Shutting down Ubuntu One file services


Today we are announcing plans to shut down the Ubuntu One file services.  This is a tough decision, particularly when our users rely so heavily on the functionality that Ubuntu One provides.  However, like any company, we want to focus our efforts on our most important strategic initiatives and ensure we are not spread too thin.

Our strategic priority for Ubuntu is making the best converged operating system for phones, tablets, desktops and more. In fact, our user experience, developer tools for apps and scopes, and commercial relationships have been constructed specifically to highlight third party content and services (as opposed to our own); this is one of our many differentiators from our competitors.  Additionally, the free storage wars aren’t a sustainable place for us to be, particularly with other services now regularly offering 25GB-50GB free storage.  If we offer a service, we want it to compete on a global scale, and for Ubuntu One to continue to do that would require more investment than we are willing to make. We choose instead to invest in making the absolute best, open platform  and to highlight the best of our partners’ services and content.

As of today, it will no longer be possible to purchase storage or music from the Ubuntu One store. The Ubuntu One file services will not be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, and the Ubuntu One apps in older versions of Ubuntu and in the Ubuntu, Google, and Apple stores will be updated appropriately. The current services will be unavailable from 1 June 2014; user content will remain available for download until 31 July, at which time it will be deleted.

We will work to ensure that customers have an easy path to download all their content from Ubuntu One to migrate to other personal cloud services.  Additionally, we continue to believe in the Ubuntu One file services, the quality of the code, and the user experience, so will release the code as open source software to give others an opportunity to build on this code to create an open source file syncing platform.

Customers who have an active annual subscription will have their unused fees refunded. We will calculate the refund amount from today’s announcement, even though the service will remain available until 1 June and data available for a further two months.

We will contact customers separately with additional information about what to expect.  We will also publish further blog posts with advice on how to download content and with details on the open sourcing of the code.

The shutdown will not affect the Ubuntu One single sign on service, the Ubuntu One payment service, or the backend U1DB database service.

We’ve always been inspired by the support, feedback and enthusiasm of our users and want to thank you for the support you’ve shown for Ubuntu One. We hope that you’ll continue to support us as together we bring a revolutionary experience to new devices.

UPDATE:  See this post for updated information on downloading all your content from Ubuntu One.  We are aware that in some rare cases (large amount of content or very large number of files), the bulk download to a single archive is failing. Don’t worry – your content is not lost and we’ll post an updated bulk download tool which generates multiple archives rather than a single large one. We know of no issues with the other options discussed in that post.



  1. italo maia

    Had a faint hope this was a april’s fool joke : /

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      No, unfortunately it’s not an April Fools joke.

      1. Richard Gaskin

        I had hoped so too, but I understand. The promo offering additional space for both the recommender and the new signup was great for us, but understandably costly for Canonical.

        I’m especially sad because Ubuntu One was a fine piece of work. More flexible than Dropbox, with native clients for more platforms.

        You and the team deserve hearty praise for making it the exemplary file sharing tool while it was available.

        We all want to see Ubuntu thrive, so while I can understand how difficult this decision was to make, I can also support it.

        On to total device coverage!

        So looking forward to an Ubuntu tablet…..

        1. David Steele

          I had hoped this was a joke. I truly believe they had a good product. That was one of the things that set Ubuntu apart was there excellent file backup. Sorry to see you go Ubuntuone.

      2. mouradxmt

        Oh , shit :/ ; :'(

      3. Jameson

        It’s a wise decision. It shows Canonical’s commitment to their own core values and strategy, something a lot of firms forget once they are as high in the ranks as Canonical/Ubuntu is. Good on ya mates.

        1. amate

          Not so wise was the decision to jump on the gigabytes-for-nothing bandwagon – just because everybody else were doing it. What’s the next bandwagon they are jumping on to?

      4. philippe

        there are no equivalent service. transparency synchronization is a plus,
        I did not want to work entirely in my dropbox folder, I preferred the flexibility of organizing ubuntuone.
        I’m really disappointed. Very disappointed.
        If it becomes possible to install ubuntuone server on its server, in this case I would, because this is really a good software.

      5. josh

        I could really do with the ability to download all my files as a zip archive or similar. Will anything like this be available to assist my move to another provider?

        1. fhf

          You don’t need that. Content from your hard drives will not be deleted.

          1. Plaque

            I don’t use any syncing app (actually, prefer to mount and cron, and decide explicitly what to put and where), but I don’t demand ZIP-All-And-Let-Download-feature, just because it can lead to flash-DDoS-ing this service.

            I simply deleted everything I had there.

        2. richard

          Since Ubuntu One syncs with local folders, create a temporary folder move all your local folders to them. Then sync ubuntu locally into the now empty folders. Use you compression tool to archive the downloaded files from ubuntu. You can then restore the files from the tempory folders you created. (You would have to create a temporary folder for each folder you have on Ubuntu One.)

      6. Tony Hammond

        I would have thought a version of a computing cloud service would have been a better option for Unbuntu to market, and something which other vendors would have difficulty in competing with.

      7. Dragan

        Just use Dropbox and Windows

        1. Keith

          Dropbox works great on Ubuntu and other Linux flavors, full integration just line Ubuntu One. No reason to go back to an inferior OS.

          1. maximo

            Dropbox doesn’t let you decide to sync file outside the dropbox folder, if I’m not mistaken

        2. robert

          I just did, I opened it and threw dropbox right through it…

        3. Rens Klumpers

          Dropbox maybe, but never again Windows! I recommend Ubuntu to al my freinds and are happy to help them to transverse. Its the best advice you can give them!

        4. Pawel

          Dropbox works on Ubuntu. But it’s inferior to Ubuntu One, because it doesn’t sync local folders, you need to work in the Dropbox folder.

      8. ghan

        I hope, you will change your decisions on shutting down the given offer. You were providing a good service. Rethink about the decision. Such services should be continued.

      9. Jody Brown

        So will they ever decide to use or relaunch the service in the future?

      10. Stuart Trusty

        HI Miss Jane,
        I don’t really like this thread. I think we as the users would like to have Canonical divest this service to us the users to maintain if you don’t want it. because we do. We all want to know how much it costs to run this service, how much bandwidth it needs and how much storage is required to operate the service. Linux has always been of the people, by the people kind of thing, and we need this code from you since we are all using it. Can you help us get up to speed on the transition of Ubuntu One into private hands so we don’t get dropped, please?
        Thank you in advance,
        Stuart Trusty
        The Ubuntu One Users at Large

      11. maximo

        pity…the ubuntu one file service has been something I really enjoyed. It was ideal for sync documents ‘as you go’. I don’t know of any such service allowing to sync multiple directories outside a Dropbox or G-Drive folder for instance. It shouldn’t have ended up like this. Quit and that’s it!

      12. yung hyun kim

        Any way I thank you Jane Silber too murch. Ok !! “So long”.

      13. Steve

        I installed Ubuntu 12.04 just 2 weeks before I read about Ubuntu One shutting down. Now I’m not sure I did the right thing. I would have loved to see Ubuntu give the 2 major OS’s a run for there money but I don’t believe canceling services help do that. Seems like a step backwards rather than forward.

      14. william

        why the shut down i used to use ubuntu one a long time ago and used to use ubuntu 9.04 in 2009 i don’t like the new ubuntu though

      15. frank

        I have a lot of files in U1 that if I want to download them to my pc, I will take the hole day. Is there a way to download theme in just one time?

      16. Carlos

        Hello, I would like to know how I can download all my files from ubuntu one service?


    2. Gvaz

      Me too. I only just heard about it now 🙁

    3. jean-paul Déroff

      verry desappointing.
      I understand business strategy and I’m glad to see that canonical still wants to improve current offer of services.
      But is there honestly by today a comparable solution, properly integrated to ubuntu, with so much free storage? not sure.
      one or two months time not enough to find the right one.
      especially when this commonication has not been so much related by now!
      not sure that all U1 users will be able to find the suitable (if any) solution to replace U1 cloud storage service within few days…

      1. Eric Warnke

        This definitely sounds like a tough decision. Hopefully it works out for everyone involved at the end of the day.

        If you’re looking for an easy way to get your data into a new provider we are offering a free migration to any U1 users. Check us out:

    4. Zeuxis

      Yeah, me too 🙁

    5. kyle

      Same here. Yet another much-needed file hoster down the toilet. I dont need 25 gigs , i just need to multi backup . . . Dropbox has 2 gigs and it’s popular. Gah

    6. Mike Bodde

      I will change platforms if you do this. this is a bone head move. you should fire the idiot that came up with this. this will crush you fledgling operation system. oh BTW you new release 14.10 (trusty) ha, crashed my system. thanks for the crapping job.

    7. Terence Keeler

      Please, how can I retrieve all my files on Ubuntu One now that Sync is no longer available? Also I paid for a lot of extra storage. What happens to that?

      Please help

    8. jamie

      A well it was a great service but didn’t seem a core service to ubuntu from the start, so i understand 😉

      But would you mind giving a few other options for us ubuntites out here for a service that has a similar in spirit.

      Still hoping its a really early april fools joke.


    9. mark

      When will we get information on how to download files?

  2. jedibeeftrix

    Owncloud integration, please?

    1. Art

      Yes please.

    2. Fabian Rodriguez

      OwnCloud is already part of Gnome, starting with 3.8:

  3. Peter Smout

    Seems a shame to shut down such a good service, the limited storage was NOT even a consideration when taking up the offer, the fact it tied in well with Ubuntu was far more important to me !

  4. Mike hingley

    Why would the close down of Ubuntu One mean that Ubuntu music store no longer works? I know that files are initially delivered to the Ubuntu One File store, and then synced to your devices, but surely you could just drop the Ubuntu one delivery, and drop it directly on the purchasing desktop?

    1. Keith Hill

      Seems like an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. Neither path (U1 or Music Store) was deemed profitable enough to pursue further, so they close both off at the same time.

      Canonical have lost the plot (which is why I don’t use Ubuntu anymore). Their visions seem to fall short of meeting public expectations on a regular basis.

      Take Ubuntu Edge as one example. Far too high a goal, missing their core market with unrealistic tiers.

      They seem to make big deals about removing and re-adding functionality with each iteration (a waste of time and resources)… Borderless windows being a case in point. There are much more important changes to be made, which they claim they don’t have resources to maintain (always on global menu anyone?). It’s a joke.

      They spend time integrating Amazon search functionality, which most people find a pain, with it being one of the first things to disable. Another sign that they haven’t got their users best interests at heart… profit is key.

      Finally, they do something like this! It seems a super-stupid move to ditch your integrated synchronisation platform when you are trying to achieve a ‘unified’ experience across desktop and mobile platforms. UbuntuOne will become the missing link to syncing files across your devices. Meaning, users will have to use 3rd party apps to get the job done. This is not ideal. UbuntuOne should not trying to complete with Dropbox or other alternatives. It should be offering an alternative to iCloud.

      I keep a very close eye on Ubuntu and Canonical, to see what happens next, but I grow more and more disillusioned with them and their product, the more I hear and learn.

      1. Simon

        I agree with you.

      2. Sayan Chakrabarti

        Agreed. 🙁

      3. Bigoloo

        i keep my eyes to !

        1. mango

          Taken out of context your comment sounds like something out of a horror movie. 😛

      4. Theo Heiner

        While I don’t really agree with the overall tone of your comment, it can’t be stressed enough how important one particular point you make is: Ubuntu One can’t afford to compete with DropBox and it doesn’t need to. It is however a very important component that can and should be an essential part of Ubuntu similar to iCloud for iOS.

      5. Nic

        Could it not be that they wish to start fresh with a new design to sync data amongst all devices? The hasty announcment that they will begin deleting all data at a certain date seems to imply they want that space to test run a different cloud storage system.

  5. Kunal Sagar

    I am completely dependent on UbuntuOne for all my backup … now I will have to make space on my storage drive 🙁 to download my back..

    Very very sad news.. & I Hope its April Fool joke 😀

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Hi Kunal – unfortunately it’s not an April Fools joke.

    2. Francisco Costa

      i feel your pain

    3. Col. Panek

      Both Dropbox and Copy have nice Linux file manager integration. At Copy I have some 200 GB of free storage due to referrals. Here’s your extra 5 GB:

      1. Paul

        There is a service which can be found at: [which means to hoard]. It is in Polish but it can be easily translated to any langugage you want. There is no limit how much you can upload… So worth to try…

  6. Orange Knows

    Please tell me this is a delayed April Fool’s prank…

  7. Chris Langton

    What happens when your mobile plans become half successful and this fundamental service being absent defines the un-usefulness of your O/S?

    An O/S is nothing if not for its infrastructure, which becomes most important when it spans devices and form factors.

  8. Carwyn Nelson

    I don’t really think that many people used it in the grand scheme of things, so it’s not that much of a loss. If anything it gives canonical some more money which they can invest into other products.

  9. Rui Cruz

    I surely hope this is a April 1st joke.

  10. margoc

    What a bad and sad decision! Ubuntu One is the best system integrated cloud service available and works great on different systems.

    Ubuntu One was a great reason to convince people to switch to Ubuntu. Can’t understand that decisions, especially if Canonical wants to be successful with their mobile devices…

    1. Rolando Cardenas

      I agree with you, U1 works very well for me, and sync between Ubunt and Windows without problems. I don’t need a great storage, just back up and synchronize files between different OS.
      Ubuntu One was a great reason to convince people and me to not leave Ubuntu.

  11. mep

    Who cares?

    1. margoc

      Go play with Google if you don’t care. Thanks.

      1. Peter Smout

        Yeah go play with google because your data is kept secure & private with them !

        Not saying U1 was perfect but the fact its NOT Google is a big factor in using it they have too much data on me as it is!!

        1. Neal Kendrick

          I don’t have anything to hide when it comes to Google having access to my info. But, I still am sad to see this go. It seemed like a very good alternative to icloud. Cheers to the future 🙂

          1. QUetzalCoatlan

            Yeah until Canonical sells your info to Amazon on the next update.

      2. TG

        Great answer, margoc. Sad is all that.

  12. Alex

    This is a good decision. I love ubuntu and this service wasn’t really a useful offering. Now can you take the advertising out of unity by default?

    1. Regis

      I totally disagree. For me UbuntuOne was the most essential part of the OS, used to synch my 2 computers and access files from work on a daily basis.

      I totally relied on its functionality and this was the main reason for me to keep using Ubuntu in spite of Unity.

      I will now switch to Mint as there really is nothing left for me in Ubuntu.

      Lesson learned: Never, EVER rely on cloud services for ANYTHING as the rug can be pulled from under your feet at any time.

