle even bigger than the last one for Ubuntu – and the coming wave of gaming titles that continue to make Ubuntu great.


  1. Ernst

    I can only find Dustforce so far. On 64-bit Ubuntu.

    1. David Pitkin

      Hi Ernst, all the builds are now displayed correctly.

  2. Anon

    Hope they fix Torchlight soon, it has several problems on Unity – can’t go fullscreen (although works on other DEs).

    But I love this integration with USC, I hope that you might enchance the partnership to include the older bundles!

  3. Alexander Langanke

    Will there be upgraded versions of the games for 12.10?

    1. David Pitkin

      We work with the developers to ensure that all applications work on both the LTS and the current release.

  4. olvimasta

    Humble bundle games are great! I hope they compatible on 64-bit ubuntu. SPAZ and Torchlight are great games. Got them on steam on pc.

  5. Dominic BH

    I bought the Bundle and redeemed them through the Software Center. I must say it is an excellent process, many steps ahead what Windows and Mac have managed to do. All of them work prefectly (except Torch light which is stuck in a very small window), on my 64-bit machine. So enjoy!

  6. Uri

    will i be able to play the games on Quantal? USC is not allowing me to install it.. :/

    1. David Pitkin

      We are working right now to move and test all of the apps, everything that works in Quantal will be there in a few weeks

  7. Ashish poudel

    Games are great!!!!!!

  8. Willowfield

    Torchlight got some graphics-related problems in Ubuntu 12.04 (using Desktop Environment: Cinnamon | Nvidia ION GPU). It goes fullscreen but somehow the resolution is pretty low, if i set resolution to max. settings it only display a tiny part of the screen.

    1. David Pitkin

      Have you contacted the humble customer support, we have been rolling out updates. Automatic updates are another great reason to download with Software Center.

  9. Ricardo

    So…where is the FREE open software on it ?

    1. David Pitkin

      There is tons of free open source software all around it, Software Center, Ubuntu, the Apps Directory.

  10. Kevin LeBlanc

    Ubuntu’s getting high level games. Who really cares if they’re open-source or proprietary?

  11. Arni Runar Kristjansson

    I just installed ubuntu 12.4 on my new amd8x 3.6ghz machine and am looking forward to the linux life, it just came to me as i saw this game thing that it is a great way to develope ubuntu, games will bring the young generation into the developement and it wont be long until all games will work flawlessly if many hands do light work 🙂

  12. nadeem

    i like this integeration but USC has big issues for me when try to install any game. first it keep disconnecting, second i have to start from 0 byte, finally usually adding the ppas for the game make my whole package managment to fall apart giving me signature problems and mismatch indexes. so for now i will not use USC. hope this can be fixed in future ubuntu realeases

  13. Ben

    Kudos for slowly but surely becoming a competing OS (although Ubuntu is still a blip on the map compared to Windows and MAC), but why are there paid for apps? The entire incentive of getting Ubuntu is the fact that it’s free and allows people to escape the burdensome cycle of paying for constant upgrades and new software. Ever since the netbook release came out (I can’t remember what fun name they gave it) Conical has been going downhill in my opinion. Free across the board, for the people, by the people. It used to mimic what the world should be, but now it is starting to mimic the mistakes the world has made. Every $15 game is a floating island of trash in the ocean of once magical land called Ubuntu.

  14. Mohammad

    Pls make Ubuntu easy to play Games online or offline .

  15. felix moreno

    First of all, that Ubuntu is begining colser to a good game platform is a very nice moment.

    But still you need to test better things before selling them in the software center, I just installed Torchlight and it opened in a very small window, and I cant close ir or do something.

    Another idea to become ubuntu a very nice platform for gaming is try to help the wine team to finish libraries like DirectPlay or a full Directx9 and 10 open source to be able to play classic games that for example don’t work now in windows 7 like Age of Empires 2, if you help a little wine to make this game for example 100% nice experience on Ubuntu, people is going to use Linux Ubuntu to play games! In this particular case of this game just one programmer 2-3 months working to finish a good directplay library and Ubuntu will win, I’ve been playing all the weekend with 4 more friends using ubuntu, also I did that with Diablo II that is also a game that if people can play on Ubuntu they will use Ubuntu for playing classic games. Bests

  16. Phlum

    I’m seriously considering switching to Ubuntu from Windows 7; while the latter is a good OS, it’s very slow and it’ll be outdated when Windows 8 has been around a while. I’m kinda glad, actually, that I’ve got so many bundles because it means the transition will almost be painless.

  17. CrusaderAD

    Everything runs great! Excellent work! I happily support projects such as these.

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