Four new hot indie games arrive in Ubuntu Software Center


The Humble Indie Bundle 7 is in the Ubuntu Software Center and just in time for some holiday gaming. The masterful indie games coming to Ubuntu this time are Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot and Legend of Grimrock.

These games debut in Ubuntu thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle 7 which is our favorite cross platform, pay-what-you-want, DRM-free bundle that also includes donations to great charities. Game delivery on Ubuntu with the bundle is powered by the Ubuntu Software Center which brings easy installs that are kept up to date with all of Ubuntu just like all of the other thousands of apps available. Enjoy this latest bundle, we will.

The Humble Indie Bundle 7

If you are curious about the current indie gaming trend, this bundle is for you because it includes the award winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie no matter what you pay.


  1. Anthony

    No Dungeon Defenders? Do you know why by any chance?

    1. David Pitkin

      Dungeon Defenders exceeds the Software Center current app size limit at close to 5GB. We are working to increase that size limit but are more excited about the first @unrealengine game on Ubuntu.

  2. Anon

    What about Isaac? And in general, Vessel, Avadon, Cogs and Zen Bound 2. Will those be coming?

    1. David Pitkin

      Vessel is on its way if you have been following the game porting. Avadon and Cogs were in bundles that predate our working with Humble, tell the developers to submit! I will look into Zen Bound 2.

      Edited while we work on the miscommunication about the status of The Binding of Issac

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