  13. Eric Beyer

    Maybe Ubuntu could embrace an existing solution, like bittorrent sync or spideroak? These are already pretty easy to set up, but Ubuntu is known for making easy things idiot-proof.

  14. Carlos Estrada

    This is very sad

    First, Cannonical wants to sell Ubuntu as a perfect server OS for the cloud, but they can’t mantain the infrastucture of a free file sync service for their desktop users.

    And second, Cannonical wants to sell the perfect phone OS, but the device won’t come with one of the basic features of any modern phone OS: online sync out of the box.

    1. amner

      Have you seen the out of the box cloud service for android? No? That’s what I thought.

      1. Parzival

        Yes it’s called Google sync: contacts, music, pictures, files,etc..

      2. Eric Warnke

        On Samsung phones it’s called Dropbox. On Nexus phones I believe you’re prompted to install Google Drive.

      3. blah

        amner, and iCloud is one of the major reasons iOS is still better than Android.

  15. Tomasz Joniak

    This sucks, it makes me wonder what is Ubuntu doing, there is no better option out there and none that would support my needs…

    1. Jules Turtle

      I think that whatever Canonical decides is best. One of the great things about ubuntu had was ubuntu one and it will be missed! Canonical will definatly have something new or replacing ubuntu one in Trusty Taur. There will always be something new in the future. 🙂 -TortugaTerror
      P.S. Google Drive is ok.

    2. Nicholas Holwadel

      You may want to check out Mega. It has mobile clients. No linux client yet but they are working on it.

      Its the only cloud services that uses encryption by default so its by far a better solution than Google, DropBox, Etc.

      Thanks to Canonical, its now forcing me to better protect my data!

      1. leone

        There is also an option like
        You can earn extra 5gb to base offer of 15gb with this referral link

  16. Nouseva Voima

    Very sad to hear this. Ubuntu One has been the only cloud service that I’ve trusted in the middle of all the spying business going on, and it has worked pretty flawlessly over the years. I’ve recommended Ubuntu One to many people, and I’ll now have to find them an alternative.

    I sure hope that community developers manage to create a drop-in replacement that could sync to services like Amazon S3 or a private file server, as cloud space is dirt cheap, and many people run servers of their own and don’t even necessarily need to publish any of their synced files.

    Perhaps I’ll try F-Secure’s Younited once Ubuntu 14.04 is released (doesn’t work with the older LTS). It seems to be another NSA-free alternative.

  17. Victor

    [ …so will release the code as open source software to give others an opportunity to build… ]

    This is great news.

  18. Francisco Costa

    and this are sad news

  19. Guillaume Lanternier


    I have been a fan of Ubuntu One for quite some time. You probably have good reasons to give up this service, and I can understand that.

    However, I find that paying customers should at least get some kind of extended support. I have got my family to switch to this service in order to have an automatic online backup of our photos. This leaves us little time to download the data and save it on some hard disk or find an alternative.

    Besides, an easy migration to an alternative service would have been appreciated.

    I will organize the move to some other Cloud, but had I not been there my parents would not have been able to manage this on their own.

    Besides, I heard the news throug an alternative website. You don’t mention it on the official Ubuntu One website’s homepage and we did not receive any emails announcing it.

    Tough decisions sometimes have to be taken, but a little more support would make it easier for all of us.


    Guillaume Lanternier

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Thanks for your comments, Guillaume. We will publish advice on migration to alternate services and are working to make that easy. At this point we wanted to give users as much advance notice as possible.

      1. Eric Warnke

        Jane, we’d love to be part of that. Please let us know how we can help.

      2. Guillaume Lanternier

        Thanks for you feedback Jane.

        A migration to a new service would be great for users.

        It would contribute to building confidence in the continuity of services provided by Canonical.

    2. Rob Pilgrim

      Nicely put Guillaume; these mirror my own sentiments. I understand the reason for the change but communicating it and giving sufficient time to make other arrangements has been lacking.
      Unfortunately, my mother, who ‘shares’ my Ubuntu1 account with me, is in another country. I’ll have to guide her through accessing a new shared cloud over the phone. An international call of some length I expect.

  20. Charlie Callow

    Well this is a shame. Why not integrate an improved version of the Ubuntu One sync tool in 14.04 which allows users to connect it to their Google Drive, Box or Dropbox accounts in place of Ubuntu One.

  21. Daniel Aleksandersen

    I believe this is strategically the right choice for Canonical. The service have not received enough love and attention and it does not leave end users with a positive experience.

    I hope we will see other alternatives offered—or even resold—in the Ubuntu Software Center.

  22. Ubbaa

    Can you publish source code of Ubuntu One (server side) ? This is only one cloud service I use and I would like to used on my NSA.

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Yes, we plan to publish the source code.

      1. vop

        Thanks all effort and support

      2. Peter Mayer

        When will the source code be available?

  23. Lorian

    What will happen with the money that were paid for the whole year of usage?

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Remaining fees as of today’s announcement will be refunded.

  24. Christer Landstedt

    I think this is strange but maybe it is the right decision. I like Ubuntu One and have been using it for years. I think it is sad that Canonical is shutting down Ubuntu One but I guess this will force me to actually use Owncloud and not just play with it. Maybe Canonical could become offer premium Owncloud hosting instead. That way Canonical could still offer a sync service but can guarantee revenue because the user would have to pay upfront for the service. This could be a part of Canonical/Ubuntus Enterprise offering. What do you think about that Jane Silber?

    1. Alex G

      Owncloud is not up to par with any of the proprietary solutions.

      The main issue is how it handles moved/renamed files/folders.

      I have tested it, and what it does, is that is deletes the file/folder, and it re-downloads it again.

      This can be a real waste of bandwidth, especially on mobile devices, and low-speed internet connections.

      On the other hand Dropbox, for example, will rename the file/folder on all devices, rather than wasting bandwidth.

      So, no, Owncloud is not an alternative!

      1. Angel

        So it’s open source, every one can contribute either code or money for improve it. It isn’t?
        On the other hand, if ubuntu publish code of ubuntu one it may be possible for everyone to set up a server.

  25. Stephen Marsh

    I’m not going to hide it, this is a huge disappointment. I have come to rely on UbuntuOne on my phone and across desktops. I just hope that the information provided on how to download and migrate personal information is better than when text sync was discontinued. Also, since 7digital was your original supplier for music download content, it would make sense if you offered users the option of migrating music to their services. Canonical has made a number of business decisions which have made it hard for enthusiasts like me to recommend Ubuntu. But every decision provides a new opportunity to engender trust and loyalty in your users – here’s hoping you make the most of it.

    1. Frédéric Molon-Noblot

      Même déception ici… Actuellement je suis en train de migrer mes dossiers vers Wuala, ce qui est une énorme perte de temps – il me restera également à m’occuper du PC de mes parents (et à leur expliquer une nouvelle procédure, ce dont ils ne raffolent pas, c’est peu de le dire). Il est heureux que nous clients soyons remboursés, mais c’est un minimum. Je trouve qu’il est extrêmement dommageable pour l’image de marque d’Ubuntu et de Canonical de cesser de proposer un tel service intégré à l’OS, j’espère que Wuala – qui m’a l’air d’être de grande qualité, et qui est déjà porté sur Debian & dérivés – sera intégré aux dépôts et recevra l’intégration qu’elle mérite dans la prochaine version LTS. Nous avons pris l’habitude de fonctionner avec vos services, il va falloir être crédibles pour la suite des évenements – pensez quand vous ouvrez un service que la planète entière ne vous sautera pas dans les bras, vous êtes petits – en premier lieu avec la LTS 14.04 (qui m’a l’air d’être le grand cru qu’on a longtemps attendu, soyez bons!).

    2. bert

      ” Also, since 7digital was your original supplier for music download content, it would make sense if you offered users the option of migrating music to their services…”

      … totally agree

    3. Stephen Marsh

      I have been in contact with 7digital support and unfortunately they cannot support UbuntuOne users who would like to transfer music downloads that were purchased through the music service. Your best bet is to download everything and transfer it to another cloud provider manually. I still highly recommend 7digital to anyone out there who is looking for a digital music source – their app is pretty great (though be sure to watch your data usage). Looks like Canonical dropped the ball on this one big time.

  26. Ian

    This was a very useful online backup service for documents etc that did not involve having to install third-party software, agree to sometimes dubious T&C, or risk losing the lot because other people were being encouraged to use it to store copyright infringing multi-gigabyte files.


    1. bert

      Agreed (a paying user)

  27. Cameron

    Perhaps you can make it easier to integrate other 3rd party cloud services into Ubuntu instead?

  28. Michael

    Sad news, it was good and convenient service.

  29. Kremer

    Implying that Ubuntu One wasn’t open source initially? What are you people doing in the FOSS community? Get out.

  30. ubuntu1freeuser

    Isn’t this an Opportunity wasted , when you are on a verge of Giving Ubuntu Mobile to the world.

    Guess ,it would be without its own storage like icloud.


  31. Viny182

    Please, tell me that this one delayed April 1st delayed joke :/

  32. Hakeem

    Come on please! tell me it is an april fool :'(

  33. Tim Blokdijk

    Ah,.. crap. Well, thanks for the service the past years.
    Any open source alternatives? I was pointed to it seems to have an open protocol, but the client is closed source.

    1. Elliot Murphy

      I wrote the first line of code for U1 and was involved at the very beginning, although I have not been associated with the project or with Canonical for a couple of years now. The announcement points out that the code will be released, so in a way U1 is becoming it’s own open source alternative. I think this is a silver lining.

      There is so much interesting that can be done with this code base, such as adapting it to work with something like Tahoe-LAFS, or running against your own S3 account or any other blob store that you control.

      Jane (and everyone else involved), thanks for sponsoring this project and work years ago, and for releasing the code so that others can learn from and build on it. Focus is important, and giving away the code resulting from hundreds of developer-years of research and development is a very generous thing.

      1. Matt Griffin

        +1 Thank you Jane, Cristian, Mark, and everyone at Canonical (and those like Elliot that have since moved on).

    2. Ben

      ownCloud could be an alternative (

      There are hosters in a lot of different countries, so you could even choose on from your own jurisdiction:

      1. Alex G

        Owncloud is not up to par with any of the proprietary solutions.

        The main issue is how it handles moved/renamed files/folders.

        I have tested it, and what it does, is that is deletes the file/folder, and it re-downloads it again.

        This can be a real waste of bandwidth, especially on mobile devices, and low-speed internet connections.

        On the other hand Dropbox, for example, will rename the file/folder on all devices, rather than wasting bandwidth.

        So, no, Owncloud is not an alternative!

  34. Jan Groenewald

    Would be great to have a stable Google Drive client for free!

  35. MH


    apt-get remove deja-dup-backend-ubuntuone python-ubuntuone-client python-ubuntuone-control-panel python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol rhythmbox-ubuntuone ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-data ubuntuone-control-panel ubuntuone-control-panel-qt

  36. Anderson dos Santos

    Really? And when the music service? How sad all my work uses it. One of the best cloud services.

  37. Tomas

    Whaaat???? Wow, something only Apple included in their OS, something so rare you deny?? I am glad I move whole music library to Ubuntu One, I am glad I bought a lot of music from your store, because I thought it would be for next X years avaliable to download…. wow…. that’s sad.
    And if you say you cannot go to the free-space wars, why would you do that? Even few files are nice to have among many devices (pcs)…. do you think people will use your services, pay for them, if they would not be sure that you will not close them? Well, you had something that could compete with MS, Apple etc. and you deny it…. such a shame. Goodbye monthly subscription for music and 25GB of storage. Goodbye Ubuntu.

  38. Gustavo Saramago

    A wise decision considering the current state of cloud storage. Ubuntu is my primary platform since 7.10, and I hope you continue to “invest in making the absolute best, open platform”. It really is.

  39. Bradley M. Kuhn

    It seems that Canonical, Ltd. has agreed that Bug 63 against UbuntuOne Servers was indeed a bug after all. I’ve updated the bug report:

  40. Luke

    I think Canonical has given us so much over the years (i.e. an amazing and free operating system) that we should be understanding of this decision. There are lots of other cloud storage services available and I, for one, support their choice to focus on other areas of importance.

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Thank you Luke. It’s a tough decision, but as you point out there are other services which support Ubuntu in an excellent manner. We’ll publish advice on easy migration paths soon.

      1. Wilson

        What? You are doing the same thing ATI has done with drivers: letting lots of people down on short notice (and gaining a name of liars, so now every linux forum in the world advises not to buy ATI).
        Now why believe anymore in “the Ubuntu promise” and similar?
        After 8 years of complete trust, it seems the time to find some more reliable platform, but it may be only the shock of the first real broken promise by Ubuntu or Canonical.

      2. NB

        Unfortunately, many of the other services don’t always work as well in China as Ubuntu One has. We’ll all find a way past this though I suppose. We do when it comes to other problems.

  41. Kurt Lakin

    WTF!!!!! Do I get a refund?????
    This is an April Fools joke… right?

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Unfortunately it’s not an April Fools joke. Yes, we’ll provide refunds for unused fees as of today’s announcement.

  42. c2376

    Perhaps if Canonical would give up their pipedream of a phone os, which we all know will fail horribly, they could maintain what they have already released.

  43. Liz

    This is disappointing news, to be sure. I’ve relied on Ubuntu One to backup files and have them easily accessible on all my devices for as long as I’ve had Ubuntu. It is one of the reasons I’ve loved Ubuntu so much – a simple, integrated solution as opposed to “going patchwork” with multiple different vendors and hoping for the best.

  44. Jo-Erlend Schinstad

    Ubuntu One File Services will be missed, but I think it’s a good decision. Mobile operators may want to provide these kinds of services and competing against them would probably not help uptake.

    I’m very glad to hear that you’re open sourcing it.

  45. Pasquale

    This is tough: the day I decided to subscribe to Ubuntu’s cloud service, I read that it will be shut down. 🙁

    I hope this reappears when Ubuntu will ship phone and tablet OS… what a pity!

  46. Хуй

    Next year we will see shuting down Ubuntu OS, wont we?

  47. Urbano Freitas


    I understand the decision, but in fact I was thinking in adopting Ubuntu One has my choice, when my Dropbox subscription, offered with my cell phone ended.

    Going foward, I think Ubuntu\Canonical would have advantages in forge a partnership that allow offering a similar or better offer. Maybe with Owncloud, that offer beside file syncing, calendar, tasks, etc. Microsoft have Onedrive, Apple has iCloud, Ubuntu needs, in my opinion a viable alternative for their users.

