ShipIt comes to an end

It’s with some regret that we are announcing the end of the ShipIt Programme and the CD distributor programme. When we started ShipIt in 2005 broadband was still a marketing promise even in the most connected parts of the most developed nations. We knew that this represented a significant stumbling block to the adoption of a new technology like Ubuntu. So we invested in making the CDs free and freely delivered to anywhere in the world. Since then we have shipped millions of CDs to every country in the world and brought Ubuntu into the lives of millions of individuals, we hope making them a little better.

Technology moves on and as we look at ways to spread Ubuntu further, a CD distribution programme, especially one of that size and delivered in that way, makes less sense. We have been slowly easing back the programme over the last two years to limit the number of CDs per person and the number of times a person could apply for a CD. But for Ubuntu 11.04 you will no longer be able to go to our website and apply for a free CD.

Going LoCo
That’s not to say there won’t be CDs. We are going to make large numbers of CDs available to the Ubuntu Local Communities (LoCos) through a shipIt-lite program. We are asking the LoCos, who are much better placed than Canonical in many ways, to find creative ways to get CDs to those that need them. And of course, every single person reading this who has a CD is a potential distributor – it is after all free to copy, modify and redistribute. We will also continue to make the packs available through the store which are sold more or less at cost price (plus shipping).

CD distributors
We also decided to take a look at the CD distributor programme that we have had running for some time. The volume of CDs distributed through this programme is relatively low but the administrative burden for the programme is surprisingly high for Canonical. Of course everyone is still welcome to simply go to the Canonical store and buy and redistribute CDs. All that changes is that there is no need for an official blessing from Canonical and we will no longer list the websites on We encourage them to continue to promote Ubuntu and provide this great technology in their local market.

Where’s the money going?
With the removal of the ShipIt programme some may ask what we are going to do with the money we save. Firstly there is still significant cost in CDs for LoCos and those we produce for events and other distribution methods. Soon we will launch a free online trial for Ubuntu using the goodness of the cloud which will be a great first step for Windows users in particular, allowing them to see for themselves the product that so many of us enjoy. Finally, we will we be doing much more this year to reach out to the mainstream markets across the world, to bring Ubuntu to the next wave of users. This great project of ours needs more and different people to come on board so that we can bring free software into everyday computing lives. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Victor

    Me parece estupendo que los CDs lleguen a los que verdaderamente lo necesiten y a quien quiera un recuerdo personal, lo pague. La distribución es gratis y como usuario eso me basta. Además el medioambiente también lo agradecerá.

    Salu2 desde

  2. Warren

    Is there any “official” CD artwork that could be printed or lightscribe’d into the discs if we just make them for friends, family, coworkers, street strangers?

    I’ve been using the download route for some time myself, but still know folks who’d like to try the platform who don’t know what they’re doing (ie, technology neophytes or pure end users who just don’t care *how* it works). Being able to give them CDs would be awesome – and with some kind of Ubuntu-approved cover design, it’d be even cool-ER 🙂

  3. Ace Rimmer

    …Like millions of others, my FIRST tactile experience with ubuntu was via a ShipIt CD. I remember my skepticism that it would ever arrive and that the quality would be anywhere NEAR the “professional” M$FT products. I was happy to be wrong. That CD launched my induction into FOSS which continues to this day.

    Fare thee well ShipIt. You’ll be missed.

  4. Emery Fletcher

    I live in rural New Mexico, where there is no broadband and there are no longer any active local Ubuntu communities that I know of. What vendor would you recommend for me to use to purchase a CD of Ubuntu 11.04?

  5. Eugeny

    That was a long run, we had a good time with you, ShipIt.
    But looks like it’s time. We’ll always remember you and our first Ubuntu CDs.
    Rest in peace.

  6. ismaila

    i ve really enjoyed from this program.thank you,but am from Ghana not easy to get fast internet to download.what do we do.or upgrade

  7. tom

    very good.

