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  • Blog: Calxeda delivers ARM powered Cloud

    On Monday, Calxeda, one of the leading innovators bringing revolutionary efficiency to the datacenter, unveiled their new EnergyCore reference server live onstage with Mark Shuttleworth at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Oakland California.   The choice of UDS at the venue to unveil the new hardware to the world was flattering and underlines how the […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu & HP’s project Moonshot

      Today HP announced Project Moonshot  – a programme to accelerate the use of low power processors in the data centre. The three elements of the announcement are the launch of Redstone – a development platform that harnesses low-power processors (both ARM & x86),  the opening of the HP Discovery lab in Houston and the […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM

    I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM now for a couple of days and I have to say: It is great! Ubuntu has had a long history of supporting ARM Systems on a Chip (SoC) since 2008, but Ubuntu 11.10 is a significant milestone. Introducing.. Ubuntu Server on ARM – Technology Preview Canonical announced […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Server for ARM processors

    Fitting more computing capacity into a limited power envelope is one of the key challenges facing data centre designers today. It impacts companies whether they are building a £500 million data centre or simply working how much compute that can fit into a couple of racks at a shared facility. One of the emerging approaches […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu ARM Port

    We are excited about working with ARM, ARM’s partners and the wider community on delivering a port of Ubuntu to ARM. Today we announced support for the armel architecture which is now also supported through Launchpad, Canonical’s collaboration tool at Some points to note: Ubuntu will target the new ARM EABI For now, builds […]