    When I install Ubuntu in someone PC, Ubuntu One and is integration, is a compelling argument.

  48. Christian M. Grube

    So the service would be FOSS under GPL so that we could implement it on our servers, right ?


  49. Virendra Rajput

    Oh come on, seriously!

    This cannot be happening.

  50. ashwin

    I use Ubuntu One alot. I keep my projects and related files in Ubuntu One folders. This is an awesome service for me. I literally formatted my laptop few times without taking backup of files from disk, and after installing ubuntu I just login and my files comes to same place I need. I would like to know is there any alternate to ubuntu one syncing files. Is it dropbox?

  51. iiiears

    Will there wil be integration understndable tp the average use for other storage services?

    Will there be a way to encrypt those files before uploading them?

    Simple, storage for music, files, configuration reminders is nice to have.

  52. Cary Hartline

    I had very high hopes for the kind of integration that could be brought by using only Ubuntu software in how I managed all my files. In fact just moments before seeing this post I was thinking about moving everything from Dropbox to Ubuntu One.

    If applications and files aren’t synced to the cloud then how am I supposed to have an integrated experience? How can I have an Ubuntu phone and desktop and have them work as one?

  53. Ryan

    Could you please specify which service y’all will provide easy migration to? Thanks!!!

  54. Richard Alsenz

    Sad to see it leave. It was initially for me a way to contribute to your financial success. Then the backup became a useful and meaningful thing. All of us lose now. The discouraging part is poor marketing effect this creates just magnifies the initial marketing mistake of offering the paid service. Critical marketing mistakes are being made.

    Those of use who do support, PBS, Wikipedia and the like do respond to their fund raising efforts and would have in this situation if the flag had been raised. I suggest the strategic decisions being made here need rethinking.

  55. Joakim

    🙁 I’ve used it for 3 years and always been happy with how it integrates into Ubuntu. Everytime i’ve reinstalled ubuntu all my documents are there once U1 is setup. Nice and easy! It is actually one of the things i’ve always been using as a heavy argument to bringing friends over to Ubuntu.

    And now you’re taking it away?

    Good job, Canonical. You’re killing Ubuntu!

  56. Jesica

    One of the main reasons I use Ubuntu is because of Ubuntu One. Well I guess it’s time to permenetly move to Arch.

    1. J. Austin Rodriguez

      There are other good reasons to use Ubuntu. Though this one gives me no option but to utilize Dropbox as my primary cloud storage.

  57. Sean

    Well Dang! I used this service across all my desktops (Ubuntu, Mac, Windows) as well as my Mobile devices (iPhone, Android) and was looking forward to Ubuntu Phone with the sync service built in. Now I am going to have to investigate something different like either Dropbox or SpiderOak.

    5 years was a good run and the shut down will cause me some short term pain as I transition over to another service.

    I guess, though, I am one of the reasons that you are shutting down. I never used more than the free space and I tried Ubuntu Music for 6 months but never paid. This service will be missed.

  58. AHugeFan

    Hi, as a user of the free service, I understand the commercial reasons behind your decision. Thank you for having given us such an outstanding service for so long! I hope you will be able to come back on this very competitive market with a great offering in the future. Thank you again!

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Thank you for your support!

  59. Eggbeater

    I am really hoping this is an April Fool’s prank. U1 is an awesome service. It’s currently backing up my iPod and my laptop. I really don’t want to move to another service because apps for them aren’t available or aren’t reliable for Ubuntu, and backing up through a browser is a hassle. I hope U1 can make a comeback :).

  60. IamBidyuT

    Have been depending upon your storage service from a long time 🙁 sorry to see it being shut down . . .

  61. Parzival

    Everybody calm down, it IS an april’s fool joke 🙂

  62. Leopoldo

    For the first time in 8 years using Ubuntu as my exclusive OS I feel strongly disappointed by Canonical/Ubuntu. I am a paid subscriber of U1 and heavily rely on this service for my incremental backups among other things. In the current FOSS climate, where the fashionable thing is to bash Ubuntu and its users I do not understand this move (beyond purely economical reasons). But this is a blow below the belt to the core Ubuntu user base. Sure, I will have a shinny Ubuntu phone this year, but my desktop functionality is being severely undermined. Not to mention the oportunity lost with U1 to achieve full convergence among different devices.
    This one hurts. Really.

    A very disappointed faithful Ubuntu user since 6.06

  63. Jan

    Backup with Déjà Dup and Ubuntu One was so easy. Killing Ubuntu One file services means killing a really simple backup solution for the normal user.
    Please offer an alternative solution.

    1. Leopoldo

      Exactly one of my main issues.

  64. Joakim

    Can’t you at least answer if there is gonna be another drop-in replacement for U1 (Read: No need to install 3rd party apps after installing Ubuntu 14.04) and have it work just like U1 did? Pherhaps tied to the Ubuntu One Sign On?

  65. Mark

    Anyone interested in porting the Ubuntu One code onto a new free, open source decentralized cloud network?

    The spec is amazing, including client side encryption, fully anonymous, no single point of failure, no way for the network to be censored or shut down etc.

    If interested check out for overview, and if you want to talk code join us on maidsafe-developers Google Group. It’s launching soon and it would be fantastic to have a Ubuntu One government as one of the first apps!

  66. Hamish

    This is VERY disappointing. Ubuntu One is the only service that integrates with all Ubuntu’s services so keenly. I’d like to see the decision making process to justify this, however I’m sure I won’t.

    I’m an advocate of using technology as it’s intended (where possible) for the best experience. Ubuntu One was a part of the good experience Ubuntu offered. I believe you’ve lost a key tool in the arsenal Ubuntu. I don’t think you’ll reconsider, but I truly wish Canonical would.

    I don’t care about the “free storage wars” and only about the quality of service and experience. Ubuntu One delivered that. It’s sad to see you couldn’t see that.


  67. Tom

    Ubuntu sucks and this is just another project failure like Ubuntu Edge. Canonical – please stop trying to be like Apple if you can’t even offer basic services to your user base.

    1. TomKat

      Are you comparing Ubuntu to Apple? I must say that you’re a genius for comparing Rainwater to Sparkling Mineral Water. How much do you pay for OS by Apple/Microsoft (let that be ‘x’)? And for Ubuntu (let that be ‘y’)? The awesomeness of Ubuntu can be calculated using the formula:
      Awe(Ubuntu) = x/y

      * The value looks like a sleeping ‘8’ 😉

  68. Jean-Philippe

    I have used (Occasionally) Ubuntu one in the past, and I wanted to just say thank you for providing such service, and I second @AHugeFan and if it helps you to focus on something different and be stronger on something else, absolutely.

  69. fscosta

    I stopped to use U1 when I lost a lot of files between a wrong update of client software for windows x64 (yep, worked flawless for year between ubuntu computer, but for corporate reasons I needed to start to use in Windows too).

    After that, I could not trust anymore in U1, commercially speaking. After all Dropbox its years ahead of U1 and GDrive (sucks too).

    This decision totally makes sense to ME.

    What a expect from Canonical is FOCUS. Focus in Ubuntu OS for tablets, smartphones and laptops. Whe need this working THIS year.

    Jane, just do what you need to do. Shutdown what is distracting you, and put all energy in what is important for long term sustentability of Ubuntu Plataform.

    Let’s go back to the basics.

  70. F. S. Costa

    To be up front: I don’t like the decision and am disappointed by it. I use(d) Ubuntu One across Ubuntu, Mac, and iPhone because it worked well. Also, it offered a feature on the Mac that rivals did not: It allowed me complete control over which folders to sync, not just stuff within the Ubuntu One folder. For example, I could sync my Home Documents directory.

    Worse, I don’t understand the reasoning. First, isn’t access to one’s information via many devices and avenues an expected part of convergence?

    Also, why does Ubuntu One have to “compete” with other cloud storage services? Weren’t the two primary goals one, to allow Ubuntu users to sync and have multiple points of access to their most important data and, two, to promote the Ubuntu brand?

    I did not think it was intended to back up an entire computer or store gobs of information. Was Ubuntu One expected to be a revenue stream for Canonical? I figured it was aimed at breaking even financially while allowing Ubuntu users an integrated storage and sync option.

    “We will work to ensure that customers have an easy path to download all their content from Ubuntu One to migrate to other personal cloud service.”

    Okay, If Canonical is serious about that, I will look forward to seeing such a path. Admittedly, I am skeptical that there is another service that will be as transparent, easy, and efficient as Ubuntu One was for me.

  71. Lalo

    Ubuntu One is a good cloud file storage service, websevice is really good but the best thing is the perfect integration with the user interface, notifications etc etc, i hope there will be possible to use the same software with other file storage provider, because you did really an amazing job.

    Thanks the ubuntu team for your work.

  72. www2

    Can your tell that in ubuntu 14.04 come a new music store?

  73. N.C. Weber

    Well, this is very disappointing news. I can understand the reasoning. The cost of maintaining storage space can be daunting. However, how about some recommendations on where we can go next. The one thing that I liked best about U1 was the ability to sync folders without having to relegate everything into a corporate assigned parent folder like Dropbox does.

    1. F. S. Costa

      N.C. Weber,

      That was one of my favorite features of U1 also. I dont’ want to have to change my whole directory structure to accommodate a sync and backup scheme.

      The best I’ve come up with is Google Drive (free, 15GB) with the Insync software (not free, $15, one time, per Google account). It allows me to choose any folder for syncing. So far, the trial has worked rather well for me on both my Ubuntu and Mac clients.

      I’d love to know what other users (particularly mult-platform users) will do now that U1 is going away. If there are better options, please share.

  74. Markcortbass

    Are there any plan for a sync service between an Ubuntu desktop and a Ubuntu phone with a different strategy?

  75. PhM

    Hi everyone, I think that the situation is probably very simple. Ubunut One was a way to get money to support Ubuntu and Canonical. It wasn’t in any case an obligation and there was even a free level of Service.

    Since that this service cost probably more money than it yelds and consume developpers time, I fully understand this decision especially since there are many alternatives (with free service levels too).

    It’s better for Ubuntu to allocate thiose ressources on more critical issues. The very existence and futur of Ubuntu is far more important than a free cloud service. Thank you for the courage you have by making this decision.

  76. www2

    I wand to know is there a plan for a new servers for downloading music?

  77. Fábio Monteiro

    ( Text in Portuguese) – Meu nome é Fábio e sou usuário do Ubuntu desde a versão 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). Quando li a notícia do descontinuamento do serviço de nuvem da Canonical, o Ubuntu One, fiquei muito chateado e perdido. Desde que a Canonical começou a oferecer esse serviço, uma nuvem nativa para o nosso sistema operacional favorito, tem sido bem mais fácil de convercer os usuários de windows a no mínimo experimentar o nosso Ubuntu. E o resultado tem sido expetacular. A praticidade por mim encontrada em ter uma nuvem nativa em nosso S.O é uma coisa para se orgulhar. Desde manhã ainda estou desolado, pois o Ubuntu One me tornou ainda mais um consumidor voraz dos produtos da Canonical. Tenho muito orgulho disso e esperarei pacientemente que, com todos esses manifestos, a Canonical esteja disposta a relevar nossos comentários e, mais uma vez, atender a seus amigos.
    Estava esperando anciosamente o lançamento do novo Ubuntu, o 14.04. Agora, sem o serviço de nuvem, não sei mais se continuo a esperar. Pois, até hoje, só confiei no Ubuntu One para serviços de nuvem. Não gostaria de usar outro mais. Agradeço desde já a oportunidade de me expressar.

  78. ubuntu

    Just as I was wondering why can’t I find U1 in google play… I tried 30 min searching for other sources and finaly installed it… and now, THIS !..The ideea is great, probably you have good reasons for closure of the service, it’s a pitty !

    ubuntu fan !

  79. Anonymous

    Now that Canonical is getting Ubuntu on phones, how will it sync contacts, photos and settings to the cloud?

    Canonical needs a cloud service to sync with Ubuntu-powered smartphones.

  80. Anonymous

    This leaves an empty cloud space in Ubuntu.
    Users of Ubuntu still need a cloud.

    Cloud is important for users, and people want a cloud.
    Something needs to fill the void, to provide Ubuntu users with cloud access.

    What Ubuntu really needs is a cross-platform vendor-independent cloud-agnostic cloud client with a modular backend and pluggable architecture that works with any cloud!
    So you can use same client with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and ownCloud.

    One client to rule them all, One client to find them,
    One client to bring them all and in the cloud bind them.

  81. Chris Mills

    Bummer. I just signed up two days ago and was looking forward to using UbuntuOne. I hope I can find an alternative, seamless, cross-platform sharing service.

  82. Ferry

    I can imagine Canonical not wanting to compete with free services without adding a unique advantage.

    However, these with hackers and government agencies spying on about everything we do, I believe there is a market for paid services that guarantee privacy.

    This would include issuing certificates, encryption of stored files, encrypted and authenticated e-mail VPN services for cell phones and maybe even encrypted database storage. These services should be made so that even hacked Canonical servers would not be able to compromise users privacy (i.e decription of date should only occur on the users device).

    I don’t think there are any large scale services that primarily offer privacy. Canonical is probably right in concluding storage is cheap. Value is to be found in solving users problems and fulfilling there needs.

  83. Jonathan Lathrop

    No mention of this on the website… U-1 has been a very nice feature, particularly when photos from my phone show up on my desktop automagicly. Also it was great to not have to worry about backups as all my critical info was on ubuntu one. I hope the promise of a seamless replacement is kept. I do appreciate the service and would have been willing to pay a modest fee for it even though I used less than 2 Gb.

  84. Keith Pawson

    Very disappointing, however I understand some things are not sustainable. I just hope this is not some bean counter jumping up and down and not taking into consideration the bigger picture!!

    I’m a paying customer and perhaps if more people contributed we would not be in this position. The most ironic part is that everything I seem to move into the Cloud I’m moving back to my home servers because they get shut down or become unusable!

    Someone else mentioned this doesn’t make sense with all the convergence you guys are working on. I think you should have considered partnering with someone or at least an alignment to offer and recommend. You can’t expect people to use an Ubuntu phone, tablet and desktop without some sort of data storage component.

    I will continue to use and support Ubuntu, but please do your homework more next time.

    Thank you.

