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  • Blog: Ubuntu Forums are back up and a post mortem

    As announced previously, there was a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums. The Ubuntu Forums are now back up and running. What follows is a detailed post mortem of the breach and corrective actions taken by the Canonical IS team. In summary, the root cause was a combination of a compromised individual account and the […]

  • Blog: Interested in Ceph Cloud storage? Come and join us at a Ceph Day.

    We are pleased to announce Canonical are participating in Inktank’s forthcoming Ceph Days, taking place on: – 1st August – New York, NY – 12th September – Santa Clara, CA – 9th October – London, UK Attendees will get hands on through a Ceph installation workshop, and talk with ¬†experts in open source storage and […]

  • Blog: Juju GUI for continuous deployment / integration and cloud orchestration

    Juju, the leading tool for continuous deployment, continuous integration (CI/CD), and cloud-neutral orchestration, now has a refreshed GUI with smoother workflows for integration professionals spinning up many services across clouds like Amazon EC2 and a range of public OpenStack providers. The new GUI speeds up service design – conceptual modelling of service relationships – as […]

  • Blog: Notice of security breach on Ubuntu Forums site

    There has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums site, We take information security and user privacy very seriously, and apologise for the breach and ensuing inconvenience. At this time, We have confirmed the attackers were able to access all user email addresses and hashed passwords on the Forums site. While the passwords […]

  • Blog: Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee joins Canonical

    We are pleased to announce a seriously good addition to the our product team: Ratnadeep (Deep) Bhattacharjee. Deep joins Canonical as Director of Cloud Product Management from VMware where he led its Cloud Infrastructure Platform effort and has a solid understanding of customer needs as they continue to move to virtual and cloud infrastructure. Ubuntu […]

  • Blog: OpenStack is 3

    In April at the OpenStack Summit, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth quipped “My OpenStack, how you’ve grown” as a reference to the thousands of people in the room. OpenStack is indeed growing up and it seems incredible that this Friday, we celebrate OpenStacks’ 3rd Birthday. Incredible – it seems like only yesterday OpenStack was a twinkle […]

  • Blog: The Juju Charm Championship begins

    Ubuntu developer contest offers $10,000 for the most innovative charms Developers around the world are already saving time and money thanks to Juju, and now they have the opportunity to win money too. Today marks the opening of the Juju Charm Championship, in which developers can reap big rewards for getting creative with Juju charms. […]