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  • Blog: New, shiny, condensed and hugely effective: The new Ubuntu Certified Professional course

    The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently (April 1st) updated its LPIC1 objectives significantly to come in line with advancements made over the past four years. This provides Canonical with the opportunity to readdress the Ubuntu Certified Professional (UCP) certification. As such, new UCP certification objectives have been finalised and the two courses, Ubuntu Professional courses […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Server Edition – Updates from the Canonical Training Camp

    Following the growing success of Ubuntu Server Edition, and in response to requests from both students and partners, Canonical has now launched an Ubuntu Server-dedicated course, called ‘Deploying Ubuntu in the Enterprise Environment’. This five-day course is designed for intermediate-to-advanced system administrators working in organisations which are about to deploy, or have already deployed, Ubuntu […]

  • Blog: Ubuntu Training Strengthened in the USA

    Canonical has recently signed and trained up instructors from Fast Lane and Bridge Education, the  latest two partners to join the Ubuntu Training Partner Programme. Ubuntu courses are now available in many locations across the USA. Two, 5 day courses which form part of the Ubuntu Certified Professional certification train System Administrators on how to […]

  • Blog: Viva o Ubuntu Training no Brazil!

    Canonical has signed up its first Authorised Training Partner in Brazil. Based in Recife, Fuctura has been an open source training house and avid Ubuntu supporter for some years now. Their instructors have just completed a three day ‘Train The Trainer’ session by Canonical, preparing them to teach the Ubuntu courses in the manner and […]

  • Blog: QA-IQ to deliver official Ubuntu training in the UK

    Good news for the British, or at least those Brits who are looking to take up Ubuntu training – QA-IQ, the UK’s largest I.T. training provider are adding Ubuntu to their roster with the first classes kicking off in London in September. The initial scheduled courses, Ubuntu Professional courses 1 & 2, aim to equip […]