  85. Kristian

    I purchased a years extended storage, last year which has literally this past weekend expired and was about to today renew. Until I saw this.
    This comes as a grave disappointment, as have found Ubuntu 1 to be rock solid. Integrated with my android devices, windows pcs at home and work and my Ubuntu PCs. Have found the service absolutely fantastic.
    I would rather support, invest in and use open source, especially in a time with NSA/GCHQ backdoor accessing the likes of Google, Sky/Onedrive, Dropbox, Amazons3 and many other providers of similar. with many of these services we are handing over ownership, they take rights to copy, manipulate and use OUR files as they want.

    We should be striving to support a free and open internet. Not forcing us into their hands, of those we wish not to use.

  86. 1544C

    Welp, I literally got my account this year, but at least I got to try it, thank you so much for the cloud service. I’m using it for school.

  87. Peter

    So in the end, we will have a libre software server-side implementation made available following this shut down? This is great news!

  88. Garry Wilson

    I subscribed last week in good faith and you took my money. Will I get that money back?! You knew this was happening and didn’t bother to inform me when I joined. I left spideroak to join you so until I get paid I’m in limbo. If anything happens to my computer I am going to lose a lot of my files.

    I have lost trust in Canonical, Ubuntu and will be moving to another operating system when I know all my files are safe. This is an OUTRAGE!

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      Yes, money will be refunded.

  89. Supermouse

    So, it means that now you are finally correcting this bug?

    That’s awesome

  90. Alfred F.

    For those who use this excellent service provided by Canonical, like me, do not stop thinking that this is another shot in the foot by Canonical. To me, one of the main factors that weighed for choose Ubuntu OS as my everyday system, was the cloud service from Canonical.
    If the alternative is actually using another cloud service, well, maybe i’m going to try another OS, instead to using another cloud service.
    This is what Linux Linux is all about, right… freedom to choose!

  91. Stephan H. Wissel

    Making such an announcement on the Blog and not stating it on the UbuntuOne website and notifying (paying) subscribers is IMHO poor communications. You need to do better not to further damage Canonical’s reputation.

  92. Lonnie Henry

    I use Ubuntuone to sync files between my different testing partitions. I have a Trusty Unity, xubuntu 14.04 and gnome3 that I try to break so as to test Ubuntu. It will now be harder to do.

  93. Sergey

    Sad news. I used U1 in all my computers and mobile phone and really liked it.

  94. Fred

    My cousin has been trying to talk me into switching to Ubuntu forever. Last week, I’m visiting him when he shows me Ubuntu One and how it fit seamlessly into the OS, and he finally sold me, then I see the post on Fark tonight. I think, especially after reading the comments here, I will probably call him and tell him to not bother coming up this weekend to help me get started with Ubuntu. This really reads like a Microsoft-like decision, and the biggest reason I was ready to leave Windows was all of the moronic things Microsoft does to its users.

    Ubuntu no longer seems like much of a solution for me.

  95. Vasilis

    I totally agree with the decision. There are so many other well established cloud storage services which provide this kind of functionality for years now and they are good at it.

    There is no pointing for Canonical to waste resources in trying to penetrate another new market now (SaaS) that they are trying their luck in the mobile business.

    Canonical, focus on maintaining the areas in which you are already good at ( Ubuntu-Desktop, Ubuntu-Server) and of course continue working on the Ubuntu-Touch project, since you have as good an opportunity as any to break the Apple/Google duopoly.

    Nobody (almost) cares about half implemented services in an OS. A clean base enchanced with Innovation, Stability and Simplicity on the other hand, would be very much appreciated.

    Also in my opinion Ubuntu TV, is a dead-end situation and you should abandon that ship as quickly as possible. Stick to the big 3, Server, Desktop, Mobile and you’ll be fine. According to my humble opinion of course.

  96. Adriano Silva

    I understand and I think the right decision. We still have the best operating system in the world. Thanks Canonical and the community.

  97. Skylee

    It’s really great that Jane answers the same questions repeatedly in the comments but fails to address important ones, like Keith Hill’s.

  98. meequz

    I understand your decision, but can you please keep my links to shared files in active state? I will move my files to another service, but I want to have access to them by the same links, (like, redirects to the same file on other service on which I upload the file). Because I had published the links in different places and otherwise they will stop working.

    I even ready to pay for that functionality.

  99. Brenton Scott

    Ubuntu One: Can’t keep up with the trend, so decides to give up rather than continueing a popular service.

    Somehow I sense flawed logic there somewhere…

  100. Scott

    Jane..why not let artists do the artwork, programmers do the programming and creative people to the user interface part?
    Seems to me you guys only have the artists and programmers doing these 3 other words the artists and programmers are filling in for the creative guys (who you don’t have) 🙂

  101. Aniruddha Arondekar

    So far, I was much dependent on Ubuntu One, specially for backups of files on Phone.
    Ubuntu One was the only app unser 4-5MB size and give all features like sharing links on the go from mobile…
    Other cloud app are quiet big (about 10-20MB) and buggy..
    Seriously going to miss U1!!
    The first thing I had to do today was download all the file from Ubuntu One
    This shutting down is quiet disappointment for user like me.

    I can understand the reasons behind the decision..
    n Hope Ubuntu will continue to deliver other services as before…

  102. Connie New

    Hi Jayne,

    How about advice for users to migrate to other systems or own clouds. I am very much dependent on Ubuntu One which appears to have the best desktop integration with my ubuntu desktops and mobile devices. Is there any likelihood that we could persuade you to change your mind, or perhaps at a later date, bring it back? Or how about a commercial variant of U1?

  103. jean-christophe

    Sad news!
    When I switched from Google Drive, U1 was the best solution available on the market regarding the features I needed to share a large number of files with many people. Now thousands of them depend on U1 to access thousands of my files and folders on a daily basis.
    Could Canonical install a tool on U1 web portal to inform all these people about the shift to another cloud provider that I have to choose?
    Sending an e-mail to each one of them with the new link would be a huge work for me…

  104. K P Naveen

    This is so unfortunate. I was so much dependent on ubuntyone. Can anyone suggest some alternate personal cloud service that goes well with ubunty (12.04 LTS).

  105. Will

    When will the source code be available?

  106. George

    I am sorry to find that. Ubuntu One file storage was the only service in who I had fully trust in it, especially regarding my privacy.
    I’ll miss this service.

    1. Peter

      Ask Cononical to make integration of ownCloud a breeze! Then our privacy is safe again.

      It’s possible nowadays to run your own, self-hosted file storage. Ubuntu could turn the Ubuntu One user interface into an integrator that (apart from allowing to integrate popular cloud storage systems) gave suggestions on how to run (or find someone who runs) ownCloud.

      See her for more info:

      In the light of the NSA scandal I don’t want to continue using Google Drive, Windows OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and DropBox. No thank you! I’m moving. May Ubuntu help me!

  107. zhifeng

    This is a good decision, Ubuntu One not a right choice.
    Canonical main goals should push ubuntu better and better, Improve the community. Provided more support for developer, building massive core platform.
    Ubuntu software store maybe good idea, you should take care of it, let it better.
    And provided SDK for migrate software from Windows and macos easily.
    If you do better support for developers and users, you will find a better tomorrow.
    At this point, would you please fix the bugs that blocked on shipping Ubuntu 14.04?

  108. Michelle Knight

    Ubuntu is just becoming more and more irrelevant to my life.

    I used Ubuntu until they brought in Unity.

    The Ubuntu One music and file storage service was the only one I used; all my digital music was purchased through Ubuntu One … but they killed the music service, and now they are killing the file service.

    This “innovation” is just making Ubuntu, as a platform and service, more and more … irrelevant to me. I just can’t explain it any other way.


  109. Stuart McFadyen

    What is Canonical thinking ? … Just at the time Windows XP support ceases (8/4/14) they have a golden opportunity to promote the DESKTOP Linux cause, with the added bonus of, initially free, Cloud computing …. WRONG DECISION …. I have lost all enthusiasm for UBUNTU … DISASTER !

  110. magalaan

    Sorry to hear this, i used it to sync files with my laptop. I worked great without much of a setup. It worked great. Never had to worry about it, instantly updating my work.

    I fully support Canonicals decission though, the way Google has been dropping prices recently. They better put their efforts and means elsewhere.

    Still I hope they can manage to include a easy setup for a third party solution.

    Maybe someone can create a Ubuntu One version that can make use of google drive.

    Anyway thanks to the team for many years of enjoying this great service.

  111. Jigar

    Ubuntu One client was flawless. Dropbox Ubuntu client sucks. Windows+MAc+Linux+Andorid…..such flaw-less backup….Why you didn’t sell service to someone..?

    Badly disappointed. And yes…you are right…you have fierce competition in segment. Acquisition from someone or funding would have really made is world class…

  112. SquirFly

    I hope that the service you will use instead will be as well integrated as One was !

  113. oleg

    I love ubuntuOne integration into ubuntu, publish function, etc .. I’m soo sad now

  114. Bruce Griffis

    Oh no! I use Ubuntu One to backup my primary laptop and to keep my photos, documents and creative commons videos in synch across a few laptops and a desktop. I loved being able to work on a document on my tiny Netbook, save it, wander in to my sunroom and continue working on it on my desktop with a nice screen (my eyes are getting old!), save it, then wander out on the deck to continue working. And the darn file was kept in synch! I liked knowing if I accidentally deleted something, I could go into my backups and restore it with no problem. Even used it for my kids school assignments folder. Darn! I just popped for my second 25 Gig upgrade.

  115. Mark W

    A great shame, I rely on it and had no complaints. I would beg to reconsider unless it is actually loss making (I do pay for mine). U1 can never compete on cost, but I think it really could on privacy. Even the DropBox terms say I must agree to them sharing some trust with 3rd parties.

  116. jcate

    Sad that the decision had to be made. Service has been great to share and sync folders across many computers, organisations and OS.

    Now, to the future. We all need a clearly recommended and supported migration path to an alternative secure cloud storage. Please do not sit on the fence and leave us with endless hours of our own (less well informed research) to make our own inadequate migration plans. If you are closing down because of the quality of the ‘free’ competition then please advise what cloud storage we would be best advised to use.

    This decision for dedicated Ubuntu users is just as important (more important) than what browser, email, office program so please make clear Ubuntu recommendations and then build development plans to integrate with the chosen cloud service more closely in future releases.

    At this moment in time we are smarting from your decision, but if the future is mapped out clearly we will continue to trust you just as we trusted you during the rapidly improving development of Ubuntu One. It may not have proved to be a the commercial success that was hoped for but, as a user, I have become increasingly dependant on it nad have regularly (and successfully)recommended others to adopt it.

    Like you I need to retain credibility so the migration path is now vital – time is short!!

  117. jerc_colombia

    Sad news, cloud services are a necessary item for today´s devices. I want Ubuntu to succeed but I think this is a big mistake. Google, Apple and even Microsoft offers that service. Isn´t it a clear signal? It seems it would be the end of a 6 year relationship

  118. Shaun

    Bad decision, rethink it and come back. Sorry but wherever the biggest and latest things are heading (cloud storage and music clients) is where you should be focusing. Bad move, hire someone else to make these decisions. Ubuntu one offered something previously was only offered by the big dogs. You were heading in the right direction and now are back tracking. What do you offer now that would pull potentially new users to you?

  119. nixmd

    Maybe someone like Kim dot com could continue serving ubuntu one on his powerfull servers. He’s rich guy who don’t know how to spend his money!

  120. Jowie

    I have been advising against the use of U1 for quite some time. The cross-platform syncs just could not be trusted and the bugs in the bugtracker were not followed up. Sad, because between Ubuntu computers this worked like a charm.

  121. mohican

    U1 has been of great use to me and people around me that I have converted to Ubuntu.

    I read all the comments. Much of what I was thinking, about how unfortunate this decision is, has allready being said.

    But I want to add this :
    Why don’t you people (at Canonical) TALK TO THE COMMUNITY BEFORE you take such decisions ?
    Comments here show that users have different points of view.

    For example : this idea of yours of getting into the competition with other cloud services is wrong. You don’t have to do it. U1 is (was) usefull for us as it is. No need to invest more ressources on it. Just maintain it.

  122. Alex McHaddad

    Has Canonical looked into integrating Amazon Cloud Drive into Ubuntu? Since you are eliminating U1 to highlight third-party services, why not integrate a third-party service into Ubuntu? You have done a great job embedding Amazon search within the dash; why not embed their Cloud Drive product in Nautilus?

  123. Bxjack

    Hi Jane,

    5GB with the quality of the Ubuntu one service is perfecly fine for me and my relatives. Why thinking about compete around 25-50GB? these runs for the highest figure is meaningless. I have tested several of bigger cloud storage before selecting Ubuntu one for its quality and perfect integration in Ubuntu. This service is a core part of Ubuntu ! A big step backwards for Ubuntu there !

  124. JohnA

    Is it or will it be possible to setup my own “Ubunto one” server.
    I currently have my own cloud service setup on my own servers using webdav, but Ubunto one would seem at first sight to be a better alternative.
    But this would depend on two things, software availablity, and its ongoing support nd development.

  125. Dan

    It’s right decision.

  126. Navid

    That’s too bad. Ubuntu One was one of my favorite projects. I think leaving the place of storage services behind, would cause some problems in future (Long Term). On the other hand, i beleive in canonical and it’s business strategies.

  127. Glenton

    Would be great to have an option to sync over the internet without storing on the cloud. That would solve my problems adequately…

  128. jure

    stop crying, ununtu one was a great service but not in any way better then the others:

    -security: closed source (same as gdrive, dropbox…)
    -price: far from the cheapest
    -ux: behind the best
    -sync: behind the best

    it’s actually good for it to go, because now it’ll get open sourced… 😉

  129. Jim Short

    Wow! New user of Ubuntu. After many years of contempating the change from windows, this happens. Not sure what to think of this. Still learning the o/s

  130. Waldo López

    I will miss U1. I use it a lot. In my notebook y a perfect partnet to have my files between 2 OS

  131. Nicholas Holwadel

    My question is. If I have Steam set up on my computer, and have several games with Steam will those be effected by the shutdown of Ubuntu One? I hope it doesn’t because I am a gamer, and it would be a shame if it was effected. (Could you reply to this as soon as you can?)

  132. faint praise

    since i am computer illiterate i don’t know how this will affect me .. all i do is Google a few things now. My computer is and has been loaded with wi fi crashers , hackers , free riders , for some 4 years , ALL i ask is that they don’t use the pop up blocker because it ruins my World Tour Golf shot meter , which means i can’t play well in that situation .. says hacking wi fi is no more legal than taking money out of an unlocked Bank or House … And i will ad that it’s also ELDER ABUSE in my case being 72 … The wi fi was left opened by the store clerk who set this computer up .. Since then the hacker ( main mam Wyatt Myers ) has made himself , Administrator , default stuff , and Archive manager .. Yes , i am computer dim as stated above …

  133. Emilio Gallicchio

    Ubuntu One sync has been effectively unavailable since February. Refunding annual subscriptions starting April 2nd simply amounts to denial of 6 weeks of PAID service. Totally unprofessional.

