Unity Technologies releases 4.0 including game export for Ubuntu

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The Unity cross-platform development tool version 4 has been released from beta into the growing world of Ubuntu game development. Every Unity developer is now only a few clicks away from publishing in the Ubuntu Software Center with Unity 4.0’s new Linux Deployment Preview. You can download a 30-day preview of all the Pro features, Linux export will always be in the free version.

Cubemen and Rochard are two examples of games built using the Unity game engine and available today through the Ubuntu Software Center. Millions of Unity developers now have the ability to easily deploy games to the most exciting open platform, Ubuntu.

If you just upgraded to Unity 4.0 or are starting out, load up your game, open the Build Settings, and choose the target “Linux” under PC, Mac, Linux Standalone. Then visit the Ubuntu MyApps developer portal, create your new account, and upload.

You say you are not using Unity 4.0 to build your applications? Geez…go get your free download today and get coding!


  1. Rey

    Oh this is great, but what we really need is the Unity Web player so we can play all the current Chrome games on Ubuntu. Hell my kids are hating me right now since I switched their PC’s but they’ll get use to it.

  2. Nathan

    I’ve been using Unity since the first version. This is probably my favorite feature in 4.0 and definitely a huge plus for Unity overall 🙂

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