  8. nomnex

    i made a donation to support the service not long ago. i want a refund.

    At the beginning Ubuntu was a Linux distribution with some original ideas.

    I am deceived, but not surprised.

  9. LuckyFM

    a bad news little bit
    but hope overall it’ll be ok 4 big step 🙂

  10. Pedro

    Realmente é uma pena. Mas fico feliz por ter recebido o meu ainda essa semana. Muito obrigado mesmo.

  11. Bolivar

    Gracias Un Saludo desde colombia.

  12. Derek

    Thank you all, thanks for all your effects, we love you

    linux for human beings

  13. kknd

    no take to un

  14. Martijn Kouwenhoven


    I would like to contact you in regards to the local distribution of Ubuntu disks. Is there any email adres that I should contact specifically?

    Kind regards,
    Martijn Kouwenhoven.

  15. ukh

    Shit why!!
    & for other who have mad there request wil it still come?

  16. ukh


  17. ukh

    i was thinking a rich man help u to aford it

  18. ukh

    why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  19. ukh

    i am a spaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    remember my ip 😉

  20. ukh


  21. ukh

    No Comments a lot

  22. Marco

    I have no problem with Canonical ending this program in the well-wired and (relatively) well-to-do areas of the world (in fact I was surprised this program was still going on). What I would like to see is an exception made for those areas of the world that are still on dial-up – if they’re lucky.

  23. Ashickur_Noor

    I think this project should continue for Africa. Where price of Bandwidth is still very much high.

  24. Aaron

    I’m sorry to hear this…quite unfortunate. There are still quite a few people who use dial-up and will be unable to obtain CD’s by themselves, especially since every dial-up ISP that I’ve ever known automatically terminates the connection after every four to six hours. I would ask that Canonical reconsider their decision.

    Thank you.

  25. xmotif

    Thank you always for your hard work. I got my first ubuntu cd through shipit, I’ve since been using ubuntu as my only operating system and have been eagerly spreading it to friends and family.

  26. GrundyGreen

    While I will miss your professionally printed cd’s.
    This is for the best. May suggest you make label art available both for print and lighscribe and let us do the rest.

  27. Adam Szyszko

    Hello, i’m from Poland. I have one question. Will you send me cd if i ordered it before you finished shipit project?

  28. lachitha

    I think this is good idea, but like us, we have not speed internet connections(Sri lanka), In sri lanka so many people use ubuntu, In my area I’m installed ubuntu to my friends & other people, If you can please continue shipit programme to like us

  29. Apollo

    Nice !

  30. Apollo


  31. smallholder


  32. Pravin Balaji Dhayfule


    I am (or I was) an official CD Distributor for Ubuntu in India.

    I used to get requests from people for Ubuntu CDs through the link on Ubuntu Page.

    Removing CD Distributor page will again lead buyers to browse through Search Engines to locate local market.

    That page was useful for people to find trustworthy distributors.

    Now since this page is not maintained. People trying to locate Ubuntu Local distributors may get confused.

    Alternately. Can you provide the Link to Local market place page so that people can at least track the local support people.

  33. GUIL

    Pourrais je avoir un CD gratuit d’installation d’Ubuntu que je désire garder par la suite comme CD dans ma collection.
    Merci d’avance.

    Mon adresse :
    Mr GUIL Serge
    Les Baraquettes
    30350 AIGREMONT

  34. bosgentons

    I hope its not true happen 🙁

  35. Benjamin

    Hello, my name is Benjamin Palomino, I live in r
    Rosario Argentina, and can not find a “canonical” in my area, and would like to buy the product … but it is difficult to go to Buenos Aires from Ubuntu CDs. and therefore I can not buy a CD. thanks

  36. Paulo Bonifacio

    Sempre fui simpatizante do linux, a cinco anos venho utilizando o ubuntu que e maravilhoso.

    Na minha casa as crianças já se familializaram com o sistema e não querem utilizar o outro.