  134. magalaan

    Though it was not a commercial success in itself, it was a reason to choose Ubuntu as a distro. Canonical must be careful that they do not lose to many powerful unique features like Wubi and Ubuntu One who draw people and keep them.

    Also a well integrated cloud service is key to the multiple platform system Ubuntu is aiming for. It would be great if Ubuntu One could be transformed in something that does end-user encryption and let us define several cloud storage providers. With end-user encryption the provider is less of an issue.

    I think Ubuntu One was easy to set up, but integration could still be taken to a higher level. I still remember what a great advancement it was in the old days when all the disks became accessible through a graphical file manager. Later network shares were added. Cloud drives should also be visible in the file manager in the same way.

    I hope that one day we can simply right-click a folder and choose
    – backup folder to cloud now
    – sync folder with cloud
    – publish folder through cloud
    – replicate folder through cloud
    – replicate folder without cloud

    And then choose a folder from the cloud drives and that is it. That kind of level of integration would be great. Canonical has understood well that making things obvious, simple, integrated is the way to go. Now they have given up on their own cloud service, I hope they can create a common interface for the drives of many cloud space providers. In the same way as that they created a unified front-end for social media.

    We see a lot of solutions emerge, some are great, like end-user encryption and ability to restore old versions. But we remain dependent on apps of commercial parties who secretly sell out our privacy even if they said they would not. Cloud space should just be space we rent, and encryption done transparently and independently by the OS. It should not matter whether reading/writing to volume is in the cloud or on a hard disk. The end user should not even notice any difference, other than that he can restore old versions, or share his data with others, or other devices. And we should be able to simply publish/share our data/media so we/others can enjoy them everywhere.

    I think Canonical stopping with their own service actually opens up possibilities to create something more limitless and free. That would give them a huge advantage over competitors like MS that try to lock customers into their own cloud services. So I think this could be the beginning of something even better. Ubuntu should invest in this kind of integration.

    I think it should be so deeply integrated in Unity that others can not copy it (the FUD-vultures from Mint), and it would be a good idea to put it in PAID pro-version. Why? Because Canonical needs to have a viable business model. I totally understand that, I already contribute money freely, I do not mind paying for an advanced version with useful extra features. This way you have a pro-version you can sell to businesses and make money.

    Other people can still use the free version and install less integrated alternatives like drop box. The same with the Hub integration of services, put it in the paid version, make people pay for the extras. Now you put it in a free version and you are vilified for it and accused of creating spyware. But people like me use cloud services every day and actually appreciate support. So make us pay for it and no one can maintain it is forced on us as spyware.

    And if you keep the free version a very basic version of Unity, it also becomes easy to maintain. In stead drop the other flavors. I do not think Canonical should bother with maintaining Xbuntu, Lubuntu, gnomebuntu etc. That is a psychological blunder, that is widely interpreted in the Linux community as proof that Unity is lacking. I totally disagree, I have several distro’s installed, but do all my work in Unity. I always return to Unity. It is simple, functional, reliable and once you get used to it, it grows on you. So express more confidence in Unity. And the best way is to ask money for the “dreaded” extra’s. If people freely pay money for the pro-version the Linux fundamentalists lose the argument.

    Another idea would be to make Google drive transparently integrate in the file manager as just another drive. I like Google Docs as an office, but I do not like web based file management around it. It is too basic and I do not want two separate work flows. If Google drive can be totally integrated in the file manager, I can more easily use Google docs as well as Libre Office in the cloud. If Ubuntu can do end user encryption for selected folders, then I can use Google Drive in secure way with Libre Office. I appreciate Google as a company, but I do think we should be forced to share everything with the NSA.

    But in tomorrows world there is no way around it, unless we created systems that help the user keep their privacy by default. Think of businesses and governments. They like to use the cloud, but they are also aware that their confidentialities, business secrets and invoices may be stolen by the NSA and passed on to American companies/government. What American company can you trust? None, they are all obliged to share with the NSA under the Patriot Act. Even if they abhor it, they can only lie as they are forced to lie by their own government.

    Cloud computing is about making data available, but only to the ones we decide are allowed to have access. We want control. But as it is we have no easy control. Ubuntu could create that kind of easy control and it would be a huge advantage to businesses/organizations/people that want to keep their stuff private and secure. For instance how can you upload your data if copyright infringement can on a later date be used to ruin you in American courts with obscure allegations (remember Kim Dot Com). Cloud data should be as private as our own drives, and the OS should take care of that. If you can do that transparently, you have something many people and certainly businesses will pay for.

    What is mayor advantage of Linux? that it can be a very secure cloud client. Make Ubuntu Unity the system that does that for you. I do not care that Amazon can create preference profiles about me. When I enter the Internet, I am tracked constantly, there is no escape, it will only get worse, nor do I mind targeted advertisement. It is good business model, that benefits me too. And even if that means they can deduce other behavioral patterns from that, I am realistic enough that can not be avoided anymore. On the Internet you are no longer anonymous. Only hackers would be concerned about that. Give them the basic Unity version with far less integration and they are happy too.

    So let this be the change for the better! I have great confidence in Ubuntu and Canonical, but I see them struggling to find the right business model. If you can create something that easy and secure and available pre-installed or for install on other devices, I will happily pay for that. Businesses will pay for that. we can not leave security and privacy in the hands of American cloud providers.

    Everyone is busy trying to create server-side cloud solutions, but that will make us both vulnerable and dependent. Often that is the only good way to do it, but many times local apps sharing cloud data are possible too and much more secure.

    As an individual the only thing I need from the cloud is space. If the OS lets me use that space securely and share easily, that is enough for me. I do not want subscriptions to use Spotify, I want to listen to my own collection for free on all my devices. I want to be able to share it privately with others without risk of being blackmailed by the copyright infringement mafia led by American corporations bribing law makers to turn in sharing ones possessions form a social into a criminal act.

    And big government may not like this, but we should not change our constitutional rights because we now have new technology that makes it easy to infringe on them. Those rights were carefully defined and for good reason. Government should be limited in its power over its citizens. They should not be allowed to criminalize large sections of society or treat every ordinary citizen as if he was a potential terrorist without any substantial evidence. We need systems that help us extend our privacy to the cloud.

    And privacy is not that no one can monitor my behavior in public like some think. As soon as you leave your home, you can be freely monitored, that has always been the case. But as we are pushed to keep our data in the cloud, we should have a private space in the cloud too. But that can only be done if it is part of the system. If the system uses end-user encryption/decryption by default then we are not dependent on trusting third parties.

    Canonical should built their “own cloud”-solution right into Unity, but not through slow, limited web-interfaces, but through Unity. As Ubuntu is taking file manager development in their own hands, that is good starting point. Yes get rid of Ubuntu One and build the functionality transparently into the file manager itself, and fully integrate it into Unity.

    To summarize it: build the cloud backup/sync/share functionality right into the file manager independent of the cloud space provider and deeply integrate it in Unity in a paid version of Ubuntu. Support system based end user encryption. Make a basic Ubuntu version without much integration, but only Unity. Stop supporting Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Gnomebuntu etc. They will cry outrage, but they already said they will not use Mir, so have no illusions of their commitment. They are only undermining Ubuntu, not strengthening it. My brother recently first time installed Linux and choose Xubuntu, he was negatively inclined to Unity even though he had never even used it, and he never will this way. And lets not support leeches like Mint.

    Ubuntu is making the mistake that this kind of support is creating goodwill. It does NOT. MS purposely allows people to circumvent their protection and use illegal versions, but those that do only hate MS more. But they do it because they want the user base, as this keeps their system supreme. If necessary they will make Windows free it to keep people using it. But Canonical does not have this benefit from people that use derivatives. They are only despised for it. The fact that people use Ubuntu based systems is no advantage to Canonical at all without Unity. Ditch them! Let them base these desktops on other distro’s and many will embrace Unity for its stability and support. If they have a very basic version of Unity, they have little to complain, but you can tempt them instead of forcing them in using an extended version.

    Broad and secure cloud integration will be a great USP. MS can not do that because they only want to tie people to their own cloud, products and services. Google is totally committed to server-side solutions they fully control, but make you vulnerable. Let Ubuntu be the one that lets us use any cloud space safely like an encrypted local network share, and makes backups, syncing totally transparent.

    1. mohican

      magalaan, I do agree on your goals (end/user encryption ; integration to any space provider) and with most of your analysis.

      However I disagree on your opinion about advertising and – more importantly – on your saying that ‘Canonical does not have this benefit from people that use derivatives. They are only despised for it.’

      I use Unity, but I installed Ubuntu for other people : one liked better the Gnome desktop and for another one I had to use Xubuntu (old computer with low RAM).
      Although I could have installed other OS that used Gnome and Xfce desktop, it is much easier for me to maintain and support installs that share most of their components with Ubuntu.

      I would understand however if Canonical stopped supporting derivatives for lack of ressources, since other GNU/Linux OS exist.
      But I’d prefer a variety of desktops being kept within Ubuntu still be able to choose and switch desktops while still remaining in the Ubuntu community.

      About paying features in the OS (integration option) :

      I fear that this radical change of policy would open the door to an evolution of the OS that would take it away from the principles of free software.
      There’s a high risk of these features being not open source and therefore not trustworthy. (If they are open source then they could be integrated for free through external packages, I guess.)

      Another point : I read that sync on other platforms than GNU/Linux do not work well (I don’t use it). In this case U1 is indeed not satisfactory and another solution is needed. However I’d like Canonical to maintain U1 as it is UNTIL these other solutions are easy to switch to, and well integrated.

      1. magalaan

        I agree there is a group of people with old PC’s that benefit from lightweight DE’s. But nearly all DE’s accept KDE ditched 2D support and now force you to use openGL. Lacking a good graphics card on old computers they fall back on a LLVMpipe driver using CPU, which is pretty slow. Often it is better to use an older DE version that will support 2D and upgrade the kernel for support of new devices.

        Times have changed:

        Linux distro’s have come a long way, their main aim is no longer to bring new life to old PC’s. Especially on old laptops this is often a headache that does not help your reputation. On modern PC’s however Linux now often works out of the box flawlessly. That is good, we should look to the future not the past, if we want Linux to become popular on the desktop.

        When Canonical decided to develop Unity instead for waiting endlessly for Gnome3 to mature, that was a game changer. Until then is was only logical for Canonical to support many DE’s as the DE was not their business.

        That all changed when they made Unity and made it the central piece in their pursuit of integration. Now supporting all those other DE’s is simply a relic from the past. As I wrote before, many people that use these alternatives do so by openly and very verbally rejecting Unity. In every Ubuntu discussion they voice how much they think Unity sucks often venting other criticism as well. You really do not want to entertain these people in your community.

        Unity works well enough on many computers. I use it on a HP DM1 with a slow AMD brazos processor, but since the optimizations in 13.10 it works pretty fast. But I only read from Xfce users what a resource hog it is, blah, blah, blah. Many formed these opinions with the earlier Unity versions and never updated their ideas because they convince each other Unity sucked, still sucks and will always suck. Get rid of these people. Let them go to other distro’s. Either they will stay there or they will come back and use Unity freely. Do not give them the chance to be part of Ubuntu and at the same time sit on the fence and criticize.

        A very basic version of Ubuntu could also be more light and fast and without a lot of pre-installed apps it could still fit on a CD. This would be handy for people using old computers or in developing countries. The paid pro-version would be fully featured.

        A paid version can still be open source, but the features can be so integrated they are not easy copied. Is that bad? Is that against free software? I do not think so. I think what held Linux back on the desktop is that it did not find good ways to monetize. Listen to Richard Stallman. Free does not mean free as in free beer, but the freedom to see the code and use it as you please. A paid version would not necessarily need to be less free, but if it was I still do not mind. You always have the basic version as a fall back.

        We also have to understand that a company will want to share its code but still want to build in some barriers for others to simply copy their work and then monetize their hard work, like for instance Oracle tries to do with Red Hat. That would be self-defeating. That is why Google can not share all their code either. Companies like Amazon and MS force them to keep core pieces proprietary. We should not interpret that as giving up on the open source idea, but rather allowing them to be continued in market conditions.

        I have never understood that people think that ALL Linux distro’s should be equally free. That is not in the interest of Linux community as a whole. Linux community as a whole benefits from diversity and also companies that can be competitive, draw bigger crowds, get vendors, suppliers, developers interested in creating better support for Linux. Why hate it if Nvidia creates a great proprietary driver or Steam brings her paid business to Linux. That does not in any way prevent other distro’s to create fully free and open offerings.

        You say the the non open source features would not be trustworthy. Well Ubuntu One was then not trustworthy for you all this time? Did you even know that? I did not. Frankly human trust is for a large part built on the reputation and behavior of parties and not on technical conditions. Yes it is theoretically possible that Mark and his team are on the NSA paylist and are secretly building in back-doors like MS has been doing for years.

        The bottom line is that if you do not trust these people you should not use Ubuntu anyway, no matter if they open source all their code. It is so easy to create hard to find weaknesses in a huge pile of code. And it is totally deniable. Oops, we did not do that on purpose. So if you do not trust them, be rational and do not use their product. If you however decide to use their product, you also decided to trust them. Then you can also accept that not all code is open source. For instance do you trust Valve enough to install Steam on your machine?

        If you are worried about your system being without backdoors, you should use separate systems for sensitive things that are optimized for security. That is a much better approach then demanding that a popular distro like Ubuntu conforms to the highest possible standards in every respect. A basic version of Ubuntu could be more suitable for that.

        But common users are basically consumers that already sold out their privacy in every possible way. What do they care about Amazon harvesting statistics about product interest?

        Is it bad to make people pay for a pro-version? I think not. People in fact mistrust things that are cheap or free. People are used to measure value in price. Price is a value indicator for them. That is why making people pay for Anti-virus tools actually makes them feel safer. That is human psychology.

        Canonical now faces the bizarre situation that all the goodies they put into the OS are met with distrust and negative publicity. Why? Because it is free and they offer no choice. Give the people choice. A free version without them, and a paid version with them.

        Another interesting psychology will then work into their advantage. If people invest into something they are more inclined to defend that investment. Otherwise it reflects bad at their decision making skills. People that buy lemons will still seek arguments to defend their choice to minimize disharmony. That marketing psychology.

