Steam Client now available in Ubuntu Software Center


Starting today, users can install the Steam Client with a few simple clicks in our Software Center, the fastest and safest way to install thousands of paid and free applications on Ubuntu. Canonical and Valve have worked closely together to make Ubuntu the best performing open platform for gaming and now the ultimate entertainment platform is fully supported.

To celebrate this release Steam has every Ubuntu title on sale for 50-75% off until Thursday, 21 February at 10:00am US Pacific time in what is the first of many Steam sales. Steam also brings with it some amazing Valve titles on Ubuntu, Half-Life, Counter-Strike and the free to play Team Fortress 2. As a launch giveaway and for the hardcore gamers who need every item in Team Fortress, for a limited time when you play Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu you will get a Tux penguin item to keep or trade.

We welcome all the new Steam users who can now upgrade to Ubuntu. Steam Big Picture running on your Ubuntu computer connected to the living room TV is a great way to experience the future today. Canonical looks forward to the steady progress of games from all our partners on Ubuntu on the desktop and soon on the Ubuntu phone and tablet in due course.


  1. ak

    Any love for those running x64 version?

  2. ilPestifero

    Well done!
    See you later… now I’m playing Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 🙂

  3. Ignacio Agulló Sousa

    I open Ubuntu Software Center, and see “Steam (32-bit)” (right, since the computer is a 32-bit) with a price: “US$ 0.00”. There is no “Install” button but a “Buy…” button. When you click on it, you get the “Ubuntu Software Centre Terms of Service” and have to accept them; and then you get the “ubuntu single sign on” screen, where you need to open a new account.

    1. Steve George


      When you click on the button ‘buy’ it will offer to install it for you. In order for the system to know which applications you’ve installed and build up things like preferences you have to login with your Ubuntu Single Sign-on account, if you don’t have one you can create one at that stage.



  4. aimsfree

    Very Good, I have installed it today. and i buy so many games 😀 😀 😀 .Thank u Canonical and Valve of course

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