  37. muzzol

    what about selling it?

    pretty sure some people will buy it just for showing support.

  38. Yann Dìnendal

    muzzol: They are already available for sale:

  39. fracting

    Hi Gerry, what about shipped Rewritable DVDs instead of CDs? People who get the DVDs could burn newer version of Ubuntu after they no longer need the old one,and they may pleased to send them to others live in their city. DVDs are more environment-friendly than CDs. On the other way, DVD is high-speed. We should encourage people rewrite their DVDs and resend them to others, in such case, Canonical may shipped less disks directly, but more people will benefit from it.
    Less is more.

  40. Jobin Augustine

    This is a good move.. save money and enviorment.
    now a days i download linux distros by torrent and communities are very strong that people distributes disk images in pen drives and common share in companies etc.

  41. asass

    Putos 🙁

  42. vijay

    i need open source cd for ubuntu os

  43. Ricardo A. Hermosilla Carrillo

    Thanks for all the times that I had the opportunity to receive a free cd from you. I hope people will appreciate how much you helped with this service and in some other way to know how to give back.

    Thanks you very much.

  44. niranjan shankar

    please shipit the ubuntu desktop version i am in urgent…………

  45. Macdef Lee

    To stop the shipit? Why?only because the internet is useful?

  46. amit jangid

    Why ubuntu cd ship it has been cancelled why ??????

  47. amit jangid

    Why ubuntu cd ship it has been cancelled why ?????? Pls bring it back as a free distrubuter

  48. vincenzo

    vorrei sapere come scaricare uduntu senza il cd ò windows èvorrei cambiare non sono tanto pratico di internet

  49. youssef Kh

    Thanks for all the times that I had the opportunity to receive a free cd from you. I hope people will appreciate how much you helped with this service and in some other way to know how to give back. Thanks you very much.

  50. Jijo B

    The world is waiting to use Ubuntu 11.04,then why not introduce ship-it free CD project as “ONE CD PER USER”..
    that means each member can order only one CD..

  51. Jijo B

    why not start ship-it free CD by introducing “ONE CD PER PERSON”. Maybe this could be more effective

  52. Geraldo

    Acho errado isso, muita gente não tem como comprar o CD.

  53. ankunil

    ubuntu is good one whatever i used

  54. varundilip

    Watever Ubuntu is always great!

  55. varundilip

    Whatever Ubuntu is always Great I am using it since 2005

  56. cicero cristovao da silva

    Distribusi CD Ubuntu

  57. Harshit

    Ohh now I’ll get nostalgic when I’ll think about the shipit programme whenever you launch the upgraded ubuntu.
    But you dont have my support.

  58. shehan

    i am a student in a favorite hobby is playing cricket.

  59. Benjamin Kerensa

    I think this was a bad move imho… It is so hard to become an accepted LoCo so the ability to get shipments of CD’s is a lot harder now.

    Look at how many states in the U.S. have a LoCo but are not accepted/official.

  60. Milan Chakrabortty

    sir i need a ubuntu free 11.4 cd

  61. Sourav Karmakar

    It will be very helpful, that if you please send the last version (11.04) to me,

  62. subhadip sinha

    i want a free cd linux os.

  63. aishen

    I think ubuntu is becoming like w : misere
    It was very appreciated to get cd free.
    I don’t understand ubuntu politics nowaday : They are changing everything and if i still use it it’s because gnome3 is not yet better on other distro !!
    A philantrop milliardar is always suspicious, those people are killing the world : Capitalisme Crime Contre Chaque C.. that’s my 5D !!

  64. Kim

    Im from the philippines, and i was benefited from the shipit program before. Thank youn so much.

    Now i was able to download 11.04 and installed it in my laptop!

    I will continue to support your product as well as distributing my copy to my friends.!

    Thank you so much and more power!!!

  65. thanigavel
  66. Savindu Ransara

    Watever Ubuntu is always great!

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