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  • Blog: Canonical and Dell expand joint PowerEdge Server engineering and support

    Today we announced a collaborative support and engineering agreement with Dell.  As part of this agreement Canonical will add Dell 11G & 12G PowerEdge models to the Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS Certification List and Dell will add Ubuntu Server to its Linux OS Support Matrix. In May 2012, Dell launched the OpenStack Cloud Reference Architecture […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Certification – Website Improvements

    The Ubuntu Certification Website has just got better. We have roll-out improvements to how we list systems and provided a powerful search feature. We want to ensure that you get as quick as possible to the information that you need. As part of the Certification website, we provide a feedback mechanism through Launchpad Answers. Over […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Certification – Program Guide Update

    Canonical runs the Ubuntu Certification program, providing users with a verified list of Ubuntu compatible systems. For Manufacturers and partners that would like to understand better the certification program, Canonical publishes a guide available to download from the certification website. We have recently updated the guide to include a detailed list of the components that […]

  • Blog: Why Buy An Ubuntu Certified System?

    What do Chianti wines, Organic foods, and Spanish Ham have in common with Ubuntu Certified? The simple answer is that they all stand for quality. Chianti is an Italian standard (DOCG) for Tuscany wines that requires using defined methods, satisfying set quality standards. Organic Foods are foods free of artificial components such as synthetic pesticides […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Certification Is Changing

    Canonical offers a commercial certification programme where manufacturers (OEM & ODM) can apply for their systems to be validated and endorsed to work with Ubuntu.  We had two levels of endorsement for systems: “Ubuntu Certified” and “Ubuntu Ready”. Successful applications to the certification programme results in a certificate for the system being listed at […]