        It is not my intention to turn Ubuntu into a marketing driven organization, nor is Canonical in this business to get rich, but to be successful they need find means to support their ambitious plans. As fundamentalists already vilify Ubuntu for every step they make, their opinion becomes irrelevant. Distance yourself from them by only supporting Unity. Now Mark wonders why these people keep on poisoning the well. The answer is simple, they use your product modified and hate you for the dependence. People will hate you if you confront them with their own irrationality. They will not condemn themselves, they will condemn you. That is another example of human psychology. People hate MS for keeping them dependent. They hate Windows and still use it.

        Maybe Canonicals mistake is that they are not clear enough that they are also a commercial company competing in the market and they need to pay their bills in order to maintain the Ubuntu project. Maybe it is its constantly reinforced commitment to open source that creates distrust because people have narrow minded views of open source and tie it in with all kinds of other ideas.

        I think creating a paid version is actually a condition for commercial success. People think that a free version is a big argument for selling it. It is NOT. MS and Intel have derived huge power over retailers through their high prices. I will explain:

        If you sell Unity+ for $50 to consumers, you can go to Dell and say, you get it for $20, you resell it for $50 and pocket $30. The more expensive the more discount you can give. If I am installing systems on computers, will I advice Windows on which I get a good margin or advice Linux that is known to be free. Try asking money for something that is free. You will be regarded as a thief. Being able to give discounts also gives you bargaining power, by giving companies extra discount (bonuses). That is how MS and Intel coerced companies into not carrying alternatives, they would lose bonuses that their competitors would have, putting them at a disadvantage. So really put a price on it helps you selling it.

        It is not problem for the Linux community. It is even good news for all those other distro’s that can now promote themselves as being truly free. They hate it that they have to compete with a much more professional free system. Which in turn creates all those jealous vicious attacks on Ubuntu. Make Unity+ paid and it no longer competes with them. Then they get all the free loaders they want so bad as users. As a company you do not want the free loaders, they are nastiest most complaining customers and have no brand loyalty what so ever. Get rid of them.

        Only make a very basic Unity free. Then it is also free from all the far-fetched security issues people are now bashing on. Even hackers like Richard Stallman should be happy with this Unity without “spyware”. Keep this version fully open source. Keep it basic and easy to maintain. Bring it down to two versions and get rid of the other derivatives. The moment Ubuntu created her own DE, they started seeing it as a privileged competitor and hated it.

        That is what Canonical needs to understand, it is not that Canonical sees them as competitors, it is the other way around. It is like a woman taking jealous girlfriends in the house, because they need help and were were great friends before she married. Bad idea. It does not grow gratitude.

        1. mohican

          I’ll be short since we are drifting out of topic.

          On the psychological aspect :

          it is true that in our society value is related to price. However this is not the case in the free-software community. What we need is not to adapt to common psychology but to CHANGE the common psychology.
          If the free-software does not bring more freedom in the society (changing psychology is the most important step) then in my view it is of little interest.

          On the economic aspect :

          dealers can charge something for pre-installed GNU/Linux because there’s an added-value in the installation itself. Geeks prefer to make their install themselves but ordinary users ‘need’ pre-installed OS.
          More generally : here also we need to find new models, not only to cope with existing ones.

          On both aspects :

          Value is not only reflected by money. It also (mainly ?) lies in work-time. The value of Ubuntu is partly made up by the time the community invests in it (e.g. : documenting, chasing bugs, writing sofwares, spreading the word to would-be users).

  135. Harriet

    I was counting on Ubuntu One as backup (on the website since it no longer syncs). Need to move files and/or folders from the website to either my still up-to-date Ubuntu-running desktop OR to Google Drive or to iCloud. A zipfile would work, if I have some guidance. ( have done that with another shut-down website once.)

    BTW, as they say, I did not leave Ubuntu–it left me with the last upgrade. (I no longer have ‘phone support’ from my son.)

  136. Ryan Hayle

    I understand that Ubuntu cannot afford to keep u1 running, it must be incredibly costly. However, as Ubuntu Mobile seems to be a priority for Canonical, you must understand that synchronization is *absolutely* essential for any mobile OS. Android’s integration with Google services keeps getting better and better, and I was really hoping to have a more open, Ubuntu-powered solution that would automatically and seamlessly sync my contacts, files, etc. as smoothly as Android + Gapps does. Unfortunately, with the demise of Ubuntu One, I don’t see this as a possibility, and therefore it is also the demise of Ubuntu on mobile devices. This is very sad.

    I hope you have something big planned to replace u1 to satisfy this essential need on mobile!

  137. Chad

    Can the ubuntu one file server be compiled for a arm device, namely the Raspberry PI I just ordered to run owncloud and apt-cache-ng on?

    Could a ubuntu-one-server and ubuntu-one-client package be available in the ubuntu 14.04 universe repo?

    I liked the ubuntu one file share server, it did a good job of keeping my 100+ Userscritpts synced on my 2 systems, though i switched to the new method built into greasemoneky/firefox the other week, i still use it for a few megabytes worth files

    Hopefully owncloud works good with xubuntu

  138. Drik Ross

    How much money should the free 5GB users spend yearly, to make your business case positive? I think U1 is a good service, better than the other ‘free’ cloudy competitors.

  139. Martin


    sorry to say that but I never was convinced of the Windows integration and the front-end, neither Windows, nor Android nor web front-end. So this is the main reason way I did not want to buy for the service!

    Maybe a good decision!

    Regards, Martin

  140. Milan J

    Hey I’m among these who really don’t understand, while aiming a such universal platform – how should this be run without a syncing cloud? And Ubuntu One, the name says it precisely, is the thing to do it! It is already working perfectly, why abandon it? How much would it cost to fund it?
    I’m sad if it will be absent for generally enjoying to work with Ubuntu…

  141. Leo

    Will it be possible to add ONE SINGLE “DOWNLOAD ALL” BUTTON to save us time????

    Thank you!

  142. scott

    further to my previous comment if i may…someone who specialized in making the interface more user friendly (creative person) may have advised to not allow the push towards ubuntu one to seem to …well…pushy… this is one of the more abstract ways the interface manifests…and then of the the more physical aspects like making the right decision about if a feature should be turned off as default and relegated to option status..thanks for your time..

  143. Camilo Rosseel

    Is a sad new. But, Jane, what about the paying customers? how the money will be refunded? I pay in february for one year but i pay with a virtual credit card, so Canonical not have a card number valid for pay me back.
    I appreciate it if you could give some information on this point because I have not found anything in any of the news.
    Excuse for my english but i dont speak the language.

  144. @iamfrontend

    I think you should make unavailable the sign up form for new users.

  145. Álvaro Sierra

    I liked ubuntu! But I think there are different choices.

  146. Sebastian Lammermann

    I just listened to the UUPC and heard of your announcement. I must say that I’m still shocked, not just because my backups rely on your service. I also use the system for exchanging files between our computers at home, who are all running Ubuntu, and my Android devices as well.
    I believe there’s a tough market out there and even I hve accounts for two other cloud services. But the great think about Ubuntu One is it’s integration into the OS. No extra software, no manual file moving, nothing that could get lost. Logging in once and there are your files!
    All of that convinced quickly convinced me and made me a paying customer. Obviously one of too few.
    I just don’t know what to do now. Is there any service like yours out there that offers a service for Ubuntu users similar U1? Please send me recommendations!

  147. Denis

    Which service offers 25-50 GB for free?

    1. Thomas

      Mega offers 50gb free. A few were doing 50gb promotions Samsung and Dropbox but that 50gb expires in 2 years.

    2. Gangsar Swa Purba

      Hi Denis,

      I also curious & still asking myself, which kinda service offers 25GB + mentioned here?

      The post author still feel the pain when writing, i guess.

    3. David Sorrill

      I’d like to know which servicw offers 25Gb or morefor free.

    4. Mosty

      I’m turning to Copy. This is a similar service but starts with 15 GB for free and ads 5 GB per referral. It seems there is not limit for referrals yet.

      If you join using my referral link we both get 5 GB extra (so you start on 20 GB). I’d recommend you to give this service a try as it has clients for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and Windows Phone.

    5. NR

      Check this one:

      Works like a charm in Ubuntu. You only get 16Gb per account, but it’s free and you can get several accounts to fit your space needs. There are versions for Windows and Mac and an app for Android.

  148. Your name (required

    I need a OneDrive Syncer instead! There’s no ubuntu version for it!

  149. James

    I belive the issue was not the 25gb for free rather the high cost of storage. I used ubuntu one, however could not convince other to do the same because of cost..

  150. Felicia

    I just read the news and thought/assumed it was an April Fools joke too (I was searching for the 14.04 release date).
    Jane, several folks have recommended OwnCloud as an option for those who want to limit their Google dependency. But, Ubuntu is also promoting it’s own cloud-building option (OpenStack?).
    Is this a reasonable option for the Ubuntu Mobile target audience (of which I hope I fit the profile…)? I’m a desktop/laptop/android user since 2008 happy to have given up Windows years ago. I just set up a couple family members with UbuntuOne accounts only a couple weeks ago and now am researching my options. Put another way, should loyal UbuntuOne users consider OpenStack build-a-cloud as a replacement?

  151. magalaan

    Now I’m using it more, as a goodbye 🙂
    Wolud be interesting if at the end you shared some info, how many GBs you had at the end,simple tech things like those. Good luck.

  152. Antonio A.A.

    You close it when it was STARTING TO WORK propertly. I mean technically. The first versions of U1 were failing a lot. It takes time for costumers to try and buy. I was just about to move everything to U1 and subscribe.

    2Gb is enough to try. Who is asking for more free Gb in a free operating system! You should not compare with other services not integrated in an OS.

    When everybody is moving his note taking to cloud you close Tomboy. When everybody is moving her data to the cloud you close U1. What should we expect in the future? Are there any trolls inside Ubuntu?

  153. Antonio A.A.

    You still do not say anything on Ubuntu One web page. Is there any chance you can reconsider if subscribe massively?

  154. Barry

    This was unexpected, I was investigating file sync failure and found this blog. Oh well, it was free and great while it lasted. Off to Dropbox I go…..

  155. Daniele

    Ubuntu needs a cloud client in the near future, just because the cloud is the future or , if it is too much expensive for your business, just make the other services fully integrated in the OS! with partnerships and something like this!, you cannot shutdown something so much important in the life of someone who uses your services and after it is obliged to change forcefully a cloud client! C’mon canonical you have something hide don’t you?

  156. EW

    Get a grip people. Canonical isn’t nicer than any other commercial companies. They’re in it for the money, and the money alone. Ubuntu being in the FOSS community is just a joke. If Ubuntu doesn’t leave themselves, they should be kicked out.

  157. Victor

    Please allocate freed up resources to make Ubuntu OS work with new Dell Inspiron 17R video card!

  158. Tomkat

    Hi, Jane!

    I absolutely ‘LOVED’ Ubuntu One, although I didn’t use Ubuntu One Music due to expensive and inconsistent 3G in India (I travel around 5hrs a day when I listen to Music). This is a sad news for me, but I understand and support your decision.

    I use an Android phone (Moto-G) and the Google services that come bundled with it (Contacts, Gmail, Drive, etc). As (almost) everyone today uses Google, can it be integrated by default(optional during installation if you like) in the Desktop, Tablet and Phone OSes? A similar similar service entirely by Ubuntu/Canonical may not get as many users (IMHO), unless it’s better than what Google offers (and which can be in sync with Google data too).

  159. evandro caprara

    Nooooo, how i’ll sync my files on ubuntu now?
    never more take a picture with my phone and see the same picture on my desktop when I arive in home.
    it’s a big loose.
    Hope see ubuntu one in version 14.10.

  160. Andreas

    NOOOO! Ubuntu One was the only good service which could sync whole folders without symlinks!

  161. Mariam

    I feel so bad that you are going to shutdown this service. I was totally relying onto it, and I was about to purchase more storage 🙁

  162. That's Me

    I am now forced to use a 3rd party cloud service.
    However, you’re planning on porting Ubuntu to other devices like phones and tablets and that project can only survive if these devices could be easily synced using a built-in service.
    So I also (like previous commenters) don’t understand your decision to drop synchronization between different devices if that’s exactly your business strategy.
    Will your next decision be to entirely discontinue the Ubuntu project and shutdown the entire company?

  163. brozkeff

    It would be perfect if the server would be prepared to be easily installed as a package on Ubuntu or another Linux distributions, and the functionality would remain the same as it is now but with the need to have specify the server to connect to. This way it would compete Owncloud that I still consider full of bugs and very slow even after a serious efforts, and allow multiple subjects to offer prepared VPS or managed servers with Ubuntu One server pre-installed. A simple update of the current app would just mean setting the new address of the server and re-syncing the locally stored data.

  164. Mauro

    I’m really sad about this. I use U1 in my computers and in my Milestone 3. Right now I’m working with my wife in administer the tasks related to our own house construction. We have all our private info synced in U1. At home, our server is a debian 7.1. After a week of reading and trying I managed to make U1 work on it.
    The only hope behind these terrible news is tha in thd future we may be able to run U1 server by our own. Probably ‘ll need a lot of work to make it run on my debian… but that is what I love most of free software, everything is possible, you only need time to do it.
    By the way… any idea for a quick replacement before the U1 own server became a reality?

  165. Gangsar Swa Purba

    I can’t see why you should shutting it down. You don’t have to compete with other’s. If there are still many peoples like you, why not? I have read some comments here, i assume, they’re still need ubuntu one service.

  166. Anshuman

    Really sad
    after listening the shutting down of only cloud service I use.

  167. Luke

    So what will replace it?

    Is there any other cloud-backup-sync solution that offers open-source client software for Mac/Linux/Windows and Android?

  168. Andy Crofts

    Oh, well…Understandable.
    One thing, I found this amongst 60 others in my spam folder…good job I checked!

  169. hoodlum1980

    It’s not a good news while still acceptable. 🙂

  170. Anonymous

    I’ve read the blog announcement once it was posted and I am still in shock. It is possible to understand Canonical’s need to focus on their core success but pulling the plug on such an excellent and unparalleled service is definitely not right. Although I’m a free user but I’m willing to pay money to keep U1. Instead of surprising your user base with such a sad disappointment you could have started mandating fees or at least make a partnership with an existing open source cloud service in order to keep providing the service through them according to your high standards. I can’t see anyone refusing such an offer especially with the leverage their business can get from being able to use a “partner with Canonical” status. I still wish Ubuntu and Canonical all the best regardless, but please rethink your decision.
    Avid Ubuntu supporter since 5.04

  171. Manuel Million

    I loved the integration with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS!

