Canonical and Lenovo Collaboration in China


Canonical can give details of more machines coming online from Lenovo in the Chinese consumer market.

There are now over 30 Lenovo ThinkPads certified with Ubuntu, with many of these being completed in the first half of 2011. The great work with Lenovo continues. .

Click here to access the link for the latest certified hardware.

The ThinkPads, pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.10 on Intel and AMD processors are available to purchase today in China. The model list includes the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14, the latest consumer and small business-oriented ThinkPad from Lenovo.

Having hardware certified through Canonical provides consumers and corporate user the assurance of a high-quality, user-friendly, maintainable operating system on every device. The key benefits of combining Ubuntu with Lenovo Thinkpads is the hassle free operation and a fast reliable performance.

See Lenovo’s link for Linux certified hardware online here. You can currently purchase a device in China from a Lenovo store directly or online from

Contact to find out more about certifying and pre-installing devices with Ubuntu.


  1. Jonathan Blackhall

    Cool! As part of this collaboration, could you work on getting TrackPoint settings (sensitivity, speed, middle mouse button scroll, etc) integrated into “System Settings” -> “Mouse” so that people don’t have to do all this and this just to configure the trackpoint?!

  2. MoDeM

    Whyyyyyy !!
    🙁 i prefer collaboration with Fedora

  3. Jef Spaleta

    Can you point me a URL in the Lenovo store for purchase of an Ubuntu pre-installed system Lenovo system? I’m having trouble finding a system that I can customize to have Ubuntu pre-installed. Does Lenovo have a separate store front or something that I am failing to find? If so please point me in the right direction.


  4. Aidan Michael Casey

    You say, ‘The ThinkPads, pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.10 are available with the latest processors from Intel and AMD are available to purchase today’.
    The agent I spoke to at certainly doesn’t believe it. If this really true, please let me know asap where I can get one.

  5. aaron lee

    It’s a great news.

  6. 赵龙峰

    hope I can buy the laptop with ubuntu as soon as possible!

  7. 赵龙峰

    hope I can buy the laptop as soon as possible!

  8. Ubuntu-Cookie

    Cool!glad to hear this news!

  9. Payam

    Why do you not put down information about things that doesn’t work? I have a T410 with switchable graphic card and that doesn’t work even though the site says that Ubuntu works fine with T410.

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