Contributions come in many forms

Canonical and the Ubuntu community have established a solid position for Ubuntu in the worlds of desktop, server and now cloud computing. We’re continuing to innovate in these areas, nimbly adapting to new ways of computing in a cloud-based, multi-device world. One where Ubuntu will ultimately run on mobiles, tablets and televisions – in fact, any screen, anywhere.

Every day, thousands of community members support the development of their favourite operating system. Even if they’re not software developers they help out with testing, documentation, marketing, brainstorming or answering other users’ questions in online forums. And people who don’t have the time to help out directly have always been able to make a financial contribution, albeit in a not-easy-to-find spot on our website. Many users have been asking for a simpler, more obvious way to do this.

Today, we’re making it easier for people to financially contribute to Ubuntu if they want to. By introducing a ‘contribute’ screen as part of the desktop download process, people can choose to financially support different aspects of Canonical’s work: from gaming and apps, developing the desktop, phone and tablet, to co-ordination of upstreams or supporting Ubuntu flavours. It’s important to note that Ubuntu remains absolutely free, financial contribution remains optional and it is not required in order to download the software.

By allowing Ubuntu users to choose which elements of Ubuntu they’re most excited about, we’ll get direct feedback on which favourite features or projects deserve the bulk of our attention. We’re letting users name their price – depending on the value that they put on the operating system or other aspects of our work. That price can, of course, be zero – but every last cent helps make Ubuntu better.

Ubuntu will always be free to use, share and develop. We hope it will continue to give you everything you want in an operating system – and we hope that you’ll join us in helping to build the future of computing, however you choose to contribute.


  1. Vadim P.

    I certainly agree with the donations idea, but I don’t see why would people donate to a product they have yet to receive – or understand what a “bug tracker” is. Name it the “software problems management system” perhaps? But then why would you be telling potential users that your software has problems that you want them to be fixing?

    1. Steve's photo Steve George

      Hi – I think the point we’re making is that Ubuntu is Open Source, and that to create and develop it there are lots of ways to contribute. Some people contribute through their time and effort, but it’s equally valid to contribute by making a financial contribution.

  2. CSRedRat

    Great! When this done in installed Ubuntu? Can i do contribution Ubuntu?

    1. Steve's photo Steve George

      Hi – I think you’re asking if there’s a way to contribute some money directory from inside the operating system. We don’t have that capability at the moment, so for now you’d have to use the download page system.

  3. Mohamed-Ikbel Boulabiar

    Good move.
    In the future, can we have a more precise system for donations too?

    A system which provides the ability to put money for solving precise problems or to add special features in an app.
    Something just like bounties but with the ability to add rules on what users can put money on.
    (if >500 users fill a bug on something which is not a high priority for the team, then open that feature for bounty donation)

    1. Steve's photo Steve George

      Hi – we’ve previously run bounties and looked at integrating ways to give money to open source projects through the software centre. At the moment we don’t have any plans to do the type of specific system you’re suggesting.

  4. Wladimir

    Cool, even though I have a latent (hopefully for nothing) fear that Ubuntu will “commercialize”, I think you deserve some money for maintaining such a great OS. I’ll donate as soon as it’s possible.

    1. Steve's photo Steve George

      Hi – we’ll definitely appreciate your contribution and by choosing what areas of development are important to you it will tell us where our users would like us to focus!

  5. Richard

    Hi – I’d really like to donate some money. But PayPal is not acceptable. Please offer alternative donation possibilities (CreditCard, Bitcoin, …). Thanks

  6. Jonathan Riddell

    How are donations for “better support in flavours” passed on to flavours? Should I be sending Canonical details of the Kubuntu Council bank account?

    1. Steve's photo Steve George

      Hi Jonathan,

      Canonical continues to provide support for Derivatives of which Kubuntu is one. Whether that’s sponsoring people to UDS, providing build infrastructure, archives, hosting, community sites, event support, CD production for LoCo’s and many other pieces.

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