    But I have understanding for your reasons.

    Please give me a pragmatic hint which clouds are offering a similar integration for private use with Ubuntu (folder which is synced automatically).

    Best whishes!
    Still a fan of yours.

  172. Manuel Million

    I loved the integration with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS!

    But I have understanding for your reasons.

    Please give me a pragmatic hint which clouds are offering a similar integration for private use with Ubuntu (folder which is synced automatically).

    It doesn’t need to be for free. A fair fee would be acceptable.

    Best whishes!
    Still a fan of yours.

  173. MrTA

    Sometimes a great business needs to make tough decisions. I hope for the best, and I hope that one day UbuntuOne will return.

  174. Thomas

    This is sad news. I really got used to use U1. It is very stable and works on all my linux machines and even on my android mobile phone. So I can easily sync and backup my data from different stations.
    I hope that there will be a good new solution which has a sync tool (maybe some scripts) for linux working stable in the background.
    Nevertheless: Thank youn Canonical for your big effort and work. Thank you for offering U1.

  175. bert

    create a ‘download-all’ button so I can get all my stuf of easily.

  176. bert


    But it would be nice if you could strike a deal with 7digital so my numerous music purchases on the U1 store could be transferred to 7digital.

  177. bert

    and, of course, all this is a consequence of the “Culture of Free” where nobody ever wants to pay for anything except gasoline and weed.

  178. Jaidee G.

    well, it was a pleasure to be part of this awesome experience, i enjoyed the service…


  179. kj

    For those of us that may have paid for a year’s subscription in the past month, will we be refunded a difference from the July date?

  180. Mitie

    I think it is a mistake, if it is about money you could have signaled your intentions and I am sure users of the service would have paid for the service.

    I used the service constantly and will miss it.

  181. kendeng

    I’m thinking Ubuntu One is the first step of ubuntu changing toward Cloud OS. Will have lots feature continue provide in future. Don’t know why cut this very important future feature.

    When I reinstall ubuntu. I’m afraid. lots thing miss. hope ubuntu one will save me on this. but….

  182. Neill Rutherford


    I received an email this morning telling be your decistion to close Ubuntu one just because otheres now offer >5G storage (is that free?) I thought the word UBUNTU meant community. You have decided to make a MIcrosoft corporation style and impose a decision on the community. Did you think to say “hey guys we need help or we might have to shut down Ubuntu one!” Ubuntu One could be your way to make a small charge (annual fee) thus generating a revenue while keeping your promise NEVER to charge for UBUNTU. Please DON’T become another Microsoft type organisation. THINK AGAIN. Asks us and we will support you.

    Personally I think you were very silly to offer a free storage in the first place as with multiple acoounts more than 5GB is possible. So make a small charge on each account

    At least asks us…..

    1. Cyberfox24

      I agree!

    2. Duy Nguyen

      This’s good idea,

  183. Pablo Payllalef

    Oh SHIT!
    Ubuntu one works perfectly and it was realy reliable.
    It will be great if you send some recommendations to emigrate our files.

  184. Rol

    Hmmm… world goes uniform, only Micropiss, Apple and NSA – seems, that the funny-play-music-freeapps-communitiy wants that. For me, it was too fine to have a alternative… it was a nice dream, I see now.

  185. albe

    really sad about this, and not only for the service (which anyway worked always perfectly, at least for me and people I know).

  186. Horrible to have to find this out from a random comment on Google+, despite being a paying customer.

    I’ll have to seriously consider ever giving money to Canonical again when this is how customers are treated.

    Was sending an email really that much trouble?

  187. Pavel Frank

    bad news for me, Only hope Ubuntu is not a spy collaborating with CIA and similar

  188. Cyberfox24

    I am pretty sad about the news of U1 closing, Although my primary machine is a mac, I do use my ubuntu machine alot to backup and also use U1 Cloud it runs seamlessly and an overall it is a consistant experience, I dont understand Canonical they keep promising great services and then stops them. I am still waiting for the Ubuntu Edge to come out in the UK, Loads of talk and not enough action 🙁 Sad times

  189. Ramon

    Jane, are you going to close Ubuntu One?

  190. Ramon

    I’m spanish, and I have installed Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS on my Samsung NP-R730.

  191. mahesh

    cononical providing free os and services.Who knows microsoft shutting down tomarrow and if it happens
    anyone going to die.

  192. Loe Schen

    are you already working on the fu**ing iTunes for Ubuntu?

    Very cool move. “We offer to you something and take it back again… “.
    That is only possible by Open Source. There is no corporate responsibility. Why should i trust you again?

    best regards and happy downfall

  193. Raymundo Cadena

    Esto es lamentable, a todos mis amigos presumia de tener almacenamiento desde mi sistema operativo libre como es Ubuntu, es una lástima, pero no pasa nada, hay otras opciones pero nunca será lo mismo. Solo espero que haya mejores planes para los usuarios de ubuntu

  194. Ski

    Ubuntu mobile is going to flop, I think that since the guys at canonical are going to focus their energy on ubuntu mobile, they need to switch every single device to android, and use nothing but android for a few days.

  195. Mark

    Since I paid $60 a few months ago for 12 months / 40GB, when do the refunds get issued?

  196. Matt Welland

    It would have worked for me if Instead of a shutdown Ubuntu One just started charging a sustainable rate for the data. It may be naive of me but I felt I trusted Ubuntu with my data. I don’t trust the alternatives. Just eliminate free accounts and let the service continue for those who want seamless Linux/Windows etc. file sync.

  197. Iqbal Uddin Khan

    Very Very Sad to hear that … I was perfectly set and running all my University tasks on it … well Thanks for all support for these days … hope you may revert you decision…

  198. Himanshu Sharma

    I am very much disappointed by your decision of shut down Ubuntu one , many user have uploaded their bulky data in small files. Its too bad news for all of us.

    By the way, Thank u for a notification.

  199. SGJ

    Sad to see the demise of such a useful service. Not the perfect substitute for Ubuntu One, but try Copy, plenty of storage and good sync between devices and platforms

  200. Dario

    I understand very well the popularity waves you have to follow, but the question is: Is this an profiting business or is it a real community? I am very glad with Ubuntu, I will never be able to give you all my gratitude for your great distribution system, but this is not a business decision, this is a community decision; that is what your philosophy supports, isn’t it? So, why wasn’t it a community decision? I could take great distance from Windows philosophy by you, from that brain’s numbness. What is happening now? I don’t want to support Richard Stallman’s thoughts about you, but please don’t help the community to do that with your infelicitous decisions, please.

  201. Doug

    Very disappointed to see this service going away 🙁

    I use the web interface exclusively (no sync). It would be a big help if there was a feature that allowed me to zip up all my files for one bulk download. Any chance of getting that implemented?

  202. Pascat

    Well well, this is sad to hear…but if they do release the source code, I might actually build my own UbuntuOne Cloud @ home on a Server Tower, for personal household syncronisation/backing-up uses. I do hope they will allow you to install and configure UbuntuOne to make use of the new addresses…

  203. G Vilkas

    Guess I cant really do anything but laugh. 3 weeks ago … after many years of being a Microsoft follower I thought it was time to revisit Linux. After some research I concluded that Ubuntu with its range of windows like features and interesting add on services was a reasonable replacement for my numerous Windows XP and Windows 7 equipped machines. So I converted several to give it a shot. Now just a few days later it seems I get to relive the shutdown of Windows Live that Microsoft did a few years back. Onl this time I dont have any files to remove like i did last time 🙂

    Hopefully the resources this shutdown saves can be redeployed to make Ubuntu even easier to use. There are many people out there who would like an alternative to Windows… but dont want to learn how to use Linux commands/terminal nor should they. Ubuntu could be it with a little work… make sure the basics work well… printers are easy to automatically configure across all brands… windows shares work flawlessly all the time (not the current situation, java run time is offered as an option at installation time etc. People would even be happy to pay a little money to get this. $30-$50 is a reasonable place to start.

    The problem with Linux over the years and still today is that it is generally a bag of parts for the technically inclined to figure out in their spare time. Ubuntu has tried to make the right steps to make it a windows like system for the whole family… but has not quite got there yet… They seem to be the closest. It took a small army of volunteers at our place to get printers working and get windows share working… Less determined folk would have packed it in after the first 4-6 hours of headaches. Let’s nail this one folks… These sort of shortcomings are what send visitors scurrying back to the computer store to plunk down a $130 on Windows 7 or even roll the dice on W8. At least that stuff will work in the first hour.

    The sooner someone in the Linux community takes the bull by the horns and turns out a flawless windows like system.. the sooner people will start flocking here. For now though it remains the domain of the techies and the rebels and that is why the forums are littered with posts where people love to flame this and that. This is the old market. No need to serve that. Linux and hopefully Ubuntu can build a new following in the future with more easy to use advancements.

    Keep up the good work. I wont give up yet.

  204. d@niel

    Although I only take the occassional sip from Ubuntu One’s bandwidth barrel (primarily for medicinal purposes), I can certainly understand the reasoning behind makin’ such a difficult decision.

    I sorta knew this sad day’d come, albeit not nearly so soon as I’d imagined, and even as I read your message? I suspected many wouldn’t take this very well …

    I searched out this page not to complain, but instead? To thank all those that have contributed, and in any & every of the very many ways folks can, and to apologize for not personally doin’ more …

    And, a bit of advice to all else that might read/consider my words: There ain’t no point in debating the finer details of the process/events that resulted in decisions that have *already* been made.

  205. isu


    all my files gone
    i thought it would be available for ever
    now i have to purchase a big data package to download it all.

    curse you cannonical

  206. Richard

    realy sad news… I was just about to migrate to U1 for all my file backups!
    I don’t think it’s a wise move from canonical if you want to “Unify” Ubuntu devices in future… but it’s there call!


  207. Andrew Orr

    5 GB is a fair amount! That is how much Apple gives away for free on thier cloud storage, then they charge you $10 or so for another 5 GB.

    I’ve been disappointed with Ubuntu releases after 10.xx. The interface and design/look of 10.04 was perfect. It has a clean, simple and highly customizable interface that does not require any tweaking.

    I like Ubuntu 10.04’s shell; it’s like Mac OSX and Windows 7 had a baby – you get the best features of both worlds (and then some!).

  208. TheJoe

    Very good, this is a sad but good new..

    Ubuntu’s developers will be concentrating on the operating system… not on it’s side products.

  209. NickB

    I have never used Ubuntu One but this makes me wonder about the organisational form of Ubuntu and Canonical. I’m a new user of Ubuntu and getting on really well with it. If these are regular profit-driven corporations they will predictably go the way to the Evil of microsoft. This means the free functionality we now enjoy will eventually become paywalled, we will have to pay for upgrades designed to make old installations unusable. Someone please tell me I am wrong.

  210. joost


    I agree with the posters that I rather see UbuntuOne as an alternative to Apple iDrive not as an alternative for dropbox.

    Could you give a list of those services that provide “25GB-50GB” free storage? I have, after getting bonusses from adding friends, only 4.25 Gbyte storage at dropbox.



  211. Oliver

    Thank you for all this year of this service.
    I enjoyed it very much.
    Thank you for giving the code of U1.

  212. RicoBanane

    I’m very sad, Ubuntu One is realy à good service with perfect integration in my Ubuntu Os…
    I don’t want use DropBox or Google Drive, Canonical have my faith 😉

  213. sneakytrick

    me to. for me it’s not worth to keep with ubuntu any more. I don’t need slick systems and gui’s in first place. need of easy data management will be always prior. ubuntuone is the thing witch helps me a lot with that. Hope there is some place for Canonical far from users they grew on, if I can put it this way.

  214. behnam

    no way?!!!! well then, there goes boom outta my dynamite….

  215. David

    I have read many very good comments, both positive and negative. Had I posted my own opinion, it would have been negative to the closing. However, none of the comments nor how ever many there are, will make them change their minds … making all these postings pointless.

  216. mango

    I’m actually happy to hear this! I don’t use Ubuntu One so I always uninstall the application which is annoying. I hate pre-installs! With Ubuntu One dead the packages won’t be included in future releases of Ubuntu which means one less thing for me to uninstall when setting up machines.

    I really don’t get the whole cloud storage craze anyways. I’ll use online storage to share files, but when it comes to personal backups I use an external drive. That said I have slow internet so online backups have never been a plausible option for me which might explain why I don’t understand the appeal.

    meme describing my reaction:

  217. Ali

    I want the source codes 😀
    I Wish Canonical’s success on it’s mobile plans.

  218. MC

    Too bad, I adopted U1 from the very beginning, when it wasn’t so ok, and I saw evolving to a fine piece of software…
    What are the alternatives, who gives me 25-50GB for $3/month…?

  219. Bambi

    Why use
    + 15 GB initial free storage
    + Best referral program: 5 GB for both, each referral
    + Fair sharing program (split the bill on storage when you share files, like sharing a bill in a restaurant)
    + It is working seamlessly

    You can use my referral link to apply and get your first 5gb referral bonus +15gb initial (all free), and help me too:

    Register, install the PC, mobile (or both) app, and reply COPY verification Email (in updates tab in Gmail)

    1. mango

      Keep in mind that in their fine print they reserve the right to delete inactive files in the Free accounts. (The paid accounts are safe). Unless their policy has changed since I last looked? I doubt they’ll act on it, but if your files are important then back them up elsewhere too.

  220. Daryl McDonald

    will “Wuala” continue to function past the June 1st shut down of Ubuntu One?

  221. Igor Morgado

    Canonical. Open UbuntuOne Server source code. Let it go free.

  222. Joost Ringoot

    As a matter of fact, cloud services with Linux support are very limited. I think you had a great opportunity you lost there.

    1. maximo

      exactly what I thought

  223. Arnav

    Well come to think of it , it surely seems bizarre , if I have to shut down the service that’s going to be pivotal for my multi devise strategy . Last One and a half years I havent heard any good news coming from canonical/Ubuntu stable . Did anyone ask them to provide 50 GB space ? I guess not . Was it too difficult to maintain huge storage on cloud , may be yes. But they could have gone for some Infrastructure provider on cloud , who was offering lower price. What I mean to say is that , Ubuntu could have kept it ON till the time ubuntu phones are in market . They could have monetised the same with bundling few pence of cloud per mobile phone . Sad decision I am sure they no much more and will come up with some other alternative. In the mean time I am struggline with deja dupe as I intended to have my backup over cloud and that too encryptrd. How can I do that now ?

