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  • Blog: Learn more about Juju – Join Mark Shuttleworth Thursday 8th December at 3pm GMT

    Juju is Devops Distilled Cloud deployment is different. It involves tighter devops handovers, the ability to scale services both up and down, and hybrid cloud computing: moving services between your private cloud and multiple public cloud providers. Accelerated provisioning through IAAS has put the spotlight on friction in the deployment, configuration and management of services. This […]

  • Blog: Lower the cost of your data centre with IBM and Canonical webcast

    Please join IBM and Canonical on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 at 9:00am PDT / 12:00noon EDT / 15:00pm GMT to hear how the combination of IBM and Canonical technologies help organizations build or expand a data centre operating environment that IT staff can rely on and quickly incorporate for significantly lower cost than competing alternatives.

  • Blog: Upcoming 10.04 LTS webinars for ISVs

    The April release of the next LTS version of Ubuntu on server and desktop is certainly generating a lot of excitement internally, in our customer base and amongst our existing partners as the VAR Guy reflects. Long-term support (LTS) releases, particularly on server have become the deployment platform for our users. Take a look at […]