  224. Ido Wolf

    Unfortunately it leaves Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-based distros) almost deprived of cloud storage services. Other than Dropbox, we don’t have a native client for Google Drive and a ton of other services such as this.

    In this day and age, I’d say cloud storage services, and anything cloud-related really, should be a top priority.

  225. leone

    Oh why… Very convenient, accustomed.

  226. Timo Karhu

    Sad. U1 really worked very well for my home/work laptop intersync. Thank you for this free service. Cannot blame if I never paid a cent of it.

  227. Marko

    Cool. It sucked… But as you said, you want to let third partty to offer those services/software so you could make Ubuntu more “platformish” and functional, THEN YOU SHOULD DROP THE EFFIN UNITU AS WELL!!! And go back to Gnome 2!!!

  228. Alvin Moser

    Dear Ubuntu One,
    I have a great emergency. I don’t know how to get my content from ubuntu one. I want to download all my cloud content from you but have not discovered how. I have had to reinstall ubuntu on my computer and now the ubuntu one folder is empty on the computer. i would like to get all my saved stuff online back before it is deleted from your site. I have 1.9 gig
    please help.

  229. nolo

    ArchLinux is better

  230. TP

    This sounds more like frivolity and quiting. We like Ubuntu to stand up to the biggies. No one is asking for an astronomical amount of storage! Just something withing our Ubuntu world. This is a move that should be reconsidered. You have a system already in place that is useful to your loyal following. Let is stay in place at its current limitations. Don’t feed us to the dogs!

  231. Arun RP

    I found Ubuntu One very useful.. its not about the storage space they offered.. but its about the convenience I got using Ubuntu One..

    not sure how Ubuntu is planning for convergence in phones, tabs and PCs… i thought Ubuntu one is going play a key role in the “Convergence” stratergy.. 🙁

  232. Thierry

    I am so disappointed… Ubuntu one is a great tool. I use it to share my files between all my computers, tablets, smartphone etc. I would have agreed to pay for it. 5Gbytes was far enough for me.

    I am not sure to find something similarly. For me that was a additional nice reason why to install Ubuntu on a PC !

  233. PeterD

    Having moved on a few days this is the time to reflect on the situation more sanguinely.

    Taking U1 down is perhaps a commercial necessity, but will hurt the user communty a lot and has obviously caused much heartache. But how it was done and the way in which it was done are unworthy of Canonical.

    Jane, Ubuntu has to address the way it interacts with its community and attracts others. As a responsible CEO you must recognise that your community is your strength and is what Open SW is all about. There has been a very marked tendancy for Canonocal to be offhand with its announcements, relegating them to obcure corners where none but the most dedicated will look. VERY POOR PR.

    As an example, although I saw this earlier it took until yesterday (13th) for me to get a mail vaguely titled “Ubuntu One file services”. Just plain poor. You have a list of all registered U1 users so it should take a few minutes to compile a mail list to send them all.

    Ubuntu has such a lot going for it, but the company needs to build on its assets and not waste valuable resources on distractions. In the opinion of many Unity was one such, but one with some very interesting technologies, but U1 was not a distraction. Its level of integration was/is second to none.

    Build an organisation that differentiates itself from Microsoft, Apple etc., runs on all of them but is simply better. Don’t become a “me too”, dare to be different, give your community (ALL of your stakeholders) the best environment to be in. That is the only way to take market share from the others and it is the ONLY way to retain your market.

    There will be controversies, but as many have said “FOCUS”!

  234. Tomás Simões

    Why are you doing this????
    Are you really shutingdown Ubuntu One Completly?
    It is a so AWESOME Service! 🙁

  235. parametriq

    Sad =( I’d rather have 5 Gb of Ubuntu One than 50 Gb on Dropbox

  236. Adelino, José

    Incrível como diante de um acontecimento tão triste tem gente pensando ainda em receber o dinheiro de volta. Além de usar um serviço de boa qualidade e com SO gratuito sem fazer sequer uma doação. Ainda fica reclamando. Só tenho a agradecer pelo tempo que utilizei gratuitamente os serviços do U1. Muitíssimo obrigado a toda equipe, não desanimem sigam em frente.

  237. Nigel Talbot

    This is a huge mistake. Ubuntu One is one of those ‘product differentiators’ that made convincing people to swap to Ubuntu much easier and more compelling. Ubuntu and Canonical will regret this ill thought out and high handed decision.

  238. James

    For those of you looking for moving your files from Ubuntu One to a different cloud, have a look at This is awesome.

  239. kola

    this is Ubuntu FAIL at all, no answer needed.
    we have 2014 year, wake up.
    Any OS is now included with any cloud…

    big dissapointment for all, now we can can all move to Windows, mac OS etc ? that can happen now for more people.

    am long year linux user and continuing…

  240. Jeff Wilson

    I’ve found Ubuntu One integral to my daily operations, not only keeping files in sync between my linux workstation and my corporate mandated Windows image but also providing a cloud backup of the data as well. I think Canonical would at least consider offering the service at a reasonable price rather than scrapping it.

  241. Raffaello

    Will it no more syncronize Firefox ????

  242. Jouhan

    Oh, horrible, horrible decision! Integrated, convenient cloud storage system is one of the cornerstones of a functional “ecosystem” (really hate the word). Also nice and an important feature is that One works well whether one uses Ubuntu, Windows OS X etc. – many users use multiple devices and operating systems.

    Many users dislike cloud services provided by major companies, and for a reason, due to recent privacy issues raised in US.

    This is a sad decision and because of it Ubuntu will lose many dissatisfied customers and users. It is really hard to find civilized words to describe the level of dissatisfaction raised by this news, the three times f-word salute fits the best.

  243. Alecsandro Melo

    Oww man, my customers files!!! but if need happen for ubuntu workon focus, All Right, we have so many solutions around the web… oww man, my bk_ups! my icons… my webbanners… damn it!!!!

  244. Terry

    I want to tell Canonical and especially The Ubuntu One Team thanks and best wishes for your future projects. I am looking forward to the source code and the additional innovations it will inspire. Your generous give-back to the community should earn some goodwill and be reciprocated.

  245. tapiov

    Somewhat dissapointed naturally but not a big thing.

    However, I wonder why the still advertises the service with “Download Now!” tag line. What’s the point? Still looking for customers to disappoint further?

  246. YSP

    Well, at least Microsoft OneDrive has a Linux version coming up, and OneDrive has 7 GB of storage space, so ultimately Ubuntu One could be replaced by OneDrive, and they both have the word “One” in their names.

  247. A user

    Too bad it was never a free software service, and good riddance because it wasn’t.

    Compete on being good, not evil.

  248. tapiov


    Why still keep this site

    advertising for download opportunity? Wouldn’t it be better to announce the closure also there, as in “This service is closing, do not install it anymore”?

    Another thing, if anyone wants (like me) to uninstall Ubuntu One, here are the instructions:

    These should be added to as well.

    Thank you,


    1. Richard

      I checked today and, one month later, the site is still up advertising even though the service is discontinued. Very Odd. The way you find out it is being discontinnued is by trying to download.

  249. NetVip3r

    This is unfortunate. Been using this service since the day it went live.

    As an alternative I’m going with also. You really cannot beat starting out with 20GB of space coming through referrals instead of the 15GB.

    My referral:
    ( You get 5 extra GB and I get 5 extra GB )

    The no cap for referral based space gains and the plethora of supported platforms, makes it very attractive to give it a good try.

    Clients available for: Windows, Mac OS X (10.7+), Linux, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Windows Phone. (From their website)

  250. Smittie

    Why is the ubuntuone client for ubuntu no longer available? I have files that I really need to get down.

    — Smittie

  251. Smittie

    Fail indeed.

    W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

    W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

    UbuntuOne was an important component for me. The integration into the OS was what made it compelling. Now, not only have you pulled the service but you’ve apparently pulled the client before the service has actually been brought down.

    — Smittie

  252. Brian

    Well it is rather sad indeed that Ubuntu-One
    will be disabled …. When even in the latest release of Ubuntu 14.04 the Backup utility points
    to the requirement of Ubuntu-One as one
    of the required destinations …
    In addition it would be beneficial if one of the destinations is also a DVD dump …


  253. ComputingFroggy

    Well, I am very sad about that.
    I am going to move to hubiC ( as I expect it to be the only service on the market to be equivalent to what Ubuntu One was.

    It’s a shame you are forced to close … but then again, I never paid for that service, so I can not complaign.

  254. Daniele

    Hi all,

    your service will go down. I need to download my folder. The dowload is able only for every single file.

    I need to select an entire folder.


    best regards

  255. Andreas

    I am very disappointed in you that you Ubuntu One close.
    That was to keep my Platform sycron to my work between my computers and operating systems. And it is not commercially and independently.
    How should I my data sycronisieren now?
    Easy to handle.
    Without getting annoyed with advertising.
    I have 5 gigabytes of storage completely enough, I do not need 50 gigabytes. Whether then still makes the Ubuntu Linux system useful for me, I do not know yet. Which cloud shall I then keep my data syncron under Linux, Windows and Mac?
    I’m really disappointed!

    Sincerely yours
    Andreas Kundt, Germany

  256. Christian

    So a month is almost over … how a about an official migration path?

  257. Lucas Magasweran

    First, remove Ubuntu One integration and program files.

    sudo apt-get autoremove -s ‘.*ubuntuone.*’

    Then, go to and download a backup of your documents.

    1. Lucas Magasweran

      -s == –simulate

      Add –purge to remove the packages from the APT cache.

  258. Valeria


  259. Gustavo


  260. Uwe Koch

    Excellent service, but can’t expect to keep it for free.

    Will there be a way to download the contacts?
    May be into owncloud?

  261. Michael

    Thank You Ubuntu/ Canonical for “rescuing” moi last year after hard disk failure and windows 7 recovery failure. NOW might I ask you, where would my 25 GB Ubuntu 1 storage be located?? Forget dropbox, tried them before Ubuntu; albeit I’ve just “hired”; box for $5 a month for 100GB, notwithstanding I’m not able yet to load them with my former storage files. Obviously not as astute as you-all, nonetheless Ubuntu solves my other needs within social media. Thanks much for any assist.

  262. omi

    I just had a notification arise as I started up this morning. After reading your statement about it, it makes sense to me. Your longer term vision for Ubuntu as mentioned is really where things are going now. (i.e. my next phone will be one that supports Ubuntu as its OS. Computers & phones have become prison shopping malls which I for one no longer want to be in. With the internet environment becoming increasingly hostile, Ubuntu is well positioned to make good on this transformation of computing & the internet.

  263. Greg

    Hi !

    HOW can I download ALL my files in one shot ?

    It will take hours to take them back one-by-one !!!

    Please help us with that !


  264. Ahmed

    I think Ubuntu lost a very important edge that is not founded in other Operating systems.
    and I think that the reason that given for stopping this service is a weak reason for a trusted company.

  265. Timothy

    So, I need to download it so i can get my files from it. How can i do this if i cant download it?

  266. Thomas Groman

    Will U1 file services return at a later date?

  267. Paulo Zahid

    Hi Jane,

    Although Ubuntu One is closing, I would like do make this service work on my organization’s intranet, on my own servers. So why not sell it as a product and not a service ?

    Entreprises need clouds, their own clouds !

  268. Adzuno

    feel so bad that i won’t be able to use ubuntu cloud anymore.

  269. Jonathan

    Canonical have said they will release the source for UbuntuOne platform! It is up to the Ubuntu community or individuals what they do with it.

    Start a small service yourselves and see how it goes.

    I suspect that Ubuntu on phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and servers and a combination of all is the next leap forward in IT that will facilitate sync to all devices.

    Good on UbuntuOne for sticking to their values and innovation!

  270. Evan

    Very sad, but very understandable.
    Wishing the Ubuntu Team all the best!

  271. Jean-Baptiste

    Oh I’ll have to modify all my externals links onto my blog…( It means that I will have to put all the .pdf and externals .jpeg in dropbox which isn’t a real safe solution when you are also using it as personal cloud system. But I don’t have enough place in the blog administration’s. So, the only option I see is to add everything into dropbox…
    Perhaps you would have others ideas or suggestions?

  272. Pietro

    Hello Jane,
    sad news also for me. 🙁

    Is there any plan for a new alternative cloud storage service provided from Canonical? Also not for free?


  273. John Pye

    Hi there

    It would certainly sweeten the situation if you could release the source code before finally turning off the service, so that people can self-host if they choose to.


  274. Kenny Stier

    When will the source code of the server be released?

  275. JC

    What about the Ubuntu One server and client applications license?
    No opened project interested in, so that we could have it installed on our Ubuntu desktop personal computer to manage our personal cloud?

  276. Bill Eichin

    Use SpiderOak, if you don’t already have a plan. Use Amazon Web Services, if you do.

  277. I used the ubuntu one storage with the ubuntu one music to play my own music creations. It is a sad event to me because my musical creations are not safe on other clouds, or at least the other cloud vendors are not offering an app for streaming private content.

  278. Miguel V

    The compressed file generated by Ubuntu One were corrupted thanks to Canonical. Hope they recompress my files

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      We’re aware that in some rare cases of a lot of content or a very large number of files, the bulk download is failing. We’re working on an option to download into multiple archives, and hope to have that posted today.

  279. Tim Behnken

    The ZIP file that I’m being forced to download in lieu of actual access to my files is empty. I have 4.8GB of stuff on my account, and the file always downloads as a nearly-empty 17MB file. I expect this rectified before I lose everything.

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      We’re aware that in some rare cases of a lot of content or a very large number of files, the bulk download is failing. We’re working on an option to download into multiple archives, and hope to have that posted today.

  280. Saeed Firouzi

    It was all my fault, hands up.
    When ubuntu 1 started, I signed up for the few free initial bytes, and said to myself” I will buy some more space soon”, but unfortunately I never got round to it, and this very day was always in the back of my mind, nagging me. I love Ubuntu, and Linux. It has given me so many years of trouble free service.
    Many thanks to you Jane, and the Ubuntu 1 team.

  281. Stephen Brown

    What makes things worse is that download of the zip file of my data fails on both my Ubuntu and Windows8 platforms (file cannot be read once downloaded AND it appears much smaller than expected – 700mb zip file for 10Gb+ data).
    It is impossible to find help anywhere! It was also unclear that the file services would go before July too, so I cannot sync it down either! How am I going to get my data back before Ubuntu deletes everything? HELP!!!

    1. Jane's photo Jane Silber

      We’re aware that in some rare cases of a lot of content or a very large number of files, the bulk download is failing. We’re working on an option to download into multiple archives, and hope to